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Less or Fewer? Look at these sentences and put a tick next to those that use less/ fewer correctly.
LITTLE-A LITTLE / FEW-A FEW. Choose correct words to complete the sentences.
1. Very _____________ people can fly a Jumbo plane.
2. I still have ____________ money in the bank, so I'll wait until January to look for a job.
3. Quite ____________ animals still live in the mountains, so camping is still difficult.
4. Do you know anybody who has ____________ friends than Carla?
5. Some areas in Mauritania have very ___________ water, so sometimes water containers are needed.
6. Just ____________ friends and some music will do a nice party.
7. Really, there were such _____________ films I liked that I decided to go back home.
8. I only need _____________ milk for my cake, so I thought you could lend me some.
9. Would you like some more coffee ? OK, just _____________.
10. Who has got the ______________ children in Europe?
A few and A Little. Choose a few or a little.
1. He has _____________ plans.
2. She has got ______________ milk.
3. He drank ____________ whisky.
4. And has ____________ friends.
5. We saw ______________ people at the restaurant.
6. I bought ______________ newspapers.
7. There is ______________ petrol in his car.
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