Bài tập trắc nghiệm về mệnh đề quan hệ

Bài tập về mệnh đề quan hệ có đáp án - Luyện thi Tiếng Anh theo chuyên đề

Thử sức mình với Bài tập trắc nghiệm về mệnh đề quan hệ nằm trong tuyển tập các câu hỏi theo chuyên đề luyện thi đại học môn Tiếng Anh sau đây để biết mình đã chuẩn bị sẵn sàng cho kỳ thi quan trọng này như thế nào nhé. Hãy làm đi làm lại nhiều lần và tìm ra các lỗi sai của mình để rút kinh nghiệm cho kỳ thi thật bạn nhé!

  • A. Choose the best answer among A, B, C or D to complete each sentence.
  • 1. Genghis Khan, __________ name means “very mighty ruler”, was a Mongol emperor in the Middle Ages.
  • 2. The children ___________ sang at the Mayor’s parade were from the local school.
  • 3. Galileo, _________ published works proving that the Earth revolves around the Sun, continued his scientific experiments even when he went deaf and blind.
  • 4. The school program __________ has been interrupted by revision tests, requires a regular course study.
  • 5. Credit _________ is given in this semester requires approximately three hours of classroom work.
  • 6. Tow courses ___________ have the same subjects are in different times.
  • 7. You may enroll our course by e-mail __________ can be faster than other registration forms.
  • 8. The girl ___________ dress you admire has been working for an expo company since she left school.
  • 9. The young man _________ was released after the court was found innocent of all the charges against him.
  • 10. Is that the same film ___________ we watched last year?
  • 11. The girl __________ I borrowed the dictionary asked me to use it carefully.
  • 12.The pupils _________ we took to the amusement park behaved themselves very well.
  • 13. Bournemouth, ___________ we are going to visit next summer, is a real paradise for the retired.
  • 14. Thatcher, _________ birthplace was above a shop in the small English town of Grantham, became Prime Minister of Britain four years after she had become the leader of the Conservative Party in 1975.
  • 15. First jeans, __________ became fashionable for women after they saw them in Vogue magazine, were made by two Americans, Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss.
  • 16. The first television picture ___________ John Logier Baird transmitted on 25, November, 1905 was a boy _________ worked in the office next to Baird’s workroom in London.
  • 17. Felix Hoffman, a 29-year-old chemist ______________ worked for the German company Bayer, invented the drug Aspirin in April 1879.
  • 18. Joyce Bows, ___________ was born and grew up in Portsmouth on the south coast of England, _________ she still lives, was 100 last year.
  • 19.The big clock ___________ used to strike the hours day and night was damaged during the war and has been silent ever since.
  • 20.The pollution ___________ they were talking is getting worse.
  • 21.The engineer ___________ our company relies is on holiday.
  • 22. The dam ____________ they plan to build will cover acres of forest.
  • 23. He is a talented cricket player __________ abilities include fast bowling and powerful batting.
  • 24. Eastern Rwanda is very different from the South-west, ____________ monkeys, birds and orchids thrive in the high altitude primary.
  • 25. Wednesday is the day ______________ a tour guide leads a tour around the town’s historical places.
  • 26. Robert Riva, an Italia ___________ used to play for Cremonese, now coaches Reigate under 11’s football team.
  • 27. The town ___________ the folk festival is taking place is usually a quiet resort.
  • 28. As a celebrity ___________ many children admire, it is important for her to act responsibly.
  • 29. We always hold a family barbecue in our garden on Independence Day, ___________ was on a Tuesday this year.
  • 30. When I was at school. There was a girl in my class _________ skin was so sensitive that she couldn’t expose her skin to the sun even with cream on.
  • 31. We’ll row until the spot ___________ the river bends and then we’ll turn back.
  • 32. On the days ___________ I feel I need to reflect on the past and plan my future, I sit by the river and watch the swans swim past.
  • 33. My mother’s Elvis Presley tape, ____________ she listened to every day, has broken in the music centre.
  • 34. Unfortunately, the friend with ___________ intended to go on holiday to Side is ill, so I’ll have to cancel my trip.
  • 35. According to the research, the time at ___________ most road accidents happen is early evening.
  • 36. The new stadium, ___________ will be completed next year, will seat 30,000 spectators.
  • 37. Blenheim Palace, ___________ Churchill was born, is now open to the public.
  • 38. Students ______________ register for courses do not have any problems.
  • 39. August 23rd is the last date __________ you may transfer to another course.
  • 40. Our course needs some requirements _____________ are listed here.
  • B. Choose one sentence that best rewrites the sentence given:
  • 1. This man studies biology. What do you call him?
  • 2. Hemingway developed a very concise writing style. His name is well-known throughout the world.
  • 3. This is the battle field. The soldiers fought there.
  • 4. He was born in 1993. There was a severe drought that year.
  • 5. John Montagu was an English Earl. He invented the sandwich.
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