Ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 Unit 10 Communication

Revise English 8 Unit 10 Communication

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Stress in words ending in -ity and -itive


– Review: Puture continuous

– V + to intinitive


Communication forms and communication technology


– Reading and talking about communication now and in the future

– Listening to and writing about netiquette and emails


I. Choose a word in each line that has different stress pattern.

1. A. quality

B. additive

C. decisive

D. battery

2. A. repetitive

B. electrical

C. priority

D. energetic

3. A. transitive

B. impressive

C. exciting

D. connection

4. A. holography

B. inexpensive

C. infinitive

D. complexity

5. A. conversational

B. oversensitive

C. communicative

D. personality

II. Complete the words under the pictures with -ity or -itive, then mark the stress syllable in each word.

Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 10

III. Match the means of communication in the box with the pictures.

cell (mobile) phone


fax machine








Tiếng Anh 8 Unit 10

IV. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.











1. I cannot contact her by mobile phone – the network ______is so weak here.

2. We’ll ________an article next week revealing the results of the experiment.

3. For more information about the English courses, please______me at:nguyenanson@gmail.com.

4. We had a video _________yesterday. Mr. Taylors joined us from Australia,and Ms. Young from Canada.

5. Today there are many different ways to communicate _________ , includingsocial networking, Chat, VolP and blogging.

6. The supposed process of communicating through means other than the senses, asthe direct exchange of thoughts is called _________ ,

7. Chat and instant messaging programmes allow you to have _________ withyour friends or just write them a quick note.

8. Twitter lets you ___________ briefmessages (or “tweets”) with the entireworlds or with just your circle of friends.

9. The Internet isn’t just about finding information. It’s about _______ withfriends, family and people you’ve never met before.

10. What’s she________ here? I cannot understand this shorthand.

V. Put the verbs in brackets in Past continuous, Present continuous or Future continuous to complete the sentences.

1. This time tomorrow I (chat)_________ with my cousin in Sydney on Skype.

2. When I (call) ___________ you this morning, mymobile phone was dead.

3. We (have) _____________ a video conference at the moment,

4. People (not send) ____________ snail mail any more in 2040.

5. They (use) __________ signs to communicate with each other at this time yesterday.

6. My brother (not work) __________ in the field of communication now.

7. “I (not text)_________ you at 11 p.m. last Sunday”, said Peter.

8. Mr. Nam (deliver)__________ a speech at the National University at 10.30 a.mnext Wednesday.

9. I (get)___________ a lot of emails from customers these days.

10. We (communicate)___________ by using social media in five days’ time.

VI. Use the verbs from the box into V-infinitive or V-ing to complete sentences.











1. I’ve decided _______a new Skype account.

2. Would you mind_________ me your home address, Mrs. Taylor?

3. Mr. Lam would prefer_________ landline phones for personal calls.

4. I’ve tried __________ her many times, but there have been no answers.

5. Avoid _________personal information on Facebook.

6. I’d like __________a call from my Gmail account.

7. My brother dislikes _________ about politics and religion.

8. They planned __________ in touch with each other by using emails.

9. We don’t like video chatting. We enjoy ________ F2F

10. Tom agreed_________ us at Galaxy Nguyen Du.

VII. Choose the best answer for each of the following sentences.

1. In a message board you can _______ messages or post questions.

A. Raise B. arrive C. text D.leave

2. You shrug your shoulders means” _____

A. I’m happy. B. I don’t know.

C. I’m angry. D. Sorry. I need to go now.

3. Using music, codes or signs to communicate is called ______communication.

A. Verbal B. non-verbal C. public D. non-public

4. I experienced one communication ________ in Japan when I didn’t understand their body language.

A. Breakdown B. technique C.ability D. device

5. You should try looking for his telephone number on the company_____ as it may be there.

A. Logo B. email C. website D. forum

6. John managed ______ his family in England by using Zalo.

A. Contact B. to contact C. contacting D. to contacting

7. They advised ________ video chatting in the next meeting.

A. Use B. to use C. using D. will use

8. We________ to have an Internet connection installed in our house next week.

A. completed B. suggested c. admitted D. arranged

9. They ______ about video conferences at this time next Monday.

A. Will talk B. will be talking

C. Are talking D. are going to talk

10. We________ with each other by mobile phone in 2050.

A. Won’t be communicating B. aren’t communicating

C. Haven’t communicated D. aren’t going to communicate

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