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Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D.
1. Please let Jack_______ with you.
A. go B. going C. to go D. goes
2. I_______ not sure about that.
A. do B. have C. am D. shall
3. ‘‘Why was Bob so angry with his wife?” ‘‘Because of_______ late’’
A. her to be B. her being C. she is D. she be
4. ‘‘Do you ever plan to move back to Minnesota?” ‘‘No, but I occasionally think____ my friends there.”
A. visiting B. to visit C. of visit D. of visiting
5. The visitors found the little girl’s conversation very_______.
A. amuse B. amusing C. amused D. amusement
6. ‘‘How long have you known him?” ‘‘______________.”
A. since five years B. for five years C. ever since five years D. along five years
7. A child can_______ easily .
A. remembered B. remember C. remembers D. to remember
8. _______ is yours, the red one or the green one?
A. why B. which C. when D. what
9. I think he’ll join us, _______?
A. doesn’t he B. won’t he C. don’t he D. will he
10. He is_______ to do such work.
A. not enough strong B. strong not enough C. not strong enough D. enough strong
11. Haywood is the village_______.
A. where I was born in B. which I was born C. in which I was born D. which I was born there
12.I wish today_______ a holiday.
A. is B. am C. are D. were
13. You needn’t_______ the money back for a year.
A. to pay B. pay C. paid D. be paid
14. Let’s not go out today_______?
A. shall we B. shan’t we C. will you D. won’t you
15. The doctor made me_______ in bed for a week.
A. staying B. stay C. stayed D. to stay
16. _______ wants some tea?
A. what B. who C. whom D. where
17. Does Peter own that car? No, I think his brother_______ it now.
A. has owned B. was owning C. owns D. can own
18. At this time tomorrow night I_______ on a ship.
A. sleep B. shall sleeping C. shall be slept D. shall be sleeping
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19.I haven’t seen much of you lately. We_______ three months ago.
A. last meet B. last met C. have last D. have last met
20. He asked her_______.
A. what day was it B. what day it was C. it was what day D. what was the day
21. Some people are used to_______ in crowded buses and don’t mind it at all.
A. ride B. riding C. rode D. ridden
22.‘‘I don’t know what Carol was a waitress here.” ‘‘She_______ here on Saturdays since June.”
A. has been working B. has working C. having working D. has been worked
23. ‘‘Did you check your paper?” ‘‘No, I_______ it now”
A. checking B. am checking C. check D. checked
24. Did you know that she is expecting a baby? No, we_______ to get the news.
A. were surprise B. were surprising C. were surprised D. surprised
25. Inside the old house was_______ a church.
A. darker than B. as darker than C. darker that D. as darker that
26. Last Monday night thieves broke_______ our flat.
A. into B. down C. out of D. always
27. I know that he_______ in the library at this moment.
A. works B. has worked C. is working D. was working
28. His choice of words_______ very good.
A. is B. are C. be D. being
29. I haven’t seen John_______ two months.
A. since B. for C. until D. before
30. Ann says that she’s never_______ milk at home.
A. use to drink B. used to drink C. use to drinking D. used to drinking
Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to complete the following dialogue.
Jane: Look. <31>…………. rain.
Mark: I’m not sure about that, but the sun <32>…………behind those black clouds.
Jane: And <33>…………..windy, too.
Mark: Yes, but I <34>………. the weather <35> ……….. too much.
Jane: <36>…………. the forecast?
Mark: They say<37> ……….. fine for the next few days.
Jane: Oh, <38>…………usually wrong. I <39>……….. we can go sightseeing now.
Mark: Oh, let’s go. It <40> ……… so far this week.
Jane: All right, but <41>…………. my raincoat and umbrella with me.
Mark: I think <42>……….. about nothing.
31. A. It’s raining B. It’s rained C. It’s going to rain D. it’s was raining
32. A. has disappeared B. already disappeared C. has gone to disappear D. disappear
33. A. It becomes B. it became C. it’s becoming D. it is become
34. A. don’t think B. isn’t thinking C. hasn’t thought D. am thinking
35. A. changed B. changes C. is going to change D. changing
36. A. Do you hear B. Are you hearing C. Are you heard D. Have you heard
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37. A. it’s being B. it’s going to be C. it has been D. it was being
38. A. They B. There C. They are D. Here
39. A. not think B. am not thinking C. don’t think D. didn’t think
40. A. isn’t raining B. doesn’t rain C. didn’t rain D. hasn’t rained
41. A. I am going to take B. take C. I’ve taken D. took
42. A. you’ve worried B. you are worrying C. you worried D. you didn’t worry
Choose the correct sentence which has the same meaning as the given one.
43. In population, Los Angeles is not as big as New York.
A. New York is bigger than Los Angeles in population.
B. New York is not as crowded as Los Angeles.
C. Los Angeles is more densely-populated than New York.
D. New York is bigger than Los Angeles.
44. Mary would rather see more historic sights than go dancing.
A. Mary would like to see historic sights than go dancing
B. Mary likes historic sights when she can not go dancing.
C. Mary would prefer to see more historic sights rather than go dancing.
D. Mary had better see more historic sights.
45.A lot of language young people use is not understood by their parents.
A. Young people use a lot of languages their parents can’t understand.
B. A lot of language young people use is understandable by their parents.
C. A lot of young people use the language their parents do not speak.
D. Some parents can not understand a lot of the language young people use.
46. This is the worst production of this play I have ever seen.
A. I have never seen so bad a production of this play.
B. I have never seen such bad a production of this play.
C. I have never seen so bad production of this play.
B. I have never seen such bad production of this play.
47. ‘‘Could you wait a second while I get my books?” Peter said to Jane.
A. Peter said to Jane to wait a second while he got his books.
B. Peter said to Jane she could wait a second while he got his books.
C. Peter asked Jane could wait a second while he got his books.
D. Peter asked Jane to wait a second while he got his books.
48. Whenever she went to Paris she bought a new dress.
A. She never went to Paris to buy a new dress.
B. She never went to Paris without buying a new dress.
C. She never bought a new dress without going to Paris.
D. She never bought a new dress when she went to Paris.
49. I like to play tennis in the summer.
A. I am very interested on playing tennis in the summer.
B. I am very keen in playing tennis in the summer.
C. I am very interested to playing tennis in the summer.

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