Bài tập rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ số 1

Bài tập mệnh đề quan hệ rút gọn online có đáp án

Đề thi trắc nghiệm trực tuyến Giản lược mệnh đề quan hệ có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề Kiểm tra Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh mới nhất trên VnDoc.com. Bài tập trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh về rút gọn mệnh đề có đáp án giúp bạn đọc củng cố lại kiến thức đã học về cách rút gọn mệnh đề quan hệ với to V, V_ing hiệu quả.

Một số bài tập Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh khác:

  • Choose the correct relative clause reduction. Each question has only one correct answer.
  • 1. My friends who are studying in Italy will be at the party.
  • 2. The man who was handsome worked in Hollywood.
  • 3. The students who study at our school come from all over the world.
  • 4. The cake that was selected came from an Italian bakery.
  • 5. Seattle, which is famous for its seafood, is a beautiful city.
  • 7. The towels that are on the chair can be used in the club showers.
  • 8. The men that are working on the project come from India.
  • 9. Tom, who was responsible for sales, made the presentation.
  • 10. Cindy, who lives in Maryland, is our online project manager.
  • 11. The telephone which is on the desk is broken.
  • 12. The staff which was essential on this project work in Brighton.
  • 13. The bicycle which was featured was made by Bianchi.
  • 14. The man who is playing the piano lives in our neighborhood.
  • 15. The woman who was beautiful came to the party.
  • 16. The waiter who was on shift failed to take orders.
  • 17. The doctor who was available for appointments is upstairs.
  • 18.The sports equipment which was used in the game came from Oregon.
  • 19. The children that are playing baseball are late for school.
  • 20. The man who drives a BMW is very serious.
  • Make a reduced relative clause. These sentences all need an active clause.
  • 1. They called a lawyer (the lawyer lived nearby).
    They called a lawyer living nearby.
  • 2. We broke the computer (the computer belongs to my father).
    We broke the computer belonging to my father.
  • 3. The man is in the garden (the man is wearing a blue jumper).
    The man wearing a blue jumper is in the garden.
  • 4. We found a doctor (the doctor works at a hospital in Madrid).
    We found a doctor working at a hospital in Madrid.
  • 5. People will not be allowed to enter (people have arrived late).
    People arriving late will not be allowed to enter. People arriving late won't be allowed to enter.
  • 6. Don't wake the baby (the baby is sleeping in the next room).
    Don't wake the baby sleeping in the next room. Do not wake the baby sleeping in the next room.
  • 7. Who is that boy (that boy is walking in the forest)?
    Who is that boy walking in the forest?
  • 8. The man is over there (the man wants coffee).
    The man wanting coffee is over there.
  • 9. Those books were mine (those books had been lying on the table).
    Those books lying on the table were mine.
  • 10. Julia is on the train (the train is arriving at Platform 3).
    Julia is on the train arriving at Platform 3.
  • Chọn đáp án đúng cho các câu sau.
  • 1. The computer ______ works better.
  • 2. The woman ______ a blue dress is our new teacher.
  • 3. Meet the employee______ that conference room.
  • 4. Here is the book for you ______.
  • 5. That is a big decision ______ about.
  • Complete the sentences with a verb from the first box in participle form together with an expression from the second.

    find · chat · stand · pile out · wag · be involved · play · be most interested

    in the robbery · with the yoyo · on the phone · of the cinema · on the street

    its tail · at the bus stop · in buying

  • 1. The woman _______________ was in a hurry so she hailed a taxi.
    standing at the bus stop
  • 2. I think the dog _______________is a Corgi.
    wagging its tail
  • 3. The crowds _______________looked very friendly.
    most interested in buying
  • 5. The women _______________have all been arrested.
    involved in the robbery
  • 6. The purse _______________was handed in to the police.
    found on the street
  • 7. The man over there _______________ is the new manager.
    chatting on the phone
  • 8. The young boy _______________ is my nephew.
    playing with the yoyo
  • Choose the correct answer.
  • 1. The skirt ________ by my sister is beautiful.
  • 2. The boy __________ basketball over there is my brother.
  • 3. I want to buy things _________ in Vietnam.
  • 4. I made these cup cakes for kids __________.
  • 5. People ________ a VVIP account can have 15% discount.
  • 6. He was the first man_________ into the moon.
  • 7. He was the second man ____________ in this way.
  • 8. He was the only student to ____________ there at the time.
  • 9. The books ____________ by William Shakespeare are interesting.
  • 10. Peter is the youngest person to ____________ part in the race.
  • Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence.
  • 1. He was the first man_________ into the moon.
  • 2. He was the third man ____________ in this way.
  • 3. He was the only boy to ____________ in Da Nang city at the time.
  • 4. The plays ____________ by William Shakespeare are very interesting.
  • 5. Peter is the oldest person to ____________ part in the marathon race.
  • 6. The conference ____________ by non-governmental organizations was about global warming.
  • 7. The old lady ____________ in the bus stop expected to make a phone call.
  • 8. We stood on the small bridge ____________ the two small towns of the Viet Nam.
  • 9. Jeon Jungkook is the most good-looking boy ____________ to this school festival.
  • 10. I am writing in connection with the educational volunteer opportunities ____ on 26 March.
  • Change the adjective clauses to adjective phrases
  • 1.

    Do you know the woman who is coming towards us?

    Doyou know the woman coming toward us?
  • 2.

    I come from a city that is located in the southern part of the country.

    I come from a city located in the southern part of the country.
  • 3.

    The children who attend that school receive a good education. 

    The children attending that school receive a good education. 
  • 4.

    The fence which surrounds our house is made of wood.

    The fence surrounding our house is made of wood.
  • 5.

    Be sure to follow the instructions that are given at the top of the page. 

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