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Choose the right word to fill in each of the following blank.
1. You and Nam ate all of the ice cream by _______.
2. What is _______ phone number?
3. Where are _______ friends now?
4. Here is a postcard from _______ friend Peggy.
5. She lives in Australia now with _______ family.
6. _______ company builds ships.
7. _______ children go to school in Newcastle.
8. Nam and Ba painted the house by _______.
9. The exam _______ wasn't difficult, but exam room was horrible.
10. Never mind. I and Nam will do it _______.
11. You _______ asked us to do it.
12. They recommend this book even though they have never read it _______.
13. I can't complete _______ my assignment because I don't have the textbook.
14. We go to school ________.
15. I and you kiss_______.
16. They look at______.
17. Everyone need to support _______.
18. Does _____ know that _____ was absent?
19. Please tell _____ that _____ have obtained a degree in Chemistry.
20. I remember that _____ bought the fruits from _____.
Choose the right word to fill in each of the following blank.
1. Be sure that everyone brings ______ own book.
2. If anyone calls, tell ________ that I'll be back in half an hour.
3. Joe and ______ have been close friends for many years.
4. Did you see Derek and ______ husband at the game?
5. Between you and _______, this politician cannot be trusted.
6. Each person in the room turned _____ head to the front when the teacher entered.
7. Please don't tell ______ about _____ .
8. John: Could you please give me _______ record on the table over there?
9. Mike: Do you want _______ record here?
10. John: Yes, _______ record.
10. John: Yes, _______ record.
11. Mike: Here you are. Oh, could you give me _______ pens on the table over there?
12. _______ are my books on the table.
13. _______ is my house over there.
14. We often ______ travel to school on foot.
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