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Bài viết: Tại sao nhiều loài động vật đang bị đe dọa bằng tiếng anh

Tại sao nhiều loài động vật đang bị đe dọa? (Bài viết tiếng anh khoảng 100 chữ)

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  • Bánh Tét
    Bánh Tét

    As you know, animals play an important part in our environment. They help maintain the biodiversity in nature. Today many animal species are in danger of extinction. In this essay, I will discuss some measures to protect endangered animals. Firstly, governments can set up some organizations to advocate the important of saving the species of animals and plants. Also, many reserves should be built in order to protect the endangered species. Secondly, deforestation must be banned. Thirdly, we should educate people from a young age about the importance of wild animals in maintaining the ecosystem and biodiversity. In addition, young people should be educated on ways to protect our environment, such as taking out the garbage correctly, caring for animals, and planting trees. In conclusion, I think there are many measures to protect endangered animals and each of us has the responsibility to protect and save endangered species before it is too late.

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    • dnkd ♡
      dnkd ♡

      The huge amount of wildlife on the planet suddenly disappears, a big, complex issue that each country is confronted with. However, everything we do is very important. You can only do a few of the big things but enough to save the wildlife at risk of extinction. Currently, about 10-15 million species live on our planet. All living things are part of a complex, balanced network called the biosphere. In contrast, the biosphere of the earth is made up of numerous ecosystems, including plant and animal species, their natural habitats Currently, about 1,556 species are identified as endangered or near-extinct and need to be protected. The extinction of wildlife is not solely due to the loss of habitat, but directly to the human hand. Hunting and trapping practices have reduced the number of wildlife to rapid rates. Large numbers of wildlife such as elephants and rhinoceros are hunted to such an extent that they are no longer present in the world. If these illegal hunting activities continue, someday there will be no elephants, rhinoceros or turtles.

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