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Một số bài luyện tập Tiếng Anh B1 khác:

Part I.
You will hear a radio interview with the manager of a summer activity course. For each question, choose the correct answer.

1. This year, the course will run for...
2. The problem last year was that...
3. This, year, for the first time, children will...
4. Molly doesn’t think children will come for six weeks because...
5. The course isn’t open to teenagers because...
6. It’s important that parents of children attending the course...
Part II.
You will hear a radio announcer giving details about a local Motor Show. For each question, fill in the missing information in the spaces. Write no more than three words and/or a number.

Eastbrook Motor Show

Date: (1)_______________
Location: (2)__________ Show Ground
Displays: Old cars and buses
Cars of the (3)____________
Famous People: Jack Tyler from the Television Show (4)_______________
Top Racing Driver Michael Boreman
For Ladies: Stalls selling gifts, jewellery and clothes
Competition - Guess the number of (5)_________ in the car
Price of Family Ticket: £ (6)_________
Drafting the answer on the note before totally writing on the online answer box.
1. Date (1)____________
2. Location (2)_________________ Show Ground
3. Display: Cars of the (3)_____________
4. Jack Tyler from the Television Show (4)_______________
5. Competition - Guess the number of (5)_________ in the car
6. Price of Family Ticket: £ (6)_________
Part III.
Look at the six questions for this part. You will hear a man called Steve and a woman called Caroline talking about summer jobs. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, select Yes. If it is not correct, select No.

1. Steve hasn’t arranged any work for the summer yet.
2. Caroline’s work will allow her to have free time during the day.
3. Caroline’s work will be located in a city.
4. Caroline found out about the job from the internet.
5. Caroline says that work at music festivals is badly paid.
6. Caroline does not have to pay for her accommodation.
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