TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 3 (Level 700-900)

TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test

Đọc tiếng anh là một kỹ năng quan trọng trong các bài thi tiếng Anh, do đó Vndoc xin giới thiệu đến các bạn TOEIC Reading comprehension test 3 (Level 700-900) làm tài luyện tập hàng ngày, nâng cao trình độ tiếng Anh cũng như luyện thi TOEIC được tốt hơn.

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Question 1

Dear colleagues,

Kindly be informed that Indonesia will be celebrating a long holiday from October 23-28, 2006, for Hari Raya ledul Fitri. There will be no pick-ups and deliveries, but clearance will still run as normal.

In addition, for inbound shipments that are directed to cities outside Jakarta, the last transshipment by local agents will be on October 20. Any shipment we receive after that day will be on hold in our office and be sent out after the long holiday on October 30.

Furthermore, for shipments headed to smaller town, there will be a further delay because the holiday festivities will be ongoing until the 4th in many rural areas. This situation will return to normal on the 6th of November.

Thank you for your kind attention.


Customer Service Department

1. Why was this e-mail written?

A. To request a shipment
B. To notify someone of an upcoming schedule
C. To send an invitation for a celebration
D. To inquire about a shipment

Question 2

2. What will happen to an incoming shipment heading to a small town on October 21?

A. It will be returned to the sender
B. It will be held until the 30th
C. It will reach its destination after the 6th of November
D. It will be delivered the next day

Question 3

3. When was this e-mail sent?

A. October 4th
B. October 20th
C. October 30th
D. November 4th

Question 4


ARE health food bars really good for you? A recent analysis by Diet and Health magazine failed to find any benefits in health food bars. In fact many of the most popular bars proved to be positively unhealthy, with high levels of fats, sugar, salt, preservatives, and other chemicals plus an inordinate amount of packaging. Rather than substituting a health bar for your breakfast or lunch, consumers would be well-advised to skip them completely. A balanced diet of freshly-prepared food is still the best, apparently!

4. What is the main reason for writing this news?

A. To alert the public about a new health product
B. To report the finding of a study conducted by a magazine
C. To correct false information printed in an earlier article
D. To suggest some food for a healthy breakfast

Question 5

5. What does the article advise the consumers to do?

A. Always eat breakfast
B. Consume less food
C. Stay away from health bars
D. Read the labels carefully

Question 6

6. What can be inferred from the article?

A. Health bars will be taken off the store shelves
B. Many health bars are found to be excessively wrappe
C. Many people are substituting at least one meal with health bars
D. Health bars have all the nutrients a body needs

Question 7

Passage 1:

Downtown Artisan’s Club Art Exhibit
Please mark Saturday, October 21 on your calendars so that you can attend the inaugural Downtown Artisan’s Club Art Exhibit
There will be beautiful works of art and poetry, crafted by the Downtown Artisan’s Club, available for showing as well as for sale. The remarkably talented young artists have worked all summer to prepare for this event, which promises to impress and astound. Visitors will have an opportunity to meet these talented artists. All proceeds from this event will be contributed to the continued operations of the Downtown Artisan’s Club, which provides amazing classes and support for young artists.
Tickets are on sale now and are available for $10 (adults) and $5 (students and seniors). Children under the age of 12 will be admitted for free.
The Downtown Artisan’s Club looks forward to seeing you there! Please contact Jim at (905) 412 8980 for more information.

Passage 2:

Downtown Artisan’s Club Art Exhibit
- Deadline for your art submission!
To all our talented young artists – get ready for our upcoming Art Exhibit! As you all know – our Downtown Artisan’s Club Art Exhibit is coming up exactly one month form today.Paintings, drawings, sculptures and writing will be needed – for both the show and for sale.
Don’t forget to have them completed and handed in by next Friday to secure your spot in our show.
Remember, there will also be cash awards, judged by our panel of art critics, and the winning pieces will be featured in our Art Book. The artists of the winning pieces will also be invited to attend the 2-week summer art camp in Paris – next summer.
Have fun – and please submit your artwork on time!

7. For whom is the announcement intended?

A. Artists
B. Residents
C. Jim
D. Judges

Question 8

8. How much would an elderly couple in their mid-sixties have to pay to enter the exhibit?

A. $5
B. $10
C. $15
D. $20

Question 9

9. What is NOT mentioned about the awards?

A. They will be judged by more than one person
B. Money will be given away to the winner
C. Winner will get a chance to go away next summer
D. The winning pieces will be presented in an art museum

Question 10

10. In the notice, what are the participants asked to do by next Friday?

A. Submit their artwork
B. Pay the entry fee
C. Speak to the coordinator
D. Send in their checks

Question 11

11. On which day was the notice posted?

A. September 21
B. October 21
C. November 1
D. November 21


1. B 2.C 3.A 4. B 5.C 6.B 7.B 8. B 9. D 10.A 11. A

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