Đề thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh sở GD&ĐT Hà Nội năm 2020 số 3

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I. Multiple choice:

Choose the word whose underlined part pronounced differently from that of the others by circling A, B, C, or D:

1. A. volcano

B. make

C. tidal

D. crazy

2. A. visited

B. looked

C. needed

D. persuaded

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from the others by circling A, B, C, or D

3. A. exchange

B. invite

C. economic

D. embroider

4. A. intermediate

B. documentary

C. reputation

D. communicate

Circle the underlined word or phrase (A, B, C or D) that needs correcting

5. The students laughed(A) happy (B) when they saw (C) the monkeys eating (D) bananas.

6. The(A) information I got from the assistant was such (B) confusing that (C) I didn’t know what to do (D).

7. Have you ever(A) considered work (B) as (C) a teacher after graduating (D) from university?

Circle the best option A, B, C or D to complete the sentences:

8. The_________growth rate of Vietnam reached about 8.0% in 2007.

A. economics

B. economically

C. economical

D. economy

9. I came ..................an old friend while I was walking along the street.

A. across

B. into

C. over

D. for

10. Sarah has to stay in bed for a few days _________ she is sick.

A. because

B. and

C. but

D. although

11. Mathew studied Physics _________ England from 2002 to 2006.

A. at

B. about

C. in

D. on

13. It’s very late. We suggest _________ a taxi to get to the airport.

A. catch

B. catching

C. to catch

D. caught

14. Environmental _________ is a serious problem facing mankind today.

A. pollute

B. polluted

C. pollution

D. polluting

15. Your brother passed the final exam, _________?

A. does he

B. doesn’t he

C. did he

D. didn’t he

16. Jennifer Aniston, _________ is perhaps best known for her role in “Friends”, has also appeared in several major films.

A. that

B. who

C. whom

D. which

Mark the letter to indicate the most suitable response

17. Daughter: “Dad! I have just won the first prize in the Olympic English Contest.”

Father: “__________________”

A. Congratulations!

B. That’s a good idea.

C. Thank you.

D. I’d love to.

18. Peter: “Don’t fail to send your parents my regards.”

Susan: “_____.”

A. You’re welcome.

B. Thanks, I will.

C. Good ideas, thanks

D. It’s my pleasure.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

19. He was asked to account for his presence at the scene of crime.

A. complain

B. exchange

C. explain

D. arrange

20. The teacher gave some suggestions on what could come out for the examination.

A. effects

B. symptoms

C. hints

D. demonstrations

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

21. The International Organizations are going to be in a temporary way in the country.

A. soak

B. permanent

C. complicated

D. guess

22. She was happy that she could get in touch with a lot of her old friends when she went abroad to study.

A. lose contact with

B. lose control of

C. put in charge of

D. make room for

Read the following passage carefully and choose the best option to fit each space.

Electricity is the most common form of energy used today. (1) _________ the modern world, (2) _________ is instantly available at the touch of a switch. Electricity has numerous uses. The most common use of electricity is to provide artificial lighting. In factories, electricity is used to (3) _________ the electric motor of machines. In offices, electricity is used to light up (4) _________ workplace. It is also used to operate air-conditioners, computers (5) _________ many other machines.

23. A. In

B. Round

C. During

D. From

24. A. Gas

B. water

C. electricity

D. coal

25. A. Driven

B. drive

C. driving

D. drove

26. A. A

B. any

C. the

D. many

27. A. But

B. so

C. because

D. and

Read the text carefully, then choose the most suitable answers.

Smoking causes lung cancer, which is the number one cancer among men. Ninety percent of the people who get lung cancer die. Smoking is also the leading cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer, and throat cancer. Many smokers have heart disease and pneumonia. Smoking causes one million early deaths in the world every year.

Smokers not only harm themselves but also harm others. Smokers breathe smoke out into the air. They breathe it out on their children and their wives or husbands. Children whose parents smoke have more breathing and lung problems than other children. Women who are married to smokers are more likely to have lung cancer than those married to non-smokers.

We are all aware that smoking is bad. So why do people smoke?

28. The number one cancer among men is____________.

A. tongue cancer

B. throat cancer

C. lung cancer

D. mouth cancer

29. The main cause of mouth cancer, tongue cancer and throat cancer is__________.

A. drinking

B. overeating

C. breathing

D. smoking

30. Every year, smoking causes about one million____________.

A. cancer patients

B. killing diseases

C. early deaths

D. injured men

31. The word “it” in the passage refers to____________.

A. cancer

B. smoke

C. air

D. breath

32. Who are more likely to have lung cancer and lung problems?

A. People who live in the city

B. People who live with smokers.

C. People who live with non-smokers.

D. People who live in the country.

II. Writing

Rewrite the following sentences beginning as shown, so that the meaning remains the same.

33. “Can you speak English?” said Peter.

Peter asked me ______________________________________________________

34. If it doesn’t rain, we will go to the cinema this evening.

Unless _____________________________________________________________

35. They will make you pay a fine if they catch you smoking.

You ____________________________________________________________

36. Can you use this computer?

You can________________________________________?

Combine these two sentences into a new one using the given words in brackets.

37. Have you finished the book? I lent you the book two weeks ago. (which)


38. It’s a pity. we do not have a computer. ( wish)

I ___________________________________________________________________

39. Bob didn’t speak Dutch. However, He decided to settle in Amsterdam. (In spite of)


40. The house was too badly damaged in the fire, so it couldn’t be repaired. (too )


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