Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 có đáp án

Đề thi HSG cấp trường môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

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Ôn thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6

Để ôn tập cho kì thi học sinh giỏi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 6, mời các em học sinh thử sức với Đề thi học sinh giỏi lớp 6 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 có đáp án do VnDoc.com đăng tải sau đây. Đề ôn thi trực tuyến với nhiều dạng bài tập tiếng Anh nâng cao khác nhau đi kèm đáp án, sẽ là tài liệu hữu ích cho các em học sinh ôn tập và làm quen với các dạng bài thường có trong các đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi.

Một số bài tập trắc nghiệm tiếng Anh lớp 6 khác:

Choose the best answer from the four options (A or B, C, D) to complete each of the following sentences.
1. She is not doing ___________ in the garden, just walking with her dog.
2. It is twelve o’clock, Mai Anh. Let’s ___________home.
3. My brother and I ___________ our grandmother next weekend.
4. ___________ he plays the guitar!
5. I don’t want much sugar in coffee. Just ___________, please.
6. At an intersection, we must___________.
7. What’s___________ lunch? -There is some rice and some meat.
8. Is there anything to drink? ~ I’m___________.
9. Look ___________ that strange man! He is looking ___________ Lan but she isn’t here.
10. You are too fat. You shouldn’t eat much___________.
11. ___________ do people need more food? ~ Because there are more people.
12. Where is your mother? ~ She is in the kitchen. She___________ dinner.
13. How___________ do you brush your teeth? ~ Three times a day.
14. ___________ straight across the road.
15. When it becomes hot, people often feel ___________.
6. Of the three students, Nga is ___________.
17. What is your favorite food? ~____________
18. They ___________ late for school.
19. ___________ are you going to stay here? ~ For a week.
20. Miss Trang always ___________ her own clothes.
Complete the following sentences with an appropriate form of the word in BLOCK CAPITALS.
1. Lan’s classroom is on the ___________ floor. (TWO)
2. Mai speaks English ___________ than me. (WELL)
3. The Great Wall of China is the world’s ___________ structure. (LONG)
4. There are a lot of ___________ mountains in Viet Nam. BEAUTY
5. I’m Vietnamese. What’s your___________? NATION
Fill in each gap with ONE suitable preposition.
1. Hoa lives ___________ 12 Tran Phu Street. She doesn’t have many friends there.
2. There is an English examination ___________ Friday, 11th December.
3. Many Asian animals are ___________ danger.
4. The movie theater is ___________ the restaurant and the bookstore.
5. Nam is the strongest ___________ the three boys.
Read the passage and choose the correct answer (A or B, C, D to fill in the gap.
I live in a house near the sea. It is (1)________old house, about 100 years old and (2)________very small. There are two bedrooms upstairs (3)________a bathroom. The kitchen is (4)________the ground and there is a living- room where there is a lovely old fire place. There is a garden (5)________the house. The garden (6)________down to the beach and in spring and summer, (7)________flowers everywhere. I live alone (8)________my dog, John, but we have a lot of visitors. My friends often stay with (9)________.
I love my house for (10)________reasons. Maybe I like fresh air here.
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