TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 3 (Level 500-700)

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TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 3 (Level 500-700)

TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 3 (Level 500-700) là bài tập luyện phần đọc TOEIC trình độ 500-700 điểm có đáp ánh dành cho các bạn làm thử, kiểm tra. Với những bài luyện ngắn này, rất tiện cho các bạn tranh thủ làm nhanh, cũng như thấy hứng thú với học hành và học tập hiệu quả hơn.

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TOEIC Reading Comprehension Test 3 

Question 1

Đọc và trả lời câu hỏi:

The city of Kenton recently conducted an organizational climate survey. The purpose of the survey was to assess the current work environment and obtain feedback form employees on workplace challenges and opportunities in order to make the organization a more desirable and productive place to work. More than 1000 employees responded to the survey. 97% feel sexual harassment is not a problem, 93% feel age discrimination is not a problem and 88% feel that racial and ethnic discrimination is not a problem. The City of Kenton now plans to strengthen its workplace discrimination will be provided to all employees and supervisors in particular. Overall, 98% of the surveyed employees expressed satisfaction with the work environment.

1. Who did the city of Kenton recently survey?

A. Weather forecasters
B. Environmentalists
C. Kenton workers
D. Superintendents

Question 2

2. Which of the following does the survey indicate?

A. Employees want more mandatory training
B. The harassment policies are too strict
C. Sexual harassment is very prevalent
D. The Kenton workplace is not unpleasant

Question 3


Order amount
Over $100
US Surface Rate
Canada Surface Rate

(For orders over $500, please contact one of our shipping agents for a price including insurance.)

Ø Delivery generally takes 5-10 days

Ø Please contact us for international rates

Ø Express Service also available:

2 to 3 day shipping: add $3 to surface charge

Overnight carrier: add $13 to surface charge

3. What are these rates based on?

A. Delivery time and price
B. Weight and price
C. Weight and delivery time
D. Weight only

Question 4

4. By overnight carrier within the US, how much would it cost to ship a pair of shoes that cost $75?

A. $5.35
B. $8.35
C. $10.85
D. $18.35

Question 5

5. Where might you expect to find this list of shipping charges?

A. A newspaper
B. A telephone directory
C. A mail order catalog
D. An instruction manual

Question 6

Passage 1: Memo

To: All Employees From: Health and Safety Re: Employees Healt.This is not something that we have done before, but this year we have compiled a chart of all the health problems for which we have treated workers over the past 12 months. We have decided that by sharing this information, we might be able to encourage some of you to take more care in the workplace. A lot of these problems could be avoided with just a little bit of common sense. While we are glad not to have to treat most of you for anything serious, and although we do enjoy the pleasure of your company, we would rather not have to treat any of you for accidents and incidents which are entirely avoidable by following safety regulations; wearing reinforced boots to protect your toes, wearing safety goggles, keeping ear plugs with you at all times so you have them when you need them, and above all, we urge you to wash your hands before eating. Take a look at the chart and you’ll see what we mean. We’ve also divided the data by sex, so men – don’t let the ladies beat you next year! We are planning on compiling a table next year, too, so let’s see if we can really cut down those numbers.

Passage 2:

A breakdown of most common medical treatments needed by employees during the year 2005. Based on figures compiled by the Health and Safety Department:

    Number of cases
Male Employees* Female Employees*
Minor Requiring Hospitalization Minor Requiring Hospitalization
Broken toes 23 2 2 0
Ingested chemicals (not washing hands after handling chemicals) 42 1 24 2
Hearing problems 31 0 13 0
Perforated ear drum 0 1 0 0
Foreign body in the eye 54 10 24 3

*Last year female employees stood at 145, male employees 156

6. What is the purpose of this memo and chart?

A. To provide the safety department with something to do
B. To encourage workers to be more careful
C. To show that the company has a poor safety record
D. To prove that the health and safety department has been working hard

Question 7

7. What could be inferred about female employees?

A. They are less careful about safety than men.
B. They are more careful about safety than men
C. They have more accidents than men
D. They have as many accidents as men

Question 8

8. Why does the Health and Safety department urge workers to wash their hands before eating?

A. It is common etiquette
B. It may prevent them from ingesting toxins
C. The work place is very dirty
D. There is a surplus of liquid soap

Question 9

9. What is the most commonly occurring health issue?

A. Ingestion of chemicals
B. Broken toes
C. Something getting in workers’ eyes
D. Hearing trouble

Question 10

10. What is the Health and Safety department trying to communicate to workers?

A. These accidents are avoidable with care
B. They were too busy last year
C. They want to reduce the size of the department
D. They don’t like being disturbed by other employees


1. C    2. D    3. A   4. D    5. C    6. B    7. B    8. B    9. C    10. A

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