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Một số bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 10 khác:

Reading 1. There are incomplete sentences. Choose A, B, C or D as your best choice to complete each sentence.
1. He went out ______ it was raining heavily.
2. I’m looking forward to _______ from you soon.
3. The government is discussing the problem of housing for the _________.
4. What will you do if you _______ free time?
5. He was injured during the match, _____ is a great pity!
6. They _____ in our country for a long time.
7. The port is capable _______ handing 10 million tons of coal a year.
8. We are going to make a two-day ________ to visit Huong Pagoda.
9. Our class ________ a picnic at Thay Pagoda this Sunday.
10. “ What time does Minh have Maths on Monday morning?” – "___________”
Reading 2.

I have learnt a few simple rules for traveling.
First, you should check your departure times. Once I arrived at the airport a few minutes before ten. I thought the plane left at 10.50. But the clerk at the desk told me that the departure time was 10.15 and that I could not get on that flight.
Secondly, you should have some money of the country you are going to. A few years ago I flew from London to Oklahoma in the States. I arrived there at midnight and the bank at the airport was closed. I took a taxi to the hotel and the taxi driver refused when I paid him in British pounds. I had to borrow a few dollars from a clerk at the hotel.
The last rule is to know the weather of your destination, which may be very different from the weather at home.

Choose the correct answer for questions 1-2.
1. The word ‘refused’ in line 6 is closest in meaning to
2. Why did he have to borrow a few dollards from the clerk?
According to the information from the passage, choose T (true) or F (false) for statements 3-4.
3. The word “there” in line 6 refers to the States.
4. He advised us that we should know the weather at the destination.
Writing 1. Rewite each sentence, beginning as shown so that the meaning stays the same or the suggested words in the gap.
1. They stayed at home because they felt tired.
2. She has just made this dress.
3. She usually went to market with her mother when she was a little girl.
4. He watched the football match. Then he wrote a report.
6. “I will go to China next week,” she said to me.
Writing 2. Writing a paragraph about your daily routine. ( Write it on your notebook)

What’s your name ?
How old are you ?
What do you usually do in the morning?
What do you usually do in the afternoon?
What do you usually do in the evening?
What activities do you usually do in your free time ?

Choose the correct answer for each following quesiton.
1. Quan: Do you often go for a picnic? - Trung: _____________
2. The man _______ visited you last month is a famous scientist.
3. Life is all right if you have a job, but things are not so easy for ____________.
4. Computer is capable __________ doing almost anything you ask it to.
5. Tony ____________ to the cinema this evening.
6. Tan __________ on the TV since he went home.
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