Bài tập về thì hiện tại hoàn thành và hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn

Bài tập về các thì trong tiếng Anh có đáp án

Mời các bạn học sinh tham khảo Bài tập về thì hiện tại hoàn thành và hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn sau đây để củng cố lại kiến thức môn Tiếng Anh về 2 thì hiện tại hoàn thành và hiện tại hoàn thành tiếp diễn. Chúc các bạn làm bài đạt kết quả cao!

  • Fill in the correct form (Present Perfect Simple or Present Perfect Progressive).
  • 1. I (practise) ____________ the piano for 30 minutes.
    have been practising
  • 2. Bob (run) _________________ 10 km.
    has run
  • 3. The children (be) _______________ on holiday for six days.
    have been
  • 4. The dog (bark) ___________ since midnight.
    has been barking
  • 5. We (miss) _____________ the bus twice this week.
    have missed
  • 6. You (not/ eat) _____________ up yet.
    have not eaten haven't eaten
  • 7. He (not/ speak) ____________ on the phone for half an hour, just a couple of minutes.
    has not been speaking hasn't been speaking
  • 8. They (not/ work) ___________ since 5 o'clock. They just started an hour ago.
    have not been working haven't been working
  • 9. We (not/ know) ___________ them for a long time.
    have not known haven't known
  • 10. She (not/ hang) ______________ up all the pictures yet.
    has not hung hasn't hung
  • 11. How long (wait/ she) _____________for us?
    has she been waiting
  • 12. How many times (tell/ I) ___________ you?
    have I told
  • 13. How often (clean/ you) ______________ the windows this year?
    have you cleaned
  • 14. How many months (take/ you) ____________ piano lessons?
    have you been taking
  • 15. (you/ stay) ___________ in a castle?
    Have you ever stayed
  • 16. Tom: Hi Ana. I (try) ___________ to ring you several times today. Where (be) __________?
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    have tried, have you been
  • 17. Ana: I (be) ______________ at home all the time. But I (clean) ______________ the house all day, so maybe I didn't hear the phone ring.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    have been, have been cleaning
  • 18. Tom: (clean) ____________ everything now?
    Have you cleaned
  • 19. Ana: No, not yet. I (not tidy) ______________ up the kitchen yet. But why are you here?
    have not tidied haven't tidied
  • 20. Tom: Don't you remember? Jane (invite) ___________ us to her birthday party and we (not buy) ____________ a present for her yet.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    has visited, have not bought has visited, haven't bought
  • 21. Ana: Oh, that's right. (already/ find out) __________ what she wants?
    Have you already found out
  • 22. Tom: Well, she (learn) _____________ Spanish for a year and wants to spend her next holiday in Mexico. Maybe we could get her a guide book.
    has been learning
  • 23. Ana: That's a good idea. There is a good bookshop in the big shopping centre. I (see) ____________ some nice books about Mexico there recently.
    have seen
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