Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6: The young pioneers club Số 2 có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6 có đáp án

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6: The young pioneers club Số 2 có đáp án. Chỉ với thao tác download đơn giản là các em học sinh đã có ngay Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6 để ôn tập, củng cố kiến thức thật hiệu quả các kỳ kiểm tra, thi. Bao gồm những bài tập hay, chất lượng, bài tập tiếng anh 8 sẽ giúp các em nhanh chóng nắm được đặc điểm, cách vận dụng các điểm ngữ pháp, từ vựng của Unit 6.

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Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6: The young pioneers club Số 1 có đáp án

I. Choose the word that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. a. character

b. act

c. land

d. similar

2. a. fitness

b. differ

c. establish

d. tidy

3. a. voluntary

b. along

c. support

d. organization

4. a. Resource


c. course

d. encourage

5. a. Hobbies

b. bags

c. groups

d. organizations

II. Choose the word or phrase that best completes each unfinished sentence below or substitutes for the underlined word or phrase.

6.____away on holiday next week. Can we meet the week after?

a. am b. going to be c. will d. was

7.The sun_____ at 5.16 tomorrow.

a. rise b. rises c. is rising d. is going to rise

8. I actually enjoy _____ shoes. It's relaxing!

a. clean b. cleans c. to clean d. cleaning

9. The news ______ as a shock to many of the people present.

a. come b. may come c. are coming d. will comes

10. This charity aims to help people _____ themselves.

a. help b. helping c. on helping d. for helping

11. We got _____ in the woods.

a. lot b. lost c. loss d. lose

12. The _____ is to increase sales in Europe.

a. aim b. aid c. arm d. ace

13. I like _____ activities such as walking and camping.

a. outdoor b. indoor c. outside d. inside

14. She gave me a form and told me to _____ .

a. fill it b. fill it out c. fill out it d. fill in it

15. Two years_____ , an American businessman got lost in London.

a. lately b. later c. latter d. late

III. Choose the words or phrases that are not correct in Standard English.

Bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 6 có đáp án

IV. Choose the word (a, b, c, or d) that best fits each of the blank spaces.

Mom: Sun, you look very (21)_____today. Anything interesting (22)___school?

Sun: Yes, Mom. I'm going to (23) _____ the Green Club.

Mom: Really? What will you do?

Sun: We are having an (24) ____ month. And, we're going to clean the banks of the lakes (25) _____ weekends.

Mom: Will you do anything else?

Sun: Oh, yes. We're planting young trees and plants to sell to some schools. We hope (26) _____ more green color to the town and earn some money for our club.

Mom: That sounds excellent.

21. a. unhappily

b. happily

c. unhappy

d. happy

22. a. in

b. at

c. on

d. with

23. a. participate

b. join

c. take part

d. all are correct

24. a. environment

b. camp

c. organization

d. program

25. a. when

b. in

c. on

d. all are correct

26. a. give

b. to give

c. giving

d. to giving

'Activation!' is a charity. Its main aim is to provide activity breaks for teenagers from poor families in London. We choose children who would never have a holiday unless we helped. Every year we organize charity events to raise money and we bring small groups of children here to the seaside, where they can learn to swim and to sail.

Host families provide accommodation and look after the teenagers during their stay.

charity (n); tổ chức từ thiện break (n) : kì nghỉ

unless (conj) : trừ khi host (n) : chủ

accommodation (n) : chỗ ở

27. What is 'Activation!'?

a. An organization b. A charity c. A volunteer d. a & b are correct

28. The children who take part in the program are ______

a. rich b. poor c. sociable d. hard-working

29. How can they raise money?

a. By organizing charity events.

b. By bringing small groups of children to the seaside.

c. By teaching children to swim.

d. no information

30. What does the word 'they' in line 5 refer to?

a. families b. events c. children d. activities

31. Which of the following is true?

a. Teenagers from rich families in London can join the program.

b. The children must learn to swim and to sail.

c. 'Activation!' provides accommodation for the children.

d. Host families take care of the children during their stay.

Đáp án bài tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 unit 6 TEST 2

I. 1d





H. 6a










III. 16a





IV. 21d






V. 27d





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