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Bài kiểm tra trực tuyến phần Ngữ pháp Tiếng Anh trình độ B1 có đáp án dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề luyện thi Tiếng Anh B1 dành cho người lớn năm 2021 mới nhất do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề thi gồm 35 câu trắc nghiệm Tiếng Anh khác nhau liên quan đến ngữ pháp trình độ B1 Anh ngữ khung Châu. Hãy cùng VnDoc kiểm tra trình độ Tiếng Anh của bản thân nào.

Một số đề luyện thi Tiếng Anh B1 khác:

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  • 1. "There are ________ leftovers for you in the fridge", she cried out.
  • 2. I think he should ________ a room in one of the hotels.
  • 3. Could you please tell me if you have any electric typewriters ________?
  • 4. I'm afraid I've got ________ my bank as soon as possible.
  • 5. You look very tired. - I ________ papers all day.
  • 6. ________ going to the party.
  • 7. Her landlord gave her two months' ________ to quit.
  • 8. They ________ their examinations at the end of the next month.
  • 9. When the house is not occupied, it is ________.
  • 10. Janet and Joe seem to get ________ very well together.
  • 11. Unfortunately, very few books published each year ________ toward improving men's relationship with each other.
  • 12. I don't like iced tea, and ________.
  • 13. "The ________ response I got from her really drove me crazy", he sighed.
  • 14. You're ________ who noticed that.
  • 15. The Director has just gone on his ________ leave. He gets four weeks' holiday a year and he is taking it all at the same time. So if you wish to see him, come back in a month's time.
  • 16. I am ________ this essay right now.
  • 17. ________ people can live without any money.
  • 18. I don't think he would mind ________ there with me.
  • 19. ________ he leaves or I leave.
  • 20. ________ to Professor Martin since last Monday?
  • 21. Tom doesn't like dancing, but I......................
  • 22. Listen! Somebody.....................
  • 23. They always get to school......... bus.
  • 24. We were eager to find......... the truth about her.
  • 25. More and more people are addicted........ games online.
  • 26. It says in the paper that electrical goods will be......... sale this month.
  • 27. He was putting......... his shirt when he heard a loud noise outside.
  • 28. You need a ..........to leave the country.
  • 29. Even with a degree, there’s no.........of work nowadays.
  • 30. What was the final........... of the game?
  • 31. The girl’s teachers........... her to improve her drawing.
  • 32. The plate was right on the edge of the table and could have been ........off at any moment.
  • 33. “Can you do that exercise?” -“That one? Oh, it’s a ...... of cake.”
  • 34. We went through the Customs quickly because we had nothing to.......
  • 35. There is a wide......... of nutritious foods in the world.
  • 36. They didn't tell the policeman………..they had taken the money.
  • 37. Last summer, my family..............a four day holiday on Sam Son beach.
  • 38. Agatha Christie didn't go to school but ............ at home by her mother.
  • 39. Picasso showed his truly exceptional talent ............... a very young age.
  • 40. His father was amazed that he .............. the picture of their pigeons.
  • 41.After his mother died, Scott................. home to seek his fortune in St. Louis.
  • 42. She didn't stop writing.................... she was suffering from a nervous breakdown.
  • 43. When I was in Paris, I ...............a lot of friends.
  • 44. His father was really angry with him .......... ... he had failed the exam.
  • 50. Picasso didn’t like going to school unless he ............ to take one pigeon with him.
  • Read these five restaurant reviews, and for questions 1 to 5, choose the person who made each comment.

    Five restaurant reviews

    Barry G: We stopped at the White Horse Inn for lunch during a long journey. My wife ordered the lasagne and I ordered a steak and ale pie. We waited over thirty minutes for our food, and when my pie arrived, it was chicken and mushroom. When they brought the correct pie, I picked up the gravy and found that it was completely cold. When I went to the bar and asked for it to be heated and suggested that we should get a partial refund, the barman swore under his breath. When I finally started eating, my wife had already finished her meal. Avoid this restaurant at all costs!

    Emma1987: We decided to come here for our Sunday lunch. The prices were a bit steep, but we thought it would be worth it, if the food was good. Sadly, we were disappointed. Our sausages were burnt and so dry that we couldn’t even cut them. My partner’s steak was even worse. It certainly wasn’t worth the money. It wasn’t even a pleasant place to spend a Sunday. The carpet was old-fashioned and worn, the chairs were uncomfortable and the walls needed painting. Very disappointing.

    PGRigby: We were passing by and felt hungry, so we decided to stop here for a meal. We got a warm welcome and were impressed with the wide selection of beers and the extensive menu. The dishes are mostly traditional, and not very adventurous or exotic, but it was decent, reasonably priced, warm and well presented. We were served quickly, considering there were seven of us, and the staff were polite. Overall, it was good value for money and I would definitely go there again.

    SunnyDay: The pub looked very attractive from the outside, with a large car park, disabled access and an attractive garden. It’s in a good location on the main road, and I imagine it attracts a lot of passing trade. However, if I was local to the area, I wouldn’t come here regularly. Although the prices were typical, we didn’t get very much for our money. My garlic mushrooms were just that, three small mushrooms with a little dry salad – the kind you get from a bag – on the side. Then, my partner and I both ordered fish and chips, and my fish was much smaller than hers. When we complained, we weren’t offered a refund or a new piece of fish. I’m sure there are better places to eat in the area.

    Andrew_Rose: We ended up at the White Horse Inn for our Sunday lunch when the pub we planned to eat at had forgotten to note down our booking. However, we felt very pleased about this error in the end. We were greeted by a friendly, helpful young lady behind the bar who allowed us to sample a few of the beers before we made our choices. I ordered fish and chips. The fish was fresh and served in a lovely, crisp batter. My friends were very happy with their roast dinners. The desserts were also delicious. However, for me, it was the excellent service and friendliness of all the staff that made the visit stand out. We will look forward to returning in the future.

  • 1. The pub was not attractive on the inside.
  • 2. A member of staff was rude.
  • 3. The food sizes were poor.
  • 4. The food was well-priced.
  • 5. The menu was conventional.
  • Choose the correct answer to complete.
  • 1. She's married and she has three ...........
  • 2. She is usually in bed by .......... (11.30).
  • 3. .......... to concerts?
  • 4. We always have snow .......... January.
  • 5. There isn't .......... sugar in this coffee!
  • 6. Is this .......... house?
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