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Choose the word or phrase that best completes the sentence
1. The rather humid climate in no way ________ from the beauty of the place.
You mustn't be angry with her. It wasn't her ________ that she was late.
- Hilary: I shan't be more than five or ten minutes now.
- Alfred: All right. I'll wait over there until ________ ready.
The house is in good ________ though it needs to be repainted.
We will always ________ the wonderful winter holiday we had in Austria.
The children won't go to sleep ________ we leave a light on outside their bedroom.
I was sitting in a cafe ________ afternoon when I saw the Prime Minister pass by.
You are not allowed ________ in this carriage.
The climber failed ________ his attempts to reach the summit.
We are ________ him to arrive at any moment.
The company has had a bad year, and will therefore not be ________ any new workers.
When he was questioned about the missing ring, he firmly ________ that he had ever seen it.
The rise in the house prices ________ him to seel his house for a large profit.
The dentist told him to open his mouth ________.
Unfortunately, Sally has never been too friendly to Jim and keeps him at a ________.
I'm free this evening. ________ we go out to dinner?
Children will work hard if the lessons are ________.
Learners of English as a foreign language often fail to ________ between unfamiliar sounds in that language.
I don't ________ what people think about the way I dress.
If there's ________ for complaint, please inform the manager.
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