Đề ôn thi học sinh giỏi lớp 8 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2019 - 2020 số 10

Thư vin Đ thi - Trc nghim - Tài liu hc tp min phí
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ĐỀ ÔN THI HSG LỚP 8 NĂM 2019 - 2020 ĐÁP ÁN
I/ Choose and write in your answer sheet the word whose underlined part is pronounced
differently from the rest of the group.
1. A. places B. faces C. horses D. houses
2. A. brochure B. character C. Christmas D. Chemistry
II/ Choose and write in your answer sheet the word whose stress pattern is different from
the rest of the group.
3. A. mausoleum B. characterize C. categorize D. dictionary
4. A. convenient B. communicate C. imprison D. integral
5. A. decision B. management C. assistant D. redundant
I. Choose the most suitable word or phrase to complete each sentence.
6. Before________ evidence you must swear___________ the truth.
A. giving/ to speak B. giving/ to be spoken
C. to give/ to speak D. giving/ speaking
7. Some students set confused_________ having to suffer long and hard years before they attain
any level of success.
A. with B. in C. about D. of
Thư vin Đ thi - Trc nghim - Tài liu hc tp mi n phí
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8. With the availability of the Internet, we are able to get________ to much more information
than people of yesteryears.
A. excess B. access C. assess D. incest
9. If you put your trust________ me, I’ll not let you_________
A. in / on B. on / off C. in / down D. to/down
10. ....................... leaves last should turn off the lights.
A. The person B. Who C. Anyone D. Whoever
II. Use the verbs in brackets in the correct tense or form
11-12. We are going (have) our house (repaint) next month.
13-14. After (stop) by the police, the man admitted (steal) the car but denied driving at
100 miles an hour.
15. During the trip, try to avoid (bite) by mosquitoes.
16. Can I help you?” - “No, thanks. I (just look)!”
17. “Do you like the frog’s legs?” _ (Never, try) them, I don’t really know.
18. Can you tell me when the train for Ho Chi Minh City (leave)? - At 8 every morning.
19. I’ve decided what to do about my financial problems. I (sell) my car and buy a bike.
20. Ninety percent of earthquakes occur around the Pacific Rim, which ( know) as the “Ring
of Fire”.
III. The following passage contains 10 errors. Find and correct them
It is a custom in Britain and in most European country to celebrate
a person's birhday. Members of the family and close friends are
supposed being present at the party. If they couldn't come they
may send a gift by post. At the birthday party, the person which
Thư vin Đ thi - Trc nghim - Tài liu hc tp mi n phí
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gives birthday party opens all the gifts in front of all the people
present and thank him for the gifts. The mother usually made a
birthday cake, or if she can't, she may order one from a cake-shop.
A number of candles are placing on top of the cake and would be
lighted when the party starts. The number of the candles is also the
old of that person. After the light is off they all sing a song
"Haappy birthday to you..." Then they play any games or sing or
dance together.
Ex : 0: country -> countries
III. Supply the correct form of the word in capital letters.
31. The villages in the mountains are quite_________ during winter. (ACCESS)
32. The inquiry decided that the police were not entirely______. (BLAME)
33. How do you like my latest________ for my stamp collection? (ACQUIRE)
34. The minister gave_______ answers to the interviewer’s questions. (EVADE)
35. The two prisoners are to be__________ next month. (TRIAL)
36. The government’s________approach has brought criticism. (COMPROMISE)
37. You look rather_________ . Are you worried about something? (OCCUPY)
38. Some of the photographers said they saw man- like .............. get out of the saucers.
39. Don’t worry about the volcano. It’s been ________ for years. (ACT)
40. Saving energy means reducing _______ bills. (HOUSE)
I. Read the following passage and then choose the most suitable word for each space.

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