Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh chuyên năm 2020 - 2021

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I. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the
01. A. germ B. regular C. category D. pagoda
02. A. buses B. speeches C. noses D. leaves
03. A. income B. campus C. century D. comic
04. A. now B. know C. flow D. row
05. A. deny B. poetry C. hobby D. primary
II. Complete each of the following sentences by choosing the best option A, B, C or D.
01. Please accept my warmest______ on your engagement.
A. congratulated B. congratulations C. congratulating D. congratulate
02. Hoa: “We are going on a trip to Ha Long Bay next week!”
Nam: “Really? ______!”
A. Have a good time B. It's your pleasure C. Take your time D. Good job
03. A few days ago, Tom's car______ by one of the teenagers in his neighborhood.
A. was stealing B. was stolen C. has been stolen D. was stole
04. Are you interested______ pop music?
A. on B. in C. of D. with
05. The music at the party yesterday was very loud and______ from far away.
A. could hear B. can be heard C. could be heard D. can hear
06. If only I______ how to operate a computer as you do!
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A. would know B. knew C. known D. should know
07. His parents wouldn't let him marry anyone______ family was poor.
A. of whom B. of whose C. whom D. whose
08. Jeff wanted to know______.
A. why were his friends laughing B. that why were his friends laughing
C. why his friends were laughing D. the reason why his friends laughing
09. Peter: “How many______ can you speak?”
John: “Only Arabic and English.”
A. conversations B. speeches C. communications D. languages
10. You're going to study abroad, ______?
A. aren't you B. do you C. are you D. don't you
11. He came to the party ______ he hadn't been invited.
A. even B. despite C. although D. in spite of
12. Mr. Hawk told me that he would give me his answer the______ day.
A. following B. after C. before D. last
13. The Internet also has______. It is not only time-consuming and costly but also
A. advantages B. limitations C. purposes D. benefits
14. If we______ hard, we will make this beach a clean and______ place again.
A. works/ beautiful B. work/ beautiful C. works/ beautifully D. work/
15. An: “Let's go to the new movie down town.”
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
Nam: “Thanks, but I______ it already.”
A. ever seen B. had seen C. saw D. have seen
16. It really annoys me when people forget______ "Thank you".
A. said B. to saying C. to say D. saying
17. Most of the children in my village enjoy______ in the afternoon.
A. playing the football B. to play football C. to play the football D. playing
18. "I think I've lost my new pen. I've______ it everywhere but I can't find it anywhere."
A. looked after B. turned on C. looked for D. turned off
19. We have lived in this town______ 1998.
A. in B. ago C. since D. for
20. Vietnam, ______ is in the south-east Asia, exports rice.
A. that B. who C. which D. whom
21. Did she______ to be your next door neighbor?
A. use B. used C. uses D. using
22. Everyone wears a uniform and so______.
A. are you B. you are C. you do D. do you
23. Everyone was exhausted and hungry, ______ they sat down under the tree and had a
A. so B. so that C. since D. because of
24. Peter: “Do you mind if I take a seat?”
Mary: “______.”

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