Đề ôn thi vào lớp 10 chuyên Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 22

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NĂM HỌC 2019 - 2020
Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.
Choose A, B, C or D which shows the best option to complete each sentence.
6. In the town there is a speed_______ of 30 miles an hour.
A.control B. allowance C. condition D. limit
7. She gave him some money, just enough to buy a_______ of cigarettes.
A.bundle B. packet C. parcel D. case
8. As we can wait no longer for the delivery of your order, we have to______it.
A.postpone B. refuse C. delay D. cancel
9.Some people are_______ interested in animals than in other people.
A.further B. far more C. much D. most
10.Those who completed the race were greeted_____handshakes and kisses.
A.in B. to C. with D.from
11.The smell of floor polish still brings_______ memories of my old school.
A.up B. on C. back D. over
12.Youths have to______ military service in our country.
A.do B. make C.join D. attend
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13.At the end of the winter, the price of winter clothes in the shops usually______.
A.lowers B. drops C. falls D. reduces
14.We should use______ time we have available to discuss his proposal.
A.the little of B. the little C. the few D. little
15.Their neighbour was very______ when they complained about the noise.
A.irritable B. provocative C. aggressive D. annoying
Read the following text and choose the correct answer to each question.
Mickey Mouse was not Walt Disney’s first successful cartoon creation, but he is certainly
his most famous one. It is on a cross-country train trip from New York to California in
1927 that Disney first drew the mouse with the big ears. Supposedly, he took his
inspiration from the tame field mice that used to scamper into his old studio in Kansas
City. No one is quite sure why he dressed the mouse in the now-familiar shorts with two
buttons and gave him the yellow shoes. But we do know that Disney had intended to call
him Mortimer until his wife Lillian intervened and christened him Mickey Mouse.
Capitalizing on the interest in Charles Lindbergh, Disney planned Mickey’s debut in the
short cartoon Plane Crazy, with Minnie as a co-star. In the third short cartoon Steamboat
Willie, Mickey was whistling and singing through the miracle of the modem soundtrack.
By the 1930s Mickey’s image had circled the globe. He was a superstar at the height of his
Although he has received a few minor changes throughout his lifetime, most notably the
addition of white gloves and the round forms of a more childish body, he has remained
true to his nature since those first cartoons. Mickey is appealing because he is nice. He
may get into trouble, but he takes it on the chin with a grin. He is both good-natured and
resourceful. Perhaps that was Disney’s own image of himself. Why else would he have
insisted on doing Mickey’s voice in all the cartoons for twenty years? When interviewed,
he would say. “There is a lot of the mouse in me.” And that mouse has remained one of
the most pervasive images in American popular culture.
16.With what topic is the passage primarily concerned?
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A.The image of Mickey Mouse
B. The life of Walt Disney
C.The history of cartoons
D.The definition of American culture
17.What distinguished Steamboat Willie from earlier cartoons?
A.Better color B.A soundtrack
C.Minnie Mouse as co-star D.The longer format
18.The first image of Mickey Mouse is described as all of the following
EXCEPT________ .
A.He was dressed in shorts with two buttons. B.He had big ears.
C.He wore yellow shoes. D.He was using white gloves
19.The word “pervasive” in the last line could best be replaced by .
A.well loved B.widespread C.often copied D.expensive to buy
20.The paragraph following the passage most probably discusses__________ .
A.the history of cartoons B.other images in popular culture
C.Walt Disney’s childhood D.the voices of cartoons characters
Fill each numbered blank with the correct word or phrase from the list
as a result of attitude broadcast as
confident current glance himself
observe occupation piles reveal
themselves unconcerned types without
People communicate by means of the clothes they wear, just (21)________ they
communicate by speaking or writing. A person’s clothes may tell others who he is, what
he is like, how he feels, and what he would like to be.

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