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Bài tập về đại từ quan hệ dưới đây gồm 45 câu hỏi bao gồm cả bài tập trắc nghiệm và bài tập tự luận sẽ giúp bạn học tốt hơn về phần đại từ quan hệ. Dạng bài tập đại từ quan hệ khong khó, chỉ cần bạn xác định được đại từ đó thay thế cho thành phần nào trong câu là bạn đã nắm chắc phần đúng rồi. Chúc bạn học tốt!

Choose the best answer.
1. She gives her children everything _____________ they want.
2. Tell me _____________ you want and i will try to help you.
3. The place _____________ we spent our holiday was really beautiful.
4. What was the name of the girl _________________ passport was stolen?
5. The bed __________________ I slept in was too soft.
6. Nora is the only person _____________ understands me.
7. Why do you always disagree with everything __________ I say?
8. This is an awful film. It is the worst ____________ I have never seen.
9. The hotel ______________ we stayed was not clean.
10. The last time _______________ I saw her, she looked very beautiful.
11. What was the name of the people _________________ car had broken down.
12. I recently went back to the town _________________ I was born.
13.The reason _____________ I phoned him was to invite him to a party.
14. I don't agree with _____________ you have just said.
15. She told me her address _________________ I wrote on a piece of paper.
16. The dress didn't fit her, so she took it back to the shop _____________ she had bought it.
17. Do you know the girl _________________ Tom is talking to?
18. I gave her all the money _________________ I had.
19. The party _________________ we went to wasn't very enjoyable.
20. The stories _____________ Tom tells are usually very funny.
21. I met the woman __________ can speak 6 languages.
22. Have you seen the money ________________ was on the table?
23. Where is the picture _________________ was on the wall?
24 .I don't like people _________________ never stop talking.
25. Why does she always wear clothes _________________ are too small for her?
26. The factory _____________ John works in is the biggest in town.
27. Have you ever seen the photographs _________________ Ann took?
28. Everybody _________________ went to the party enjoyed it very much.
29. 1945 was the year _________________ the second world war ended.
30. Is there a shop near hear _________________ I can buy a postcard?
Fill in the blanks with WHO, WHICH or THAT.
1. The men ______ lives next-door are English.
2. The dictionary ______ you gave me is very good.
3. Do you know the girls ______ are standing outside the church?
4. The police are looking for the thieve ______ got into my house last night.
5. The chocolate ______ you like comes from the United States.
6. I have lost the necklace ______ my mother gave me on my birthday.
7. A burglar is someone ______ breaks into a house and steals things.
8. Buses ______ go to the airport run every half hour.
9. I can't find the key ______ opens this door.
10. I gave you a book ______ had many pictures.
11. I don't like the boy ______ Sue is going out with.
12. Did you see the beautiful dress ______ she wore yesterday.
13. The man ______ she is going to marry is very rich.
14. This is the bank ______ was robbed yesterday.
15. He wore a mask _____ made him look like Mickey Mouse.
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