Đề thi Olympic Tiếng Anh THCS năm học 2018 - 2019 trường THCS Hai Bà Trưng

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I. Choose the word or phrase which best completes each sentence. Circle the letter A, B, C
or D next to the correct word or phrase.
1. …… every industry in our modern world requires the work of engineers.
A. Wholly B. Hardly C. Most D. Virtually
2. Jane had a problem with her finances, so we talked …… and now it's fine.
A. over B. it over C. over it D. over and over
3. When the electricity failed, he a match to find the candles.
A. rubbed B. scratched C. struck D. started
4. I usually buy my clothes …… . It’s cheaper than going to the dressmaker.
A. on the house B. off the peg C. in public D. on the shelf
5. My father …… when he found out that I had damaged his car.
A. hit the roof B. saw pink elephants
C. made my blood boil D. brought the house down
6. According to the captain, his special units can take an immediate action against terrorists
should such a need ........... .
A. arise B. originate C. evoke D. experience
7. We were ........... by the officers' decision to divert the whole traffic from the main route.
A. rambled B. baffled C. stumbled D. shuffled
8. The book says that the revolution was ............. off by the assassination of the state
A. launched B. cropped C. triggered D. prompted
9. The hijackers have demanded a ........... to be paid for releasing the civilian hostages from
the plane.
A. currency B. revenue C. deposit D. ransom
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10. He’s .............................. work and cannot possibly see you now.
A. up to his ears in B. very interested in
C. not involved with D. concerned with
II. Supply the correct form of the word in the bracket to complete the passage.
III. There are 10 mistakes in the passage. Find and correct them.
Children who tell pop music does not interfere with their homework receive support today,
with the discovery that pay attention to visual stimuli and sounds requires completely
different brain pathways which can operate at the same time with your appreciation of either
being damaged. Researchers have founded that listening to car stereos does not create much
interference when you are driving. Similarly, pop music should not interfere to children’s
homework. The affect of pop music on their performance at it is far outweigh by other
factors, such as how happy they are to be doing it. These findings could be applied for the
design of places which people have to take in large amounts of information very quickly.
They could, for example, be relevantly to the layout of pilot cockpits on aircraft.
I. Read the passage and choose the best answer to fill in the blank.
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Scientists believe that they have made a 1) ...... breakthrough in fighting HIV they have
shown what happens when an infection-fighting antibody attacks a 2) ...... in HIV´s 3) ......
defences. Finding a vaccine against HIV has been very difficult because the proteins on the
surface of the virus are continually mutating, but they have shown an antibody, called b12,
attacking a weak spot of the virus where the protein is 4) ...... . The virus is able to 5) ......
rapidly to avoid 6) ...... by the immune system, and is also covered in sugary molecules
which block access by antibodies. 7) ......, certain parts of the virus must remain 8) ......
unchanged so that it can catch hold of and enter human cells. One protein that sticks out
from the surface of the virus and binds to receptors on host cells is one such region, which
makes it a target for vaccine development. Previous analyses of the 9) ...... of people that
have been able to keep HIV from developing into AIDS for long periods of time 10) ......
revealed a 11) ...... group of antibodies including b12 that seem to fight HIV with some
degree of 12) ...... . The latest study showed how the antibody and 13) ...... protein interact.
Scientists hope that revealing the 14) ...... of this bond in such 15) ...... detail will provide
clues about how best to attack HIV.
1. A) majority B) major C) solution D) final
2. A) gap B) space C) line D) shape
3. A) consider B) considerate C) considerably D) considerable
4. A) stable B) instability C) unstable D) stability
5. A) mutation B) mutant C) mutate D) mutating
6. A) detective B) detect C) detecting D) detection
7. A) Though B) However C) Also D) Even though
8. A) relatively B) relative C) relatives D) relation
9. A) bleed B) bleeding C) blood D) bloody
10. A) was B) has C) have D) were
11. A) seldom B) rare C) rarely D) occasional
12. A) succeed B) successful C) successfully D) success

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