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1. The army .... the enemy’s capital.
2. People objected .... to wait so long.
3. - Is April twenty-first the day ...........? - No, the twenty-second.
4. The severe drought ...... occurred last summer ruined the corn crop.
5. Florida, ..... the Sunshine State, attracts many tourists every year.
6. The new shopping mall is gigantic. It’s advertised as a place ..... you can find just about anything you might want to buy.
7. Lola’s marriage has been arranged by her family. She is marrying to a man ......
8. People who exercise frequently have greater physical endurance than those ......
9. Is this the address to ...... you want the package sent?
10. That book is by a famous anthropologist. It’s about the people in Samoa .... for two years.
11. By the time Jason arrived to help, we ..... moving everything.
12. The apartment was hot when I got home, so I .... the air conditioner.
13. We engaged a ....... to show us the way across the mountains.
14. The farmer’s barn caught fire during the night. By the time the fire fighters arrived, the building ...... to the ground.
15. The suit cost me more than a week’s salary. Until then, I .... so much on one outfit.
16. Yesterday a hornet ..... me under my arm. That really hurt! When I put on my shirt after working in the garden, I hadn’t seen that there was a hornet in it.
17. Sophie is very keen .... to art college.
18. If any of your questions are still ....., you could do some more research in order to have answers.
19. We were not happy with the plans ..... the architect showed us for our new house. Obviously, he had never designed a home like the one we wanted.
20. When I saw that Mike was having trouble, I ..... him. He was very appreciative.
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