Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh trường THPT Quốc học Huế năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án

Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh có đáp án

Đề thi thử vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh trường THPT Quốc học Huế năm học 2016 - 2017 có đáp án dành cho học sinh lớp 9 đang chuẩn bị thi tuyển sinh vào lớp 10, giúp các em tự luyện, phát triển tư duy, năng khiếu môn Tiếng Anh của mình trong kì thi. Chúc các bạn đạt được điểm cao trong kì thi này nhé.

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PHÒNG GD&ĐT Tỉnh Thừa Thiên Huế

ĐỀ THI THỬ VÀO LỚP 10 Quốc Học Huế THPT NĂM HỌC 2016-2017


Thời gian 60 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề

Part A: Multiple choice (8 points)

I/ Choose the word in each group that has the underlined part pronounced differently from the others.

1. A. stays B. plays C. says D. days

2. A. plumber B. website C. public D. label

II/ Choose the word in each group that has different stress pattern from the others.

1. A. garden

B. beauty

C. standard

D. ago

2. A. access

3. A. computer

B. amount

B memory

C. purpose

C. serious

D. campus

D. special

III/ Choose the best word or phrase to complete the following sentences.

6. I ______ stamps since 2008.

A. have collect

B. am collecting

C. has collected

D. have collected

7. She suggests ______ garbage bins around the school yard.

A. puting

B. to put

C. putting

D. to putting

8. I will lend you my bike if you ______ it back before Friday.

A. bring

B. brought

C. will bring

D. were bringing

9. Ann is too busy these days. She has ______ free time to talk to you.

A. a little

B. little

C. few

D. a few

10. He will be in Singapore from Monday ______ Thursday.

A. on

B. to

C. and

D. in

11. He spoke _________ in order to make them ______ to understand.

A. slow/easily

B. slowly/ easily

C. slowly/easy

D. slow/ easy

12. The police must try to catch the men most of ______ drive dangerously.

A. which

B. who

C. whom

D. where

13. He grew up very quickly and soon he was ______ his brother.

A. more heavier

B. so heavy than

C. too heavy than

D. as heavy as

14. These students often come to see their friends on Sunday, ______?

A. do these

B. are they

C. don’t they

D.don’t students

15. The Smiths are not responsible parents. They don't ______ their children very well.

A. look after

B. take after

C. take care of

D. both A and C

16. She asked me if I ________ to school by bicycle every day.

A. am going B. to go C. was going D. went

17. All the houses in the area _________ immediately.

A. need to rebuild B. need to be rebuilt C. needs rebuilding D. both B and C

18. Nga is hungry ______ she hasn't eaten all day.

A. though

B. or

C. so

D. because

19. _______ the bad weather, the soccer match was not cancelled.

A. because

B. despite

C. because of

D. though

20. Mr. Pike: "John, you've written a much better essay this time." - John: "______"

A. Writing? Why? B.Thank you. It's really encouraging.

C.You're welcome. D. Forget it.

V/ Choose the word that best fits the blank in the following passage.

It's important (26) ________ well, especially when you're students. If you are at (27)_________, you may go home for lunch, and have a cooked meal of (28)__________or fish and vegetables. Or perhaps you take some food with you to school, and eat it in the lunch (29) _____. A chicken and lettuce sandwich, with some fresh (30) __________, would be a light but healthy lunch. Many people around the world eat plain, (31)___________rice two or three times a day. Pupils and (32) ______ often don't eat well when they're (33) ______for an exam - they eat chocolate and drink lots of black coffee! And by the way, doctors say everybody should start the day with a healthy (34) _________. It's also good for you to drink a lot of water right through the day.

26. A. eats

B. to eat

C. eating

D. have eaten

27. A. school

B. primary

C. office

D. class

28. A. cheese

B. meat

C. fruit

D. seafood


B. classroom

C. lesson

D. break

30. A. lemons

B. fruit

C. chicken

D. peas

31. A. boiled

B. baked

C. grilled

D. roast

32. A. teachers

B. professors

C. students

D. boys


B. reading

C. learn

D. revising

34. A. dinner

B. breakfast

C. lunch

D. supper

VI/ Read the following passage then answer the questions.

Litter on Mount Everest

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. It is also the highest trash pile in the world. About 400 people try to reach the top every year. Having many climbers means a lot of trash.

It is very dangerous to climb Mt. Everest. The air is very thin and cold. Most people carry bottles of oxygen; they could die without it. When the oxygen bottles are empty, people throw them on the ground. When strong winds rip their tents, people leave them behind. They don't have the energy to take the trash away. They only have enough energy to go down the mountain safely.

Trash is a terrible problem. Since people first began to climb Mt. Everest, they have left 50,000 kilos of trash on the mountain. Several groups have climbed the mountain just to pick up the trash. When people plan to climb the mountain, they have to plan to take away their trash.

35. What is the main topic of the passage?

A. Wind on the mountain

B. A problem with trash

C. A dangerous mountain

D. Climbing safely

36. Where do climbers put their empty oxygen bottles?

A. On the ground B. In trash cans C. On their back D. In their tents

37. Why do climbers leave their trash on the mountain?

A. Special groups will pick it up.

B. The wind will blow it away.

C. They don't have the energy to take it away.

D. Other climbers will use it later.

38. How much trash has been left on the mountain?

A. Four hundred kilos B. Four thousand kilos

C. Five thousand kilos D. Fifty thousand kilos

39. Why do climbers on Mount Everest carry bottles of oxygen?

A. The weather is not cold.

B. Climbing makes them tired.

C. The air is very thin.

D. They are thirsty.

40. In line 6, the sentence: "people leave them behind", what does the word them refer to?

A. Tents B. Oxygen bottles C. Strong winds D. Other climbers

Part B: Writing (2points)

I/ Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exactly the same as the sentence printed before it.

1. "Good morning! How are you today?" she said to me.

-> She ________________________________________________.

2. The servant prepared dinner as soon as we arrived.

->We had______________________________________________

3. Hung studies the best in our class.

-> No one______________________________________________________

4. The accident happened yesterday.

->The accident took _____________________________________________

5. I have many English books. Some of them are very interesting.

-> I have many _____________________________________________.

II/ Write a paragraph of 100- 120 words about the argument that "secondary school students should wear uniforms when they are at school".

------------ THE END ------------

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