Đề thi TOEFL tháng 01 năm 2001

Đề thi TOEFL mẫu có đáp án

Đề thi TOEFL tháng 01 năm 2001 là tài liệu ôn thi TOEFL hay, giúp các bạn hệ thống lại kiến thức của mình, và sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi TOEFL sắp tới. Mời các bạn tham khảo.

Đề thi TOEFL tháng 01 năm 2001

Section One: Listening Comprehension

1. (A) He can have more than four guests at his graduation.
(B) His brother isn’t going to graduate this semester.
(C) He didn’t know that Jane wanted to be invited.
(D) He’s going to invite Jane.

2. (A) Listen to the traffic report on the radio
(B) Take a later train.
(C) Ron to catch the next train.
(D) Check the weekend schedule.

3. (A) Pelivet the notebook to Kathy.
(B) Pind out where Kathy put the notebook.
(C) Ask Kathy to explain the chemistry notes.
(D) Ask Kathy for the man’s notebook.

4. (A) The walk is shorter than the woman thinks it is.
(B) The lecture has already started.
(C) They won’t have a problem getting seats.
(D) The lecture may be canceled.

5. (A) The woman should have studied French in Paris.
(B) He didn’t study French in high school.
(C) Living in Paris helped improve the woman’s language skills.
(D) The woman must have had a good French teacher.

6. (A) Apologize to his roommate.
(B) Give the notes to the woman.
(C) Call the woman tonight.
(D) Take the woman’s notes to his roommate.

7. (A) She doesn’t have time to talk to Dr. Foster.
(B) She needs the additional time to finish her paper.
(C) Dr. Foster hasn’t finished grading the papers.
(D) She wants the man to help her with her paper.

8. (A) Phone the Cliffside Inn for a reservation.
(B) Ask her parents to come a different weekend.
(C) Call local hotels again in a few days.
(D) Find a hotel again in a few days.

9. (A) Main her some information about the conference.
(B) Drive her to the conference.
(C) Attend the conference in her place.
(D) Collect her main while she’s at the conference.

10. (A) The man should stop by the bookstore on the way to class.
(B) The man can return the books he doesn’t need.
(C) The man should have bought his books earlier.
(D) The man won’t need books on the first day of class.

11. (A) Help the man with his essay.
(B) Ask Sue to rehearse with her.
(C) Wait to rehearse until the man has finished his essay.
(D) Meinerize her lines by herself. 2

12. (A) Show her the newspaper that he’s talking about.
(B) Think about getting an internship at another place.
(C) Sign up for more than one journalism class.
(D) Call The Times about the internship.

13. (A)He isn’t as good a tennis player as he used to be.
(B) He hasn’t had time to play tennis recently.
(C) He caught a cold shortly after the tournament.
(D) He think he’s more important than he is.

14. (A)He’ll graduate before the woman.
(B) He hopes to graduate before the summer.
(C) He doesn’t want to attend school year-round.
(D) The woman won’t be able to keep up the pace.

15. (A) It’s too late to buy the morning newspaper.
(B) He doesn’t want to go to the concert.
(C) The box office is closed today.
(D) All of the tickets have been sold.

16. (A) The woman swims as well as he does.
(B) He doesn’t have time to teach the woman to swim.
(C) He doesn’t enjoy swimming.
(D) He learned to swim at a young age.

17. (A) She has already started working on her research project.
(B) She can’t decide on a research topic.
(C) She’d like to discuss her research with the man.
(D) She has to change the subject of her research.

18. (A) Introduce the woman to his neighbor.
(B) Get a key from his neighbor.
(C) Study in his neighbor’s apartment.
(D) Borrow some books from his neighbor.

19. (A) The man shouldn’t hire the same tutor that she had.
(B) She isn’t prepared for the midterm exam either.
(C) It’s too late to find a tutor.
(D) The man should hire a tutor before the midterm exam

20. (A) Stay in the hotel for at least two nights.
(B) Leave the hotel the next morning.
(C) Ask the hotel clerk for her room key.
(D) Complain to the manager about the extra charges.

21. (A) He doesn’t recommend going to Central Mountain.
(B) He doesn’t plan to go skiing during spring break.
(C) He has never been to Central Mountain.
(D) He isn’t an experienced skier.

22. (A) She knows who the top history student is.
(B) She hasn’t read the campus newspaper today.
(C) The man is mistaken.
(D) It’s surprising that her roommate likes history.

23. (A) He’s not qualified to proofread the woman’s report.
(B) He’ll be able to talk to the woman in a few minutes.
(C) He hadn’t noticed a lot of the woman’s mistakes.
(D) He thinks the woman should have asked him sooner.

24. (A) Practice her presentation in front of him.
(B) Find out who her audience will be tomorrow.
(C) Try not to think about her audience.
(D) Watch him make his presentation.

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