Bài tập sắp xếp câu tiếng Anh lớp 5

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Tiếng Anh 5: Sắp xếp câu

Nằm trong bộ đề ôn tập tiếng Anh lớp 5 cả năm, đề luyện tập dạng bài Sắp xếp có đáp án dưới đây do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải dưới đây. Đây chắc chắc sẽ là tài liệu tiếng Anh giúp các em củng cố ngữ pháp, từ vựng đã học hiệu quả. 

I. Sắp xếp để tạo thành câu hoàn chỉnh

1. in/ spring/ What/ like/ is/ the/ weather/ ?

2. isn't/ going/ to/ Hoi An/ Minh/ next/ week/ .

3. is/ it/ here/ your/ house/ How far/ from/ to/ ?

4. straight/ Go/ turn/ and/ ahead/ right/ .

5. the/ swimming pool/ is/ Where/ ?

6. was/ in/ Nam/ Hanoi/ last month.

7. weather/ in/ what's/ the/ autumn/ like/ ?

8. National Park/ They/ going/ the/ to/ are/ tomorrow

Đáp án:

1. What is the weather like in spring?

2. Minh isn't going to Hoi An next week. 

3. How far is it from here to your houe?

4. Go straight ahead and turn right. 

5. Where is the swimming pool?

6. Nam was in Hanoi last month. 

7. What's the weather like in Autumn?

8. They are going to the National Park tomorrow. 

II. Sắp xếp các câu sau thành câu có nghĩa

1. name/ your/ what/ is?

2. am/ Lan/ I

3. Phong/ is/ this?

4. today/ how/ you/ are?

5. thank/ are/ you/ fine/ ,/ we

6. is/ Lan/ Hoa/ and/ am/ this/ I

7. Ann/ am/ hello/ I

8. this/ Mai/ her/ is/ name/ is/ my/ mom

9. eighteen/ they/ old/ years/ are

10. not/ he/ is/ today/ fine

Đáp án:

1. What is your name?

2. I am Lan.

3. Is this Phong?

4. How are you today?

5. We are fine, thank you.

6. I am Lan and this is Hoa.

7. Hello, I am Ann.

8. This is my mom, her name is Mai.

9. They are eighteen years old. 

10. He is not fine today.

III. Sắp xếp lại câu để được câu hoàn chỉnh

1. friends/ chatted/ with/ yesterday/ I

2. you/ play/ Did/ last/ hide and seek/ Sunday?

3. on TV/ watched/ cartoons/ Mai/ week/ last

4. had/ We/ and/ drink/ nice food/ at/ last/ party/ Sunday/ Mai's

5. did/ What/ do/ in/ yesterday/ they/ the park?

6. went/ He/ cinema/ last night/ to/ parents/ with/ his

7. Wednesday/ she/ book/ bought/ a/ at/ comic/ the bookshop/ last

8. Last/ festival/ had/ school/ sports/ my/ Friday

9. Hoa/ in/ the sea/ swam/ yesterday

10. I/ Phu Quoc/ holiday/ was/ island/ last/ at

Đáp án:

1. I chatted with my friends yesterday. 

2. Did you play hide and seek last Sunday?

3. Mai watched cartoons on TV last week. 

4. We had nice food and drink at Mai's party last Sunday. 

5. What did they do in the part yesterday?

6. He went to cinema with his parents last night. 

7. She bought a comic at the bookshop last Wednesday.

8. My school had Sports Festival last Friday. 

9. Hoa swam in the sea yesterday. 

10. I was at Phu Quoc island last holiday. 

IV. Xếp các câu sau thành các câu hoàn chỉnh

1. date/ is/ today/ what/ the/ ?

2. August/ is/ It/ 26th

3. Unit 2/ Let's/ at/ look

4. am/ I/ student/ a/ Le Hong Phong/ School/ at/ Primary

5. to/ Happy/ you/ birthday gift/ you/ for/ this/ is

Đáp án:

1. What is the date today?

2. It is 26th August. 

3. Let's look at Unit 2. 

4. I am a student at Le Hong Phong primary school. 

5. Happy birthday to you. This gift is for you.

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