Đề thi giữa học kỳ II môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9 trường THCS Biên Giới năm 2015

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Đề thi giữa học kỳ II môn Tiếng Anh lớp 9

Sở GD-ĐT Tây Ninh
Trường THCS Biên Giới

NĂM HỌC 2014– 2015
Môn thi: Anh Văn - Lớp: 9

Thời gian: 60 phút (không kể thời gian phát đề)

Read the passage below and choose one correct answer for each question:

Almost all our energy comes from oil, coal, and natural gas. We call them fossil fuels. The earth’s fossil fuels are running out. What will happen when there is no coal, oil and gas on earth?

Scientists are trying to find and use other alternative sources of energy. We can use energy from the sun, the wind, and the water.

Solar energy is unlimited. The sun supplies all the energy used to grow plants, to evaporate water for rain, and to maintain the temperature of the planet. All are necessary for human life. If we are able to collect solar energy, we will be sure to have this abundant source of power.

Another source of energy from nature is the wind which is clean and plentiful. Energy from the wind has been used for centuries to move ships, grind grain, pump water and do other forms of work. In recent time, wind has been used to generate electricity.

Water can also provide power. For a long time, people have used water to power machines. Some early uses of water were to mill grain, saw wood and power machinery for the textile industry. Today water is mostly used to generate electricity.

1. We are asking the question “What will happen when there is no oil, coal, and gas on earth?” Because ……………………………………………………………………………

A. we are looking for other alternative sources of energy
B. we are looking forward to seeing great changes
C. we are now depending so much on oil, coal and natural gas
D. other sources of energy can come from the sun, the wind, and the water

2. Which pairs of words can be used alternatively?

A. the sun / the wind B. energy / power
C. rain / temperature D. plentiful / unlimited

3. Centuries ago, people used the wind power to………………………………………

A. maintain the earth’s temperature B. grow plants
C. pump water D. generate electricity

4. Up till now, water energy has been used for………………………………………….

A. similar purposes B. moving ship
C. the textile industry D. different purposes

*Choose A, B, C or D to complete the passage


In Western countries, electricity, gas, and water are not luxuries (5)________ necessities. Companies now realize that consumers want (6)________that will not only work effectively, but also save money .

For most North American households, lighting accounts for 10 percent to 15 percent of the electricity (7)________ .

However, this amount can be reduced by replacing an ordinary 100-watt light bulb with an energy-saving bulb. These bulbs use a quarter of the (8)________of standard bulbs and last eight times (9)________ . Therefore consumers can save about US$7 to US$21 per bulbs…

5. A. if B. and C. or D. but
6. A. presents B. things C. products D. machines
7. A. bill B. menu C. payment D. book
8. A. electricity B. electric C. electrnonics D. electrician
9. A. long B. longer C. longest D. longer than

Đáp án đề thi giữa học kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh

Câu 1. C

Câu 2. B

Câu 3. C

Câu 4. D

Câu 5. D

Câu 6. C

Câu 7. A

Câu 8. A

Câu 9. B

Câu 10. B

Câu 11. D

Câu 12. C

Câu 13. D

Câu 14. B

Câu 15. A

Câu 16. C

Câu 17. B

Câu 18. A

Câu 19. A

Câu 20. C

Câu 21. C

Câu 22. C

Câu 23. B

Câu 24. B

Câu 25. D

Câu 26. B

Câu 27. B

Câu 28. D

Câu 29. D

Câu 30. A

Câu 31. B

Câu 32. C

Câu 33. A

Câu 34. A

Câu 35. C

Câu 36. C

Câu 37. A

Câu 38. A

Câu 39. B

Câu 40. D

Câu 41. B

Câu 42. B

Câu 43. B

Câu 44. B

Câu 45. A

Câu 46. D

Câu 47. A

Câu 48. B

Câu 49. A

Câu 50. A

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