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1. Reading comprehension

Solar energy, air and water are, usually called (1) ______ resources because there is an unlimited supply of them. However, this definition may change if people are not careful with the (2) ______, of these resources. The quality of solar energy that (3) ______ the earth depends on the atmosphere. If the atmosphere is polluted, the solar energy reaching the earth may be dangerous. If life is about to continue, the air must (4) ______ the appropriate amount of N, O2, CO2 and other gases. If humans continue to pollute the air, it will not contain the correct amount of these gases. Water is also a (5) ______ to take into consideration. Industry is making our water filthy. Therefore, resources must be conserved, the air and water must be protected. Conservation must play important part in life.

1. a. clean b. renewable c. fossil d. solid

2. a. using b. consuming c. supplying d. storing

3. a. catch b. fly c. reach d. run

4. a. contains b. supports c. transports d. releases

5. a. resource b. matter c. reserve d. power

II. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others

6. a. laughed b. washed c. helped d. weighed

7. a. schools b. yards c. labs d. seats

III. Choose the word whose main stress pattern is not the same as that of the others.

8. a. available b. potential c. unlimited d. infinite

9. a. release b. supplies c. nuclear d. convenient

IV. Word form

10. Overharvesting brought North American alligators to ...... in their natural habitats.

A. nearly extinct B. near extinction C. extinct near D. extinction nearly

11. The environmentalists hope ...... the forest to its former condition.

A. to restore B. restoring C. restored D. having restored

V. Vocabulary

12. ...... aren't effective anymore because insects have become resistant to them.

A. Fertilizers B. Pesticides C. Herbicides D. Medicines

13. In some countries environmental organizations have been ...... to inform people and gain their support.

A. made up B. set up C. brought up D. taken up


14. Among us (A) students are many foreigners (B) whose (C) attend language classes at the (D) south campus.

15. Is it right that politicians (A) should make (B) important decisions without consulting (C) the public to who (D) they are accountable?

16. The environment where (A) wild animals are living (B) is now badly (C) destroying.(D)

17. AU nations may have to make (A) fundamental changes in (B) their economic, political, and the technological institutions (C) if they are to preserve (D) the environment.

18. Soon after Mel has finished (A) his thesis, he will leave (B) for Boston, where (C) he has a job waiting on him.(D)

19. Many of the (A) important products obtained (B) from trees, one of the most (C) important is wood pulp, which is used in paper-making.(D)

20. Biochemists have solved (A) many of the mysteries (B) about phonosynthesis, the process which (C) plants make food. (D)



1. When he (arrive)…arrived…., we (have)……were having….dinner.

2. ……Has……..he (already arrive)…already arrived….in Los Angeles?

3. I (not see)…haven’t seen..him for two days.

4. Father …was smoking…..(smoke) his pipe while mother (prepare) …was preparing ……the tea.

5. She (already do) …has already done….the washing up.

6. Look! It (snow)……is snowing……now.

7. She (have)….had…….a motorcycle accident last winter.

8. Last night I (read)……was reading… a book when suddenly I (hear) …heard….. a scream.

9. Carol (already start)……has already started………her new job.

10. Last week my rabbit (run)..ran……..away, and I (not find)….haven’t found it yet.


11. The first boy has just moved. He knows the truth.

The first boy who knows the truth has just moved.

12. I don't remember the man. You said you met him at the canteen last week.

I don't remember the man whom you said you met at the canteen last week.

13. The only thing is how to go home. It make me worried.

The only thing which make me worried is how to go home.

14. The most beautiful girl lives city. I like her long hair very much.

The most beautiful girl, whose long hair I like very much, lives in this city.

15. He was Tom. I met him at the bar yesterday.

The man whom I met at the bar yesterday was Tom.


16. The children looked at the woman with a red hat.

The woman with a red hat was looked at by the children.

17. They have provided the victims with food and clothing.

The victims have been provided with food and clothing.

18. People speak English in almost every corner of the world.

English is spoken in almost every corner of the world.

19. You mustn’t use this machine after 5:30 p.m.

This machine mustn’t be used after 5:30 p.m.

20. After class, one of the students always erases the chalk board.

After class, the chalk board is always erased by one of the students.


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