TOEIC Practice - Part 1: Photographs

TOEIC Practice - Part 1: Photographs

Trong part 1 – phần miêu tả tranh chủ yếu gồm: Các câu miêu tả hành động của 1 người, hành động của nhóm hơn 2 người (bối cảnh) hoặc miêu tả sự vật (vị trí đồ đạc). Giọng nói trong phần Part 1 gồm hơn 50% là giọng Mỹ còn lại là giọng Anh, Úc, New Zealand và Canada. Phần nghe tranh được đánh giá là phần thi dễ nhất trong 4 phần Listening.

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Example 1:

First you will look at a photograph:

TOEIC Practice - Part 1: Photographs

Next you will listen to four statements. Choose the one that best describes what you see in the picture.

Explanation 1:

·Choice A is incorrect because the glasses are on the table. Placement of objects is a common distractor in Part I.

·Choice B is incorrect because the note is on the monitor not the keyboard.

·Choice D is incorrect because the lamp is beside the computer. Prepositions are very common distractors found in Part I. Make sure to review your prepositions of location for the TOEIC.

The correct answer is C.


A) The woman is wearing glasses.

B) There is a note on the keyboard.

C) The woman is facing the monitor.

D) There is a lamp above the computer.

Example 2:

Kỹ năng nghe tranh vật trong bài thi TOEIC

Explanation 2:

·Choice A is incorrect because the people are wearing life-jackets not coats. Types of clothingare often tested in Part I.

·Choice B is incorrect because the boat is not yet in the water. The people are pulling the boat into the water. When you are analysing a photo make sure that you note the main action that is taking place.

·Choice C is incorrect because the life-jackets are on the people, not in the boat. Be careful not to choose a statement just because you recognize a vocabulary word from the photo.

The correct answer is D.


A) The people are wearing coats.

B) The boat is in the water.

C) The life-jackets are on the boat.

D) The drum is in front of the chair.

Example 3:

Luyện tập Part 1

Explanation 3:

·Choice B is incorrect because the mountains do not have any snow on them. It is summertime. You may be asked to distinguish between seasons in Part I.

·Choice C is incorrect because the man is wearing a cap. Remember you will not be able to read the choices in this section. Wearing and carrying sound similar. Listen carefully.

·Choice D is incorrect because the sandals are on the man's feet. Both vocabulary words are in the photo, but the context is incorrect.

The correct answer is A.


A) The man is on a pathway.

B) The mountains are covered with snow.

C) The man is carrying a cap.

D) The sandals are in the water.

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