Đề thi nói tiếng Anh lớp 7 học kì 1 năm 2023 - 2024

Tài liệu luyện nói Speaking Part kì thi môn Tiếng Anh lớp 7 học kì 1 có gợi ý câu trả lời dưới đây nằm trong bộ đề thi học kì 1 lớp 7 năm học 2023 - 2024 do VnDoc.com sưu tầm và đăng tải. Đề thi nói gồm 7 Topic khác nhau gói gọn trong chương trình SGK tiếng Anh Unit 1 - 6 lớp 7 giúp các em học sinh lớp 7 luyện tập kỹ năng nói Tiếng Anh hiệu quả, đồng thời tích lũy thêm nhiều vốn từ vựng, cấu trúc câu thông dụng hiệu quả.

Part I: Giới thiệu bản thân - Introduce about yourself

Talking about some personal information

- Name

- Age

- Class/ School

- Family members

- Your leisure activities

Gợi ý

Good morning/ afternoon, my dear teachers/ examiners.

- My full name is ......................................................... I am 14 years old and I am a student in class 8... in .............. Secondary School. In my free time, I like listening to English music, reading books and chatting online with my friends.

- My topic is number ..........., talking about.......... Now I would like to start my topic.

Part 2: Một số chủ đề nói tiếng Anh lớp 7 học kì 1

Topic 1: Talk about your favorite hobby

Using the below cues:

- Name of the hobby.

- When you started it.

- Who do you share it with.

- How you do this hobby.

- Feelings about the hobby.

Gợi ý 1

I have many hobbies, such as, playing football, game online and swimming. However, my favourite one is reading manga, a kind of Japanese picture books. Whenever I have spare time, I would like to lie on my bed and enjoy thrilling and interesting adventures described through beautiful pictures. Moreover, reading these books makes me feel comfortable and relaxed after a hard-working day in my university. Sometimes, I share my hobby with my best friends or my parents. Finally, sometimes, they make me think about life's lessons of love, friendship and family by touching stories, which is the main reason why I like this kind of books. That’s the end of my topic.

Gợi ý 2

I have many hobbies such as reading, traveling, playing sports, watching TV, swimming… But I like reading books best. I often reading books whenever and wherever I can. For examples at weekends, on holidays or before going to bed…
When I was a kid, my mother used to tell me a story before I went to bed. The stories were so interesting that always felt they weren’t enough. So I began to read books by myself.
I always lose myself in the interesting stories. I enjoy reading very much, because books bring me a colourful and limitless world. In the past years, most of my knowledge has been obtained from books. Books can also teach me how to be a good person. Books even can solve many problems for me. I will read more good books to improve myself.
Reading has become a part of my life. Everyday, I spend some time reading books, newspapers and magazines. I have great fun in reading. I love reading!!

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Đoạn văn Tiếng Anh về Sở thích

Topic 2: Describe something that you do to stay healthy

Using the below cues:

- What this activity is

- When you do it

- How long you do it every day/How often you do it.

Gợi ý 1

Staying healthy is the most important in our life. There are a lot of activities for us to stay healthy. For me, I usually swim in the river in front of my house. I often swim with my father every afternoon .I swim about 2 hours every day. Swimming help me relax after working hard and it also helps me have a good heathy. I like swimming very much because I want to be a swimmer.

Gợi ý 2

Now I would like to tell you something about my health. I am modern child and like many other children, I don’t have good health. I eat a lot of fast food and drink too much soft drink every day. I usually play computer games and get online to chat with friends very often. I don’t join outdoor activities so I am getting fat day by day. I think it is time to pay attention on my health. I should do more exercise and take outdoor activities to improve my health. I should also eat more fruit, vegetables and eat less junk food. besides I have to play less computer games and shorten my online time. I think I will have a good health in the future. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 3: Talk about how to contribute to community activities

What do the people in your local community need? What can you do to help?

  • Talk something about the people in your local community (life, need…)
  • Talk about 3 or 4 volunteer activities you or your friends can do to help them
  • Talk about your feelings and future

Gợi ý 1

Now I would like to tell you about my local community. I live in An Thanh Village. It is not a very rich neighborhood, so there are a lot of poor people who need to be helped. They live in very old houses and don’t have enough food to eat and don’t have enough warm clothes to wear. They have to work hard to earn only a little money a day. Their life is so pity, so their children can’t go to school. My friends and I have made a plan to raise money for those poor people. We are collecting old clothes for them, too. Besides, we also give lessons to the poor children 3 times a week and at weekend. We hope to help them overcome such hard periods and they will be able to have a better life in the future. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 4: Talk about music and arts

How can music and art help you at school and in your life?

  • Talk about the importance of music and art in your life.
  • Talk about 3 or 4 things music and art helping you
  • Your feelings and future

Gợi ý 1

Hi! Everybody. Many people listen to music and see art every day. I do too because music and art play an important role in our life. Art makes this world look more beautiful and music can heal our soul and make us happier. When you have trouble in your live or work, just listen to your favorite songs and watch something beautiful around us and then you will feel better and can overcome difficulties more easily. Even when you are lonely, music and art can be good friends of you. That’s why we all love music and art.That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Gợi ý 2

In daily life, music plays an important role in improving the human spirit. Music is a wide topic and heated issue that connects people when talking about it. As people have deep knowledge of all kinds of music, they can be able to lengthen a conversation. Music is created by both melody and rhythm in order to make a complete song. There are several styles of music such as pop, hip-hop, ballad, country, and so on. Its tune and meaning also differ from country to country.

Topic 5: Talk about your favorite food or drink and how to make it

  • Name your favorite food or drink.
  • Talk about the appearance , taste and ingredients
  • How to make it.
  • Your feelings and future

Gợi ý 1

Hi! Everybody. What kinds of foods do you like? My favourite food is Pho. Pho is the most popular food among the population and it plays an importance thing in the spirit of Vietnamese people, especially the people who live in Ha Noi. Anyone feels hungry in a short time in the morning can also enjoy a bowl of hot and spicy Pho to fill their empty stomach. Have many Pho but there are two main kind of Pho: Pho with beef and Pho with chicken. The ingredients of Pho are rice noodles and broth which is generally made by simmering bones, fried steak charred onion and spices, it takes several hours to prepare. When people eat Pho they can add some kind of thing such as chilli, pepper,...I love Pho very much so I can eat it everyday without boring. I'm sure that you do it, too. Wherever in Vietnam, Pho is special food. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Xem thêm tại: Write a paragraph about popular foods or drinks in your neighbourhood

Topic 6: Talk about a historic place you have known

  • Talk about the name, address and surroundings
  • Talk about its history
  • Talk about facilities or scenery in it
  • Your feelings and future

Gợi ý 1

Now I would like to talk about Long Tuyen village.

This is an old village in the south of Can Tho City, including Binh Thuy, An Thoi, Long Tuyen and Long Hoa . The village is a destination that attracts many tourists not only because of its beautifully natural scenery, but also the cultural relics that remains after hundreds of years. The architecture and culture in Long Tuyen is very unique because it is the combination of various cultures from Western to Eastern, including Chinese, French, American, Cham and Japanese. This place also possesses six of 18 national relics in Can Tho, including famous locations such as Binh Thuy Temple, Nam Nha Pagoda or Binh Thuy Old House. Moreover, the Ky Yen Festival takes place here. It can be said that Long Tuy village is a rare destination that contains various typical characteristics of the culture in this region, and for sure it is a pity if you miss this destination in your travel. That’s the end of my topic. Thanks for listening.

Topic 7: Tell about a famous person

  • Who this person is.
  • How you know about this person.
  • What this person is famous for.
  • Why you are interested in this person.

Gợi ý 1

There are many famous people in the world. One of them is Lionel Andrés Messi. He was born on June 24, 1987 in the city of Rosario, Argentina. Everyone knows him now as the best football player in the world. In fact, a lot of people say he might become the greatest player ever. He also helped his club team Barcelona win the European Champions League and the World Club Championship.
Messi grew up playing football. He joined his first club when he was five. Messi started breaking records as soon as he played his first game for Barcelona. He became the youngest footballer ever to play a La Liga game and the youngest to score a goal. He helped his team win the league in his first season.
Messi has an amazing career ahead of him. He is set to shine in South Africa. Many football experts compare him to the legendary Pele and Maradona. This World Cup could be the stage for him to show people he really is the best. His skills on the ball, ability to get past defenders and his goal-scoring are breathtaking. Top soccer coach Arsene Wenger said Messi is “like a PlayStation. He takes advantage of every mistake teams make”.

He is my football idol!

Gợi ý số 2

Micheal Jackson is one of the biggest music star in the world. He is well-known, so most of people know him. He was born in 1958 and passed away in 2009. As a child, Jackson became the lead singer of his family’s popular Motown group, the Jackson 5. At the age of 13, he started a solo career while also being a member of The Jackson 5. In 1982, he made the highest - selling album of all, Thriller. His beautiful voice with high-pitched tone, skillful dance and performance attracted lots of fans. For example, he entertains us with his sharp dance great performance like “moonwalk”. He won a lot of awards and broke many records. Guinness World Records says he is the most successful entertainer of all time. His reputation was badly damaged in several high-profile child sexual abuse cases in 2003 and 2005. The courts cleared him on both occasions. In 2009, Jackson died due to an overdose of propofol. People in over the world grieved at the death of Jackson, and it was said that no one could ever replace his position to be the King of Pop.

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Topic 8: Talk about an outdoor activity at your school

My school has a special outdoor activity each month. One of the most interesting is making pottery in Bat Trang villgae. We have a chance to learn about the history of pottery and know how to make a craft. We also travel to Bat Trang pottery market where there are various of ceramic products. Most people come here to buy unique and high - quality ceramic products for their lovely house. I like the activity because it brings unforgetable experience.

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Topic 9: Talk about eating habits

I live in a town that is far from the city center, so meal’s choices in the neighbourhood aren’t as many as in the city center. Everyone in my town often wakes up at 5 a.m and has breakfast at home. They usually eat rice with veggies or noodles. At lunch, they eat meat and vegetables with rice. After eating , they have to work until the evening and have dinner at 6 or 7, in the evening, their meal always look like fried meat or fish, lettuce or cucumber.

Xem thêm tại: Write a paragraph of about 70 words about the eating habits

Topic 10: Write a passage to give advice on how to avoid viruses

Nowsaday, viruses becoming more popular everywhere is easy to spread. To prevent viruses, there are some useful ways. The most effective way is to do exercise every day. It is also costs a little bit, but for your safety. Next, you should wear masks when being a crowded place. You can find masks in any drug stores near you. Last not but least, washing you hand often can help you a lot, espeacially before eating.

Xem thêm tại: Write a passage to give advice on how to avoid viruses

Topic 11: Let’s talk about your community activities.

The following questions may help you.

1. What activity do you often take part in to help your community?

2. Who do you often work with in this activity?

3. How often do you do it?

4. When did you last join a community activity?

5. What was your impression?

Gợi ý đáp án

My family and I often take part in voluntary programs that helps orphans, street children, and mentally or physically disabled children in our town to have a better life. We often visit them on Sunday at charitable home. We give them presents such as fruit, candy, cakes, old clothes and so on. We teach them to learn about many things in life, tell them funny and meaningful stories,..etc ..so that they can fall in line with society without any complexity. They’re very happy and like us. I think it’s really a useful activity. I as well as my friends contribute to making the world better.

Bài dịch

Tôi và gia đình thường tham gia các chương trình tình nguyện nhằm giúp đỡ những đứa trẻ mồ côi, trẻ em đường phố và những đứa trẻ khuyết tật về thể chất hoặc tinh thần trong thị trấn của chúng tôi để có cuộc sống tốt hơn. Chúng tôi thường đến thăm họ vào Chủ nhật tại nhà từ thiện. Chúng tôi tặng họ những món quà như trái cây, kẹo, bánh ngọt, quần áo cũ, v.v. Chúng tôi dạy chúng tìm hiểu về nhiều điều trong cuộc sống, kể cho chúng nghe những câu chuyện vui và ý nghĩa,..v.v.. để chúng có thể hòa nhập với xã hội mà không phức tạp. Họ rất hạnh phúc và thích chúng tôi. Tôi nghĩ đó thực sự là một hoạt động hữu ích. Tôi cũng như những người bạn của tôi góp phần làm cho thế giới tốt đẹp hơn.

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