TOEIC Reading comprehension test 1 (Level 700-900)

TOEIC Reading comprehension test 1 (Level 700-900)

TOEIC Reading comprehension Test 1 (Level 700-900) gồm các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm đọc hiểu đoạn văn trình độ cao cấp, tương ứng với 700-900 điểm. Bài tập có 10 câu hỏi và đáp án đi kèm, giúp các bạn tra cứu hiệu quả.

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TOEIC Reading comprehension test 2 (Level 700-900)

Are you suffering from


Are you one of those people who suffer from:

runny, itchy noses?
red, watery, itchy eyes?

The Research Institute of Ragweed Allergies is currently conducting a study and is asking volunteers to participate in testing an experimental drug.
Those who pass the qualification procedure Will receive compensation for his/her part in contributing to the study.

Call: 905-629-3333 (Ext. 1) or Toll free: 1-800-RIRA-5544

Regular hours of operation: Monday to Friday: 9.a.m to 6.p.m
Saturday: 9.a.m to 1.p.m
Research Institute of RA
4520 Dixie Rd in Missisauga
2 block south of Eglington Ave

1. What is the primary reason for taking out this notice?

A. To announce a medical breakthrough in curing ragweed allergies
B. To inform the public about the spread of a new type of an allergy
C. To recruit people who are willing to come forward for a medical cause
D. To provide the results of a test conducted by the reason institute

2. What can be implied about ragweed allergies form the notice?

A. They’re the most prevalent during the late summer months
B. Research about them has been ongoing for the entire summer
C. They have been the main public issue in recent months
D. They affect a great number of people living in host climates

3. Which of the following information is NOT found in the notice?

A. A number where interested people could call
B. The specific compensation each participant will receive for volunteering
C. The subject of the study being conducted
D. The conditions required for those who want to make a contribution



Free Dish

Choose any one dish from the menu on the back (restricted to $8 or less food items) with any order over $40 (before tax).

Not valid in conjunction with any other offers

Free Chicken Wings

With any order over $18 (before tax). One per order only.

Not valid in conjunction with any other offers

Pick Up


20% OFF

Not valid in conjunction with any other offers

Cash payment only. Daily Combo & Complete Dinners excluded.

2145 Jane Rd.

(205) 755 1235

4. How can receive a meal for free?

A. By paying for the meal in cash
B. By ordering over a certain amount
C. By picking up the food
D. By coming to the restaurant at a certain hour

5. What can be inferred from the menu?

A. The restaurant accepts credit cards
B. Delivery is not available during weekends
C. Only one coupon can be used at one time
D. All the food that is picked up is 20% off the regular price

Passage 1:

Preferred Customer Card

Application Procedure

Please complete the attached form at least two weeks prior to your next visit to Trinity Spa. A photocopy of some photo identification must be included as well as full payment for administrative fees in order to assure the full benefits of the Preferred Customer status as outlined in our information package. Please send the completed form by fax (416) 538 2099 to the attention of “The Preferred Customer Card Administrator” or to the following address:

“The Preferred Customer Card Administrator”

Trinity Spa, 1 Hazeltree Lane, Toronto, ON

Please allow two weeks for proper processing. If you have any questions or comments, please send an email to We are looking forward to welcoming you as a Preferred Customer.

Passage 2:

Trinity Spa Preferred Customer Card Application Form


First name: Sally

Surname: Hancock

Please check: …. Mr. …X...Miss …. Ms

Date of birth: October 16, 1976

Mailing Address: 345 University street, suite 305 Toronto, ON, Canada M5M-3B9

Preferred services:

1. Facial massage

2. Aroma therapy

3. Acu Chi

Home phone: 755 4900

Business phone: 243 2840

Fax. No. (area code): 416 243 0400



{x} Pick up customer service center

{…} By mail

Sally Hancock

Monday, September 25 2006

6. What is asked to be sent with the application form?

A. The membership card
B. A passport-sized picture
C. The document processing fee
D. The annual membership fee

7. How can someone make further inquiries?

A. By fax
B. By e-mail
C. By phone
D. By mail

8 .What information is NOT requested in the form?

A. Last name
B. Birth place
C. Contact number
D. Today’s date

9. How will Sally Hancock receive the card?

A. By regular mail
B. By showing up in person
C. By sending her assistant
D. By a special delivery

10. When will Sally Hancock’s application be approved?

A. September 25
B. October 9
C. October 16
D. October 30

Đáp án TOEIC Reading comprehension test 1 (Level 700-900)

1. C

2. A

3. B

4. B

5. C

6. C

7. B

8. B

9. B

10. B

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