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ÔN TẬP HKI TIẾNG ANH 9 2017 - 2018
I. Underlined words:
1. A. devoted B. suggested C. provided D. wished
2. A. missed B. wanted C. stopped D. washed
3. A. passed B. watched C. played D. washed
4. A. claimed B. warned C. occurred D. existed
5. A. looked B. missed C. watched D. wanted
6. A. concerned B. received C. attracted D. concealed
7. A. raised B. picked C. laughed D. watched
8. A. books B. clubs C. hats D. stamps
9. A. pens B. books C. laughs D. brackets
10. A. trip B. river C. life D. city
11. A. that B. their C. the D. thank
12. A. idea B. going C. will D. trip
13. A. health B. appear C. ready D. heavy
14. A. great B. meat C. seat D. repeat
15. A. entrance B. paddy C. bamboo D. banyan
16. A. dislike B. design C. music D. light
17. A. know B. so C. go D. now
18. A. where B. who C. what D. why
19. A. the B. there C. think D. this
20. A. chemistry B. kitchen C. watch D. catch
1. A. city B. poem C. advice D. children
2. A. uniform B. assistant C. collection D. proffessor
3. A. person B. enough C. picture D. people
4. A. famous B. father C. lucky D. agree
5. A. cancel B. agree C. deny D. decide
6. A. dentist B. father C. often D. repeat
7. A. thankful B. decide C. picture D. lovely
1. she is__________in her job. (SUCCESS)
2. Have you got any_______________about the exam? (IMFORM)
3. Do you know the_______________of English? (IMPORTANT)
4. He suggested______________to the cinema. (GO)
5. The Internet is a wonderful ______________of modern life. (INVENT)
6. He watched an_______________match on TV. (EXCITE)
7. ______________, Vietnamese women usually wear aodai. (TRADITION)
8. She looks so___________(BEAUTY)
9. The price of _____________has gone up. (ELECTRIC)
10. The boss is ____________ He never helps any one. (KIND)
11. Lam Truong is my___________singer. (FAVOR)
12. She is a good singer. She sings very____________(BEAUTYFUL)
13. Ha Noi is _______________from Kualar Lumpur. (DIFERENCE)
14. Maryan was______________by the beauty of Hanoi. (IMPRESS)
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1. I haven’t got some money to buy that book
2. When he lived in the countrside, he usually goes fishing with his cousin.
3. MRS. Yen is looking forward to see your respond about her advice
4. The picture was painting by Micheal last year
5.He is going to buy a new car, doesn’t he?
6. My sister enjoys read books in her free time
7. My father asked me not to spending too much time playing games.
8. We can save nature resource by using solar ennergy
9. Tam Dao is a mountainuosly areas of Vinh Phuc provine
10. Thank you for looking up the children when I was out
11. My father asked us to pay much attention to English next year.
12. They have known each other in 1983, haven’t they?
13. Nam is tallest student in his class.
14. I think I prefer country life more than city life.
1. Hello. You must be Maryam-__________________
a. That’s all right. Thank b. That’s OK. I must be
c. That’s right. I am d. Oh, yes, very much
2. I have an idea. Let’s go for a swim on unday afternoon.-_________
a. OK. What time b. You’re riding
c. I know d. I’m sure
3. The party will be finish_____________9p.m and 9.30 p.m.
a. among b. at c. between d. from
4. We ___________this computer for over ten years
a. have used b. were using c. used d. are using
5. Traditionally, the ao dai_______________by both men and women
a. frequently wore b. was frequently worn
c. was frequently wearing d. hasfrequently worn
6. Your sister works in a foreign company,__________she?
a. isn’t b. didn’t c. wasn’t d. doesn’t
7. My mother used to _______________us a story.
VnDoc. Tải tài liệu, văn bản pháp luật, biểu mẫu miễn phí
a. tells b. told c. telling d. tell
8. This bicycle____________ten years ago.
a. makes b. made c. is made d. was made
9. Your uncle has been back to the countrside,___________he?
a. doesn’t b. didn’t c. has d. hasn’t
10. All of the teachers wish their student_______________the next exam.
a. passed b. will pass c. pass d. would pass
11. Was your English teacher born ___________1976?
a. on b. in c. at d. since
12. My house ___________ in 1986.
a. is built b. was buiding c. was built d. has been built
13. His house is large and beautiful. It’s ______________house
a. a seven room b. a seven rooms
c. seven room d. seven rooms
14. It’s very hot today. I wish I ___________on the beach noe
a. am b. was c. were d. had been
15. When I lived in the city, he ___________to the theater twice a week.
a. uses to go b. has gone c. used to go d. was going
16. My father asked me _____________too much time playing games
a. not to spending b. did not spend c. not spend d. to not spent
17. We have learnt English_____________2001
a. for b. since c, in d. during
18. I can’t understand the French visitors. I wish I__________French
a. knew b. will know c. know d. had known
19. My sister always_____________up at 5 a.m
a. get b. to get c. gets d. getting
20. My sister is fond ___________eating candy.
a. at b. about c. of d. with
21. My father ____________for the car factory since 1995.
a. worked b. was working c. has worked d. is working
22. I enjoy___________good meals.
a. cooked b. be cook c. cook d. cooking
23. He ___________to Ha noi ten days ago.
a. has gone b. went c. was going d. goes
24. She asked him where he _______________from
a. is b. were c. was d. has been
25. It is impossible for me ___________in all this noise.
a. work b. to work c. working d. worked
26. Lan and her family had a _______________to the countryside.
a. two days trip b. day two trip c. two- day trip d. day trip
1. His brother invited all the students in my class to his party.
all the students in my class .___________________________________
2. How long have you worked as a designer?
When did you____________________________________________?
3. My parents will sell the house in the country.
the house in the country______________________________________

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