Write a paragraph about how to stay healthy before an exam

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Bài viết số 1. Viết đoạn văn nói về lời khuyên sức khỏe trước khi thi

In our human body, health is an extremely necessary thing, to be healthy for us to be able to operate limbs flexibly, here are some ways that I can do to stay healthy. keep my health well.
In order to stay healthy, I always do sports regularly, increase the exercise of crunches, eat regularly, eat and drink too much and not eat too little ... Every morning At 5:30 am, I usually jog around my neighborhood to help warm my body, after jogging I always shower to clean my body. In the morning, I always eat well, should not skip meals, because the supply of morning food for the whole day is very important, to eat healthy foods for the body, should not eat Fatty oil causes obesity. You couldn't stay up late too , because it will bad for your health.

Bài viết số 2. Viết đoạn văn về lời khuyên sức khỏe bằng tiếng Anh

I think we need to stay healthy to prevent the flu, keep as healthy as I can by taking good care of myself. Sleep and nutritional considerations are help to prevent the onset of a cold or flu, a healthy lifestyle helps my immune system to be in its best possible shape, giving me the best chance of being able to fight off the onset of a cold or flu.

I need to eat healthily. Healthy foods such as vegetables, fruit, grains, etc., are an important part of keeping my body nutrition at its optimum. Processing fatty and sugary foods don't give the immune-boosting protection that healthier food does. Sugary foods can decrease immune function.

Exercise regularly. Exercise has enhancing immune-system that can help ward off illness. Overdo too much strenuous or excessive can leave me prone to illness, too. I make sure to get adequate sleep every night, get at least seven to eight hours sleep nightly

I need to reduce my stress too. Stress can harm the ability of my immune system to work optimally, and people who are stressed tend to catch colds more than less stressed people. Manage my stress is contributing to prevent the flu. Beside, Drinking water may also help wash cold and flu viruses from my throat to my stomach where they cannot survive. Although getting cold doesn't actually cause a cold or flu (the viruses do), but being cold can reduce my stamina and make me feel miserable and fatigued, so I need to stay warm.

In addition, I eat more fruits to get vitamin C that might help me prevent the common cold, and I will also drink more milk, this will be help me healthy and stronger to prevent the cold.

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