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Choose the best answer for the following sentences
Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, C or D that must be changed for the sentence to be correct.
Anyone where works is regarded as a useful member of our society .
Education is a subject which many British people deeply care about it.
The students are studying English, which is teaching by Mr. Lam.
Choose the correct answer.
1. His parents would not be angry if he ________ harder.
2. She__________working on that manuscript for 2 years now.
3. I _______ you a letter if I had known your address.
4. Choose the word which is CLOSEST in meaning with underlined part.
GCSEs are not compulsory, but they are the most common qualification taken by 14-16-year-old students.
5. In our curriculum, math, literature, physics, chemistry and English are considered as __________ core subjects.
6. You can meet Mr. Pike, who is ___ behalf ___ the university to solve the problems of foreign students.
7. If we ________________ the train at 8 yesterday, we _______________ in Hai Phong now.
8. A new school___________ in the area lately.
The young man who lives next door is very kind to my family.
10. John: “ What kind of job would you like ?” - Mike : “ ______________”
11. ___________, I’d have told you the answer.
12. Ms Young, to _______ many of her students are writing, is living happily and peacefully in Canada.
13. Boys! Put your toys ______. It is time to go to bed. Don't stay _____ late.
14. I am so ___________ that I cannot say anything, but keep silent.
15. The bridge ___________ two years ago, has just been destroyed.
16. They are the people ____________ houses were destroyed by the flood.
17. ___________ by your father?
In Vietnam, children from the age of six must go to school.
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