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Đề ôn tập hè Tiếng Anh lớp 5 có đáp án số 1

Circle the odd one out:
Choose the correct word
1. Hello. My name .............. Mai. Nice to meet you
2. How old ................. your grandmother?
3. My friend ............... 2 dogs. She likes them very much.
4. There ............. two bedrooms in their house.
15. How ............... students are there in your class?
Choose from four options one correct answer
1. There are four people ________ my family
2. This ________ my book.
3. ________ father is a doctor in a famous hospital in Hanoi.
4. ________ old are you, Linda? – I‟m eight.
5. How do you ________ your name?
6. Where ________ she ________ from?
7. What ________ are you? – I’m English
8. Trung loves ________ in summer.
9. ________ spring, summer, autumn and winter in our country.
10. He is watching a cartoon ________ TV.
Read the passage and choose True or False:

This is my new pen friend, Rebecca. She comes from England. She lives in a big flat in the centre of London with her family. Rebecca is 10 years old and she is now studying at a primary school. Her father is a doctor and her mother is a nurse. They work in the same hospital and they are very busy. Rebecca stays at school the whole day. She likes her school very much. She enjoys History and Maths. She always gets good marks for these subjects. She also plays badminton with her classmates after the lesson. Their parents often takes her home at 16.30 every day. Sometimes Rebecca helps her mother with the dinner. She is really a good girl.

1. Rebecca is an English girl.
2. Rebecca lives in a big house.
3. Her parents have the same job.
4. Rebecca always get good marks for all subjects.
5. Rebecca comes back home on herself.
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