Bài tập thì hiện tại tiếp diễn có đáp án

Trắc nghiệm thì hiện tại tiếp diễn online có đáp án

Bài tập thì hiện tại tiếp diễn có đáp án gồm nhiều dạng bài tập giúp học sinh củng cố ngữ pháp được học, dấu hiệu nhận biết của thì và nâng cao kết quả học tập môn tiếng Anh của bản thân.

Bài tập trắc nghiệm Thì hiện tại tiếp diễn có đáp án do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải, giúp các em ôn luyện nhuần nhuyễn và áp dụng thành thạo về cách sử dụng, cấu trúc, dấu hiệu nhận biết và các dạng bài tập về Present Continuous hiệu quả.

  • Bài 1: Hãy viết dạng V-ing của các động từ sau.
  • 1. take
    taking TAKING Taking
  • 2. drive
    driving DRIVING Driving
  • 3. see
    seeing SEEING Seeing
  • 4. agree
    agreeing AGREEING Agreeing
  • 5. hurry
    hurrying HURRYING Hurrying
  • 6. win
    winning WINNING Winning
  • 7. permit
    permitting PERMITTING Permitting
  • 8. open
    opening OPENING Opening
  • Bài 2: Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.
  • 1. Sit down! A strange dog (run)___________ to you.
    is running
  • 2. My brothers (not/ drink)__________ coffee at the moment.
    aren't drinking are not drinking
  • 3. Look! Those people (climb)__________ the mountain so fast.
    are climbing
  • 4. That girl (cry)_______ loudly in the party now.
    is crying
  • 5. What (you/ do)________ in the kitchen?
    are you doing
  • 6. Tonight we (not/ go)_______ to our teacher’s wedding party.
    aren't going are not going
  • 7. Where are you? We (wait)__________ for you!
    are waiting
  • 8. What are the boys (do)___________ now?
  • 9. My brother (not listen)___________ to the radio at present.
    is not listening isn't listening
  • 10. My parents (drive)_______ to work now.
    are driving
  • Bài 3: Hoàn thành các câu sau với thì Hiện tại đơn hoặc Hiện tại tiếp diễn.
  • 1. Where's John? He (listen)_________ to a new CD in his room.
    is listening 's listening
  • 2. Don't forget to take your umbrella with you to London. You know it always (rain)_______ in England.
  • 3. Jean (work)___________ hard all day but she (not work)__________ at the moment.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    works, is not working works, isn't working
  • 4. Look! That boy (run)__________ after the bus. He (want)__________ to catch it.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    ‘s running, wants is running, wants
  • 5. He (speak)________ German so well because he (come)___________ from Germany.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    speaks, comes
  • 6. Shh! The boss (come)_________. We (meet)__________ him in an hour and nothing is ready!
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    is coming, are meeting
  • 7. Do you usually (go)_____ away for Christmas or (stay)__________ at home?
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    go, stay
  • 8. She (hold)_______ some roses. They (smell)__________ lovely.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    is holding, smell 's holding, smell
  • 9. Oh no! Look! It (snow)________ again. It always (snow)________ in this country.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    ‘s snowing, snows is snowing, snows
  • 10. Mary (swim)______ very well, but she (not run)________ very fast.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    swims, doesn’t run swims, does not run
  • 11. I (live)________ with my parents but right now I (stay)___________ with some friends for a few days.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    live, ‘m staying live, am staying
  • 12. I can't talk on the phone now. I (drive)____________ home.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    ‘m driving am driving
  • 13. You never (listen)_______ to a word I say! You______ always (listen)_________ to that mp3 player!
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    listen, are, listening
  • 14. He (not understand)_________ what you (talk)________ about. He's foreign.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    doesn't understand, are talking does not understand, are talking
  • 15. How much_________ your suitcase (weigh)_________? It (look)__________ really heavy.
    Dùng dấu phẩy (,) để tách các đáp án.
    does, weigh, looks
  • Bài 4. Hoàn thành các câu sau sử dụng động từ trong ngoặc ở thì hiện tại tiếp diễn.
  • 1. My mother _______ (buy) some food at the grocery store.
    is buying 's buying
  • 2. Luke _______ (not study) Japanese in the library. He’s at home with his friends.
    isn't studying is not studying
  • 3. _______ (she, run) down the street?
    Is she running
  • 4. My cat _______ (eat) now.
    is eating
  • 5. What _______ (you, wait) for?
    are you waiting
  • 6. Her students _______ (not try) hard enough in the competition.
    are not trying aren't trying
  • 7. All of Andy’s friends _______ (have) fun at the party right now.
    are having
  • 8. My neighbors _______ (travel) around Europe now.
    are traveling
  • 9. The little girl _______ (drink) milk.
    is drinking
  • 10. Listen! Our teacher _______ (speak).
    is speaking
  • Bài 5. Cho dạng đúng của động từ trong ngoặc.
  • 1. Be careful! The car (go) ………………….. so fast.
    is going
  • 2. Listen! Someone (cry) ………………….. in the next room.
    is crying
  • 3. Your brother (sit) ………………….. next to the beautiful girl over there at present?
    Is your brother sitting Is ... sitting
  • 4. Now they (try) ………………….. to pass the examination.
    are trying
  • 5. It’s 12 o’clock, and my parents (cook) ………………….. lunch in the kitchen.
    are cooking
  • 6. Keep silent! You (talk) ………………….. so loudly.
    are talking
  • 7. I (not stay) ………………….. at home at the moment.
    am not staying amn't staying 'm not staying
  • 8. Now she (lie) ………………….. to her mother about her bad marks.
    is lying
  • 9. At present they (travel) ………………….. to New York.
    are travelling
  • 10. He (not work) ………………….. in his office now.
    isn't working is not working
  • Bài 6. Make the present continuous, positive or negative
  • 1) (I / study at the moment)
    I'm studying at the moment. I am studying at the moment.
  • 2) (I / not / sleep)
    I'm not sleeping. I amn't sleeping. I am not sleeping.
  • 3) (you / play badminton tonight)
    You're playing badminton tonight. You are playing badminton tonight.
  • 4) (we / watch TV)
    We're watching TV. We are watching TV.
  • 5) (she / not / work in Spain)
    She isn't working in Spain. She is not working in Spain.
  • 6) (he / not / wait for the bus)
    He isn't waiting for the bus He is not waiting for the bus
  • 7) (they / read)
    They're reading. They are reading.
  • 8) (we / not / go to the cinema tonight)
    We aren't going to the cinema tonight. We are not going to the cinema tonight.
  • 9) (you / not / read the newspaper)
    You aren't reading the newspaper. You are not reading the newspaper.
  • 10) (she / eat chocolate)
    She's eating chocolate. She '\is eating chocolate.
  • Bài 7. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
  • 1. The girls ( is / are ) running in the street.
  • 2. They ( am / are ) eating a cake.
  • 3. The strong wind ( is / are ) blowing.
  • 4. I ( am / is ) cooking chicken.
  • 5. We ( am / are ) picking some apples.
  • 6. It ( is / are ) raining heavily.
  • 7. The birds ( is / are ) singing.
  • 8. My neighbor ( is / are ) washing his car now.
  • 9. John ( is / am ) playing a computer game in his room.
  • 10. Some dogs ( is / are ) barking outside.
  • 11. The teacher ( is / are ) laughing at the moment.
  • 12. I ( are / am ) waiting for you.
  • 13. The baby ( is / are ) crying.
  • 14. Jane and Fred ( are / is ) dancing the tango.
  • 15. Ellie ( is / are ) watering trees in her garden.
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