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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence
1. The weather was ________ the exceptionally poor harvest.
I ________ for that job before I passed my final exams at the university.
The police carried out a ________ search for the missing diplomat.
You must have ________ the examination before Friday, so bring your money to the office as soon as possible.
I think he is ________ his time looking for a job there; they are not taking any staff on at present.
The police set a ________ to catch the thieves.
After going to several interviews, she eventually ________ to get a job.
During the lecture, the student took down ________ quantities of notes.
Since the accident he has walked with a ________.
He ran so fast I couldn't catch up ________ him
When I was in the hotel my money ________.
At four o'clock Mr Hutchinson still had some ________ to do in the garden.
The new factory chimney was ________ than all the trees around it.
The opening ________ of the play took place in an army camp.
Are you interested ________ opera?
The plate was right on the ________ of the table and could have been knocked off at any moment.
Jenny and her sister are so ________, they could almost be twins.
Going to the pub too often can easily become a bad ________.
He shouldn't be allowed to play in the club. He's not a ________.
All the travel arrangements ________ before we received a letter from him.
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