Trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 5 có đáp án số 2

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Tiếng Anh 8 chương trình mới Unit 5: Festivals In Viet Nam

Đề thi trắc nghiệm trực tuyến ôn tập Tiếng Anh Unit 5 lớp 8 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 theo từng Unit năm học 2018 - 2019 có trên Đề kiểm tra Tiếng Anh gồm nhiều dạng bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh khác nhau giúp học sinh lớp 8 nắm vững kiến thức đã hoc hiệu quả

Một số bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 khác:

Choose the word which has the primary stress differs from the three others.
Choose the correct answer for each following question.
1. ……… he has been living 15km away from Nha Trang, He has never been to the Nha Trang Carnival.
2. The Nha Trang Sea Festival is famous for the impressive street carnival; ……. , it has attracted thousands of foreign visitors.
3. We do not have carnivals in Viet Nam; …. , we have many traditional festival.
4. _________ different regions and religious have a variety in marital arrangements, the arranged is a traditional feature of every community.
5. The Vietnamese are influenced by Buddhist theology and Confucian philosophy, _________ they believe in fate in marriage.
6. Always take your shoes off before you enter a temple in India, __________ you will be considered impolite.
7. “Giao Thua” is the most sacred time of the year; ________, the first houseguest to offer the first greeting is very important.
8. The five-fruit tray on the altar symbolizes the gratitude of the Vietnamese to their ancestors;_______, it demonstrates their hope for a life of plenty.
9. The Hung King Temple Festival _______ from the 8th to the 11th day of the third lunar month in Phu Tho.
10. During the Buddhist Festival, visitors join the procession and make offerings to _________ Buddha at the pagoda.
Fill in each blank with one word from the box below. (There are more words than blanks).







1. My mother and my uncle often ……………….hands and wish good luck when they meet on the first day of the year.
2. In India, it takes several days to complete the wedding …………………….
3. They held celebrations to mark the ………………..of Mozart’s death.
4. Tet is an occasion for Vietnamese people to worship their…………………….
5. There is a ceremony of offering incense and ……………………….such as Chung cakes, Day cakes and five- fruit trays to the Kings.
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