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I. Choose the best answer:
1. He________ watch TV in the evening.
A. often doesn't B. don't often C. doesn't often D. often doesn't
2. I like________ tennis but I wouldn't like________ with her. She's such a bad loser.
A. to play/ to play B. playing/ to play C. playing/ playing D. to play/ playing
3. While he was painting the ceiling, he________ down.
A. falls B. was falling C. fell D. fallen
4. Let me drive now. You________ since early morning.
A. drove B. have drove C. was driving D. you have been driving
5. Are you used________ with chopsticks?
A. to eating B. to ate C. to eat D. eating
6. A shop which sells books is a________.
A. newsagent's B. stationer's C. library D. bookshop
7. I'm afraid of________ home alone at night.
A. to stay at B. stay at C. staying at D. staying
8. May I watch the game________ we are having lunch?
A. while B. during C. between D. just
9. She couldn't reach the phone because she________ a bath.
A. had B. had been having C. was having D. is having
10. It is 10 p.m, she________ for nearly four hours.
A. is studying B. was studying C. studies D. has been studying
11. The thing I hate most about________ is the boredom.
A. employ B. unemloyed C. employment D. being unemployed
12. In developed countries unemployed people can get________.
A. employment B. benefit C. employment benefit D. unemployment benefit
13. Her________ include swimming and reading.
A. interesting B. interests C. interested D. interest
14. Ask him________ in. Don't keep him standing at the door.
A. to come B. come C. coming D. came
15. ________ you work hard, you'll fail the exam.
A. If B. While C. Because D. Unless
16. Forests will disappear________ we stop cutting down trees.
A. unless B. if C. when D. whole
17. I found it________ to learn English by myself.
A. easy not B. not easy C. easily D. more easily
18. The electricity failed while she________ our dinner.
A. is cooking B. has cooked C. was cooking D. has been cooked
19. The police must try to catch those men who________ dangerously.
A. drive B. drove C. is driving D. drives
20. If I ....... you, I would forget to buy that car.
A. am B. have been C. was D. were
21. How much is it. - ________________.
A. It's cost $ 10 B. They are $ 10 C. This is $ 10 D. It's $ 10
22. There is________ water in the cup.
A. many B. few C. a few D. much
23. I rang the bell but there was________ at home.
A. someone B. anyone C. no one D. everyone
24. They made her work harder.
A. She was made to work harder. B. She was made work harder.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, n bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
C. She was made working harder. D. She is made to work harder.
25. It started to rain at 2 o'clock and it is still raining.
A. It has been raining at 2 o'clock. B. It has been raining since 2 o'clock.
C. It has been raining for 2 o'clock. D. It has been raining in 2 o'clock.
26. They don't use this room very often.
A. This room is very often used. B. This room isn't very often used.
C. This room is used not very often. D. This room isn't used very often.
27. They needn't finish their work tonight.
A. Their work isn't need to finish tonight. B. Their work needn't to be finished tonight.
C. Their work needn't be finished tonight. D. Their work isn't needn't to finish tonight.
28. ________ her recently?
A. Have you saw B. Have you seen. C. Did you see D. Do you see
29. I only had a day to visit all the tourist________ there.
A. attractions B. attracts C. attractive D. attractively
30. He failed the exam________ he was lazy.
A. unless B. if C. because D. while
31. We visited the coastal villages which________ by the storm.
A. destroy B. destroying C. destroyed D. were destroyed
32. ________? - Thirty pounds.
A. What you want for that B. How much is it
C. How much it costs D. What the price
33. I'm afraid of living________ my own in a big city.
A. in B. for C. by D. on
34. He always complains________ his lazy students.
A. on B. about C. of D. with
35. In the big cities, we have to put up with________ and bad air.
A. overcrowding B. overcrowd C. crowd D. crowded
36. We shall need to use our brains more and more________ the future.
A. at B. for C. in D. on
37. His friends persuaded him________ smoking.
A. to give up B. giving up C. give up D. gave up
38. Fresh air is of great________ to our health.
A. used B. use C. using D. useful
39. This farm grows rice. This is a________ farm.
A. growing rice B. rice grown C. rice growing D. grown rice
40. Mrs. Lan, ________ children learn very well, teaches us English.
A. whom B. who C. who's D. whose
41. Bob is a________ driver. He always gets an accident.
A. careful B. good C. careless D. carelessly
42. Marconi also loved to do experiments with________.
A. electricity B. electrician C. electrical D. electric
43. Ann is________ than her sister.
A. pretty B. more pretty C. prettier D. prettily
44. He is a very careful worker. He does everything________.
A. care B. careful C. carefully D. carelessly
45. You________ to buy the house unless you save some money.
A. are able B. aren't able C. will be able D. won't be able
II- Read the following passage and choose A, B, C, or D to fill in the gaps:
Wild animals (and wild plants) and the wild places where they live are seriously threatened almost
everywhere. One species has become extinct in each year of this century. But many kinds are now in
danger. Lack of attention would lead to the rapid advance of process of extinction.
Already many kinds of wild animals has been so reduced in number that their role in the ecosystem is
forgotten. Animals like the great apes, the whales, seals etc thought to be in danger of extinction.
VnDoc - Tải tài liệu, n bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
But even more important, perhaps, than individual kinds of animals and plants, whole habitats are in
danger of vanishing: marshes are being drained; and the world forests, especially the tropical forests are
being cut down to satisfy man's need of timber and paper.
46. What would happen to the human beings if the wild life vanished?
A. many species would quickly become extinct.
B. the human life would be seriously threatened.
C. species would go on dying out.
D. tropical forests would be cut down.
47. What is more important than individual kinds of animals and plants?
A. the vanishing of whole habitats.
B. the extinction of many species.
C. the rapid advance of the process of extinction.
D. man's need of timber and paper.
48. What does the writer caution us against?
A. cutting down the tropical forests. B. hunting wild animals.
C. draining mashes. D. destroying our environment.
49. What would happen if we cut down forests? Cutting down forests would cause_______.
A. the changes of temperature B. the flood
C. both A and B are correct D. none are correct
50. "to threaten" in the passage means_______.
A. to pollute B. to give fear to C. to vanish D. to poison
___________THE END____________
I-1.C 2.B 3.C 4.D 5.A 6.D 7.C 8.A 9.C 10.B 11.A 12.D 13.B 14.A
15.D 16.A 17.B 18.C 19.A 20.D 21.D 22.D 23.C 24.A 25.B 26.D 27.C 28.B
29.A 30.C 31.D 32.B 33.D 34.B 35.A 36.C 37.A 38.B 39.C 40.D 41.C 42.A
43.C 44.C 45.D
II- 46.B 47.A 48.D 49.C 50.B
___________THE END____________
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