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Listen to the recording and fill in the blanks with NO MORE 3 WORDS AND/OR A
1. It will take 37 hours for the new form of transport to travel from London
to .
2. Unlike crowded jets, the Aircruise will allow passengers to travel in .
3.The Aircruise can travel at low altitudes if there is something .
4. Hydrogen fuels the airship and also provides for the people on board.
5. The Hindenburg airship disaster killed people.
6. Scientists are keen to develop transport options which are both and
environmentally friendly.
7. The Aircruise will carry a total of passengers.
8. The luxury features on board include private apartments, a bar and a .
9. Compared to airports, the Aircruise has the potential to land closer to .
10. The concept is getting a lot of attention from a Korean company which
I. Choose the word or phrase that best fits each of the blank spaces.
1. ___________ from John, all the students said they would go.
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A. Except
B. Only
C. Apart
D. Separate
2. If you work for us, you’ll get somewhere to live _____ free.
A. for
B. at
C. out
D. of
3. The new manager explained to the staff that she hoped to _____ new procedures to save
time and money.
B. establish
C. control
D. restore
4. They took pride _______ being the best players of the school.
A. in
B. with
C. on
D. for
5. She’d prefer to go out ________ home.
A. than to stay
B. than staying
C. rather than staying
D. rather than stay
6. They received _______ advice from their parents that they became successful.
A. so good
B. such a good
C. so good an
D. such good
7. Have you got a car ________ ?
A. of your own
B. of yourself
C. of you
D. of your
8. There is a fault at our television station. Please do not ______ your television set.
A. change
B. adjust
C. repair
D. switch
9. If you want to attend the course, you must pass the ................... examination.
A. write
B. written
C. wrote
D. writing
10. Either Peter and his brothers _______ the keys to the car.
A. has been taken
B. has taken
C. have taken
D. have been taken
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11. We can tell you that we often have a friendly _______ in our class.
A. atmosphere
B. air
C. matter
D. impression
12. These clothes are fashionable and _______ . Do you agree with me?
A. only
B. merely
C. unique
D. uniquely
13. He _______ to have a very big fortune and a beautiful wife.
A. rumors
B. rumored
C. has rumored
D. was rumored
14. Did you use to do a _______ when you were at the university.
A. full-time job
B. part-time
C. full-time
D. part-time job
15. My house is just _______ . I live in the nearby neighborhood.
A. near here
B. near to
C. near by
D. near from
II. Complete the passage below using the correct forms of the words in brackets.
People are becoming more security conscious these days. Crimes like burglary and
(1.THIEF)_________ are definitely on the increase. One of the most (2. PAIN) _________
experiences a home (3.OWN) _________ can have is to arrive home and find that his or her
(4. VALUE) _________ have disappeared, because a window had (5. ACCIDENT)
_________been left open. What can we do to protect ourselves? The most important piece
of (6. ADVISORY) _________ is to make sure that your (7. INSURE)________ coverage
is up to date. Another (8. SENSE) ________ thing to do is to go along to your local police
station, where they will be more than willing to make (9. SUGGEST) _________ on (10.
RELY)_________ ways of safeguarding your property.
III. Identify the errors in the following sentences and correct them.
1/ We won't mind your (A) being late (B) beside, it's (C) hardly your (D) mistake.

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