Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn tiếng Anh lớp 9 trường THCS Bằng Phúc năm học 2017-2018

Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn tiếng Anh lớp 9

VnDoc.com xin giới thiệu đến các bạn Đề thi chọn học sinh giỏi cấp trường môn tiếng Anh lớp 9 trường THCS Bằng Phúc năm học 2017-2018 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm cà đăng tải dưới đây sẽ là nguồn tài liệu hữu ích giúp các bạn thử sức, kiểm tra trình độ bản thân, đồng thời cũng là nguồn tham khảo dành cho các bạn tham gia kì thi chọn học sinh giỏi. Chúc các bạn học tập tốt!



Năm học: 2017-2018 - Môn: Tiếng Anh

Thời gian làm bài: 120 phút

1: Pick out the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest. (0.5 m)

1. A. cure

B. currency

C. puzzle

D. much

2. A. written

B. answer

C. sweater

D. sword

3. A. laughter

B. draught

C. naughty

D. aunt

4. A. brother

B. mathematics

C. think

D. dethrone

5. A. border

B. embroider

C. embark

D. plumber

2: Choose a word in each sentence that has different stress pattern. (0.5 m)

1. A. locate

B. linguistics

C. logical

D. lecturer

2. A. spacecraft

B. volume

C. design

D. standard

3. A. separate

B. notice

C. minimize

D. consumer

4. A. creation

B. mystery

C. volcanic

D. consider

5. A. economic

B. encouragement

C. dependent

D. religion

3: In this part of the test you must choose the words or phrase which best completes each of the following sentences. (1m)

1. ………… take a taxi, you’ll be late for the lecture.

A. Unless you B. If you not C. Because of D. For you

2. ………… the cold weather, she wasn’t wearing a coat.

A. Although B. Because C. Since D. In spite of

3. John can’t make a ………..to get married to Mary or stay single until he can afford a house and a car

A. decide B. decision C. decisive D. decisively

4. When you see your friend off at the station, you say: “………………….!”

A. Lucky you B. Good night C. Have a good journey D. You’re welcome

5. Mathematics and Literature are ………….. for children in this country.

A. religious B. option C. adding D. compulsory

6. He’s accustomed to …………….to music before bedtime.

A. listen B. listened C. listening D. be listening

7. He drank ……………coffee that he couldn’t sleep last night.

A. so B. so much C. so many D. a lot of

8. Billy, come and give me a hand with cooking.

A. help B. prepared C. be busy D. attempt

9. Mary always takes great care …………her children.

A. for B. of C. to D. with

10. Never force children to do what you want. Try to ………… them

A. cool B. ask C. threaten D. persuade

4: Give correct form of the verbs in the brackets (2ms)

1. You (watch) the news on TV last night?

2. I (not see) him for months.

3. Either my sister or I (be) going to visit our uncle.

4. Writing many letters (make) her happy.

5. She wishes she (can) fly.

6. Ring me up as soon as you (get) home this evening.

7. Don’t forget (lock) the door when you go out.

8. We don’t enjoy (use) as cheap labor.

9. People always (blame) their circumstances for what they are.

10. The astronaut’s clothes (make) from special materials.

5: Give the correct form of the words in brackets. There is an example for you. (2ms)

Ex: She is a good ………of English. (teach): teach -> teacher

1. It’s very _______ (HEALTH) to live in damp room.

2. I’m not used to ______ (DRIVE ) on the left.

3. He was punished for his ______ (LAZY).

4. We had a very ______ (ENJOY) evening in Lon don last month

5. I believe you because I know you are ______ (TRUTH).

6. Nam is very _______ (INTEREST) in computer.

7. He drives so _______ (CARE ) that he is sure to have an accident.

8. I am ______ (CONFIDENCE) he will succeed in his chosen career.

9. Ba has a large _______ (COLLECT) of foreign stamps.

10. The ______ (PERFORM) she gave last night was marvelous.

6: There are ten mistakes in the following passage. Find and correct them. (1,0m)

It is very important for use water carefully. There are some way you can use less water. First, you should be surely you turn of the faucets tightly. They should not drip in the bathroom or kitchen sink. Second, you should not keep the water on in a long time. You should turn it off while you are doing something else. It should be off while you are shaving or washing your teeth. It should also be off while you are washing the dishes. Final, in the summer you should watering the garden in the evening. That way you will not lose a lot water. During the day the sun dries up the earth too fastly.

7: Filling in each space with one appropriate word. (1,0m)

They called New York “the Big Apple”. Maybe it is not exact like an apple, it’s certainly very big ……..(1) expensive. There are too many people, that’s the problem. The streets are always full ……..(2)……… cars and trucks, you can never find a place to park there.

If you have enough money, you can ……..(3)… a taxi. New York cabs are yellow. They look all the same. But the ……..(4)… are very different. Some were born and raised in New York, but many are newcomers to the United States. A few drive ……..(5)…, but most go very and very fast. The cab driving is a difficult job. It can be dangerous, too. Thieves often try to ……..(6)……… the drivers’ money. Drivers sometimes get hurt.

If you don’t want to take a taxi, you can go by bus ……..(7)……… you can take the subway. The subway is quick and it’s ……..(8)………, but parts of it are old and dirty. Lights don’t always work and there are often fires on the track. On some subway lines, there ……..(9)……… new, clean, silver trains. But you can’t ……..(10)…… the color of the old trains easily. There is too much dirt and too much graffiti, inside and out side.

8: Read the following passage then answer the questions below. (1m)

All holidays are wonderful for school children and of course for me, too.

I like spending my holidays in the country side. It is lucky my grandparents are living in a small village, not very far from my city. So, I usually go there by bicycle. Taking a leisurely bicycle trip tothe countryside is the best way of recreation.

I have a good time staying with my grandparents during my holidays.

I always feel healthier when I come back to my city for my school work.


1. What do school children think of their holidays?

2. Where does the writer like spending his holidays? Why?

3. What is the best way of recreation?

4. How does the writer feel after his holidays in the countryside?

5. Have you ever had such holiday before?

9: Read the following passage carefully, and then decide whether the following statements are True (T), False (F) or No Given (N). (1m)

A combination of sewage, salt, air pollution, sun, sand and wind may destroy the huge statue on the outskirts of Cairo. This statue of the sun god has the body of a lion and the face of a human being. It is five thousand years old, but it is too badly damaged to be completely saved.

The statue has already been dug out of the sad three times. However, the latest problems are much more serious. First, there are no proper drains and water pipes in the neighborhood and the underground passages round the statue have become blocked. Too much water has been running into the stone statue for several years. As a result, tiny pieces of salt have been left on the stone and have damaged it.

Secondly, air pollution from the increasing amount of traffic in Cairo is also destroying the ancient statue. The air is so full of poisonous gases that it is making the stone crumble and decay even faster.

Thirdly, the statue is being damaged by extremes of temperature. For example, although the air is very cold at night, during the day the stone of the statue becomes very hot under the strong sun. Other natural forces such as serve sandstorms also attack the statue.

Finally, the tourists who visit the statue everyday also cause a lot of damage.

1. The statue is in the center of Cairo.

2. Part of the statue looks like a lion and part like a person.

3. The underground passages round the statue are full of waste and water.

4. High temperatures damage stone far more than low temperature.

5. Fortunately, little damage is caused by visitors to the statue.

10: Read the passage bellow and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D. (2 ms)

The table tennis match was very enjoyable before (1) ______ lit a cigarette and ruined the evening. After (2) ______ smoking, they let the cigarette fall on the wooden floor. Unfortunately, they dropped it without putting it out but (3) _______paid any attention to it. Even the women (4) _______ sitting next to the man with the cigarette did not notice. Soon, however there was (5) _______ smoke. Suddenly flames

(6) _______ up into the air. Someone immediately run out of the room (7) ______ the fire brigade. Two or three man got some buckets of water (8) _______ the fire, but it was useless. Everyone in the large hall (9) _______very frightened. The next moment people rushed towards the main doors. Before the fire brigade arrived the whole building was on fire. On (10) _______ the burning building, one of the firemen succeeded in rescuing an old woman.

1. A. someone

B. anyone

C. no one

D. nobody

2. A. finish

B. finishing

C. finished

D. finishes

3. A. someone

B. any one

C. no one

D. anybody

4. A. she was

B. was

C. who was

D. she

5. A. a lot of

B. many

C. a few

D. little

6. A. shoot

B. shoots

C. shot

D. shooting

7. A. phone

B. phoning

C. to phone

D. for phoning

8. A. to put out

B. they put out

C. putting out

D. put out

9. A. was

B. were

C. has

D. have

10. A. enter

B. entering

C. entered

D. he entered

11; Complete the passage with suitable words in the box. (2 m)

Twenty years ago, few people (1) ________ that computers were about to become part of our daily lives. This short period (2) ________ time has seen (3) _______ changes, in business, education and public administration. Jobs (4) ________ took weeks to complete in the past, are now (5) _______ out in minutes. (6) __________ who spend all day copying (7) ________checking calculations are now freed from these tedious tasks. School children have become as familiar (8) ________ hardware and software as their parents were with pencils exercise books. Some of us may wonder, however, (9) ________ life has (10) _______ improved as a result of these changes.

12: Rewrite the sentences so that it has the same meaning as the sentence printed before it (2ms)

1. They have recycled waste paper into newsprint.

Waste paper____________________________

2. It was too cold and he couldn’t go out.

It was so___________________________

3. He works hard and he will pass the exam.


4. It’s a six hour drive from Hue to Hanoi.

It takes________________________

5. She couldn’t get to work because of the heavy snow.


6. John lives in a small flat and he doesn’t like it.

John wishes___________________

7. "You'd better do morning exercise, Minh", said I.

I advised_________________

8. People know that they built this house 100 years ago.

This house__________________

9. No one has seen Hoa since her birthday.

The last time Hoa___________________

10. The boys prefer playing soccer to staying indoors.

The boys would rather________________

13: Write a complete letter from the given words and phrases (make changes and additions if necessary) (2m).

Dear Minh,

1) Thank you/ much/ invitation/ spend/ this weekend/ you/ family/ new apartment .

2) I love/ come/ unfortunately/ I / be unable/ accept.

3) My cousin/ live/ Ho Chi Minh City/ going/ stay/ us/ December 1st/ this Friday.

4) Because/ first visit/ Ha Noi/ we plan/ show him round.

5) We like/ take him/ visit/ Van Mieu/ Ba Dinh square.

6) We also/ go / Ho Tay Lake/ Long Bien bridge/ if/ have time.

7) It be possible/ visit you/ following weekend?

8) I/ be / you/ few days/ after/ cousin/ go back/ Ho Chi Minh City.

9) Please tell/ following weekend/ be convenient.

10) I look forward/ see you/ all again.



14: Write a paragraph about 120-150 words on the following topic: (2,0 ms)


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