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Choose the right answer which describes the picture.
Reading B1 Level Test
2. For the festival, Anna should bring ________.
Reading B1 Level Test
Reading B1 Level Test
Reading B1 Level Test
5. The shop ______________.
Reading B1 Level Test
Read the passage and answer these following questions.

My best friend is called Tony. We are classmates. We sit in the class on the same bench side by side.We share many things with each other.
Tony comes from an educated family. His father is a school principal and his mother is also a teacher.He is punctual, well-educated, and has good manners. He is friendly, clever and really hard-working.He is also well-dressed and well-behaved. He is very good in his studies and always does his work attentively in the class. All the teachers have a high opinion of him.
Tony has a well-built body; he is tall and slim and has straight blonde hair and blue eyes. He takes part in all sports and he also likes to play the guitar. He has a good heart. He is honest and obedient.Tony makes his parents very proud of him. He secures good marks and is usually top of his class in examinations. He inspires me to work harder. Whenever I need any help in my study, he remains always ready to help me. He helps me by giving his notebook, when I am absent from school. He corrects me whenever I commit any mistake. I am happy to have such a friend.
1. What does Tony's mother do?
2. What does Tony look like?
3. What does Tony have?
4. What does Tony like?
5. Which adjective is NOT used to describe Tony?
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