Đề luyện thi vào lớp 10 môn tiếng Anh năm 2020 - 2021 số 3

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ĐÁP ÁN NĂM 2020 - 2021
a. Choose the word with different pronunciation from the others.
1. A. worked B. wanted C. stopped D. asked
2. A.walks B. cups C.students D. pens
3. A. clear B. bear C. hear D. near
b.Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others.
1. A. sewage B. simple C. hobby D. describe
2. A. dancer B. cycling C. balloon D. traffic.
II. Choose the best answer.
1. Tet is a festival…… occurs in late January or early February.
A. whom B. when C. where D. which
2. If I ………….rich, I ……………………….around the world.
A. will be - travel B. am - will travel
C. were - would travel D. would be traveled
3. The girl wishes she………………… in Hue for the festival next week.
A. had stayed B. was staying C. stay D. could stay
4. My house…….. in 1999
A. is built B. was building C. was built D. has been built
5. Hoa: I suggest going camping next Sunday. Lan: …………………..
A. That’s a fine day B. That’s a good idea
C. That’s a reason D. That’s a good trip
III. Put the correct form of verbs for the following sentences.
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1 This time next year we ( visit ) _________________ London.
2. I will never forget (work) _______________ so hard to become an architect.
3. Well, I think the role of fathers (drastically/change) ________ in the future.
4. He (be) ______ an experienced salesman before he decided to set up his own
5. Which roles are women expected (play) _______________ in the future?
IV. Choose the underlined word/ phrase which is incorrect.
1. I gave (A) my address to (B) a man I met him (C) on the train (D) on Sunday .
2. In the future (A), teachers is (B) facilitators rather than (C) knowledge providers (D).
3. Students can expect (A) to be more successful (B) if (C) they have a sense of
responsibility in (D) their own learning
4. Jane is the only (A) one of our students who (B) have received (C) national
recognition for her (D) musical ability
5. A career used to be (A) understand (B) as a single occupation that (C) people did to
earn (D) a living
I. Read the text, and choose one word/ phrase from the list to fill in each gap.
fluent abroad foreign country achieved difficulties
As a child, Phong always dreamt of going (1)............................. to study. After he
graduated from high school, his parents sent him over to New Zealand to attend college.
Phong was very happy that his dream finally come true. When he first arrived in
the(2)..............................., Phong’s English was not very good and sometimes he did not
understand what other people said. He also had (3)..............................in class because he
was not familiar with the new teaching and learning method. He felt lonely in this new
place, and missed all his buddies in Viet Nam. After two years, Phong is now very
(4)..................... in English and has (5).......................... the top academic award at his
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school. He has a lot of friends from different countries. He is even good at daily being
able to earn money for his part-time needs from his part-time job at a restaurant.
II. Read the passage and choose the correct answers.
The changing roles of the modern-day father
Fathers used to act as the ‘breadwinner’ of their family, and as the teacher of moral and
religious values.
Today, however, those roles are gradually changing.
Changes in economic roles
More and more women are going out to work and earn money. This increases the
budget of the family. Apart from that, there are various social welfare programmes which
financially assist mothers in supporting their children. Both these changes have greatly
impacted the role of fathers because they make paternal financial support less essential
for many families.
Changes in caregiving roles
With the burden of financial support reduced, and with a changing concept of a father's
role, modern day fathers tend to be more involved in children's caregiving. They are now
spending more time and energy on their children.
Psychological research across families from all ethnic backgrounds suggests that the
influence of a father's love and attention is as great as that of a mother's. Fatherly love
helps children develop a sense of their place in the world, which helps their social and
emotional development .Moreover, children who receive more love from their fathers are
less likely to have behavioural problems.
This trend is still increasing and its effects will become clearer and clearer in the
future, especially in traditionally male-dominated societies.
1. Which of these is NOT the traditional role of a father?
A. financial supporter B. teacher of moral values

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