Đề thi thử Đại học lần 1 môn tiếng Anh khối D, A1 trường THPT Đoàn Thượng, Hải Dương năm học 2013 - 2014

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Read the passage and choose the option that best answers the question or completes the sentence:

Every drop of water in the ocean, even in the deepest parts, responds to the forces that create the tides. No other force that affects the sea is so strong. Compared with the tides, the waves created by the wind are surface movements felt no more than a hundred fathoms below the surface. The currents also seldom involve more than the upper several hundred fathoms despite their impressive sweep.

The tides are a response of the waters of the ocean to the pull of the Moon and the more distant Sun. In theory, there is a gravitational attraction between the water and even the outermost star of the universe. In reality, however, the pull of remote stars is so slight as to be obliterated by the control of the Moon and, to a lesser extent, the Sun. Just as the Moon rises later each day by fifty minutes, on the average, so, in most places, the time of high tide is correspondingly later each day. And as the Moon waxes and wanes in its monthly cycle, so the height of the tide varies. The tidal movements are strongest when the Moon is a sliver in the sky, and when it is full. These are the highest flood tides and the lowest ebb tides of the lunar month and are called the spring tides. At these times, the Sun, Moon, and Earth are nearly in line and the pull of the two heavenly bodies is added together to bring the water high on the beaches, to send its surf upward against the sea cliffs, and to draw a high tide into the harbors. Twice each month, at the quarters of the Moon, when the Sun, Moon, and Earth lie at the apexes of a triangular configuration and the pull of the Sun and Moon are opposed, the moderate tidal movements called neap tides occur. Then the difference between high and low water is less than at any other time during the month.

Câu 1: Neap tides occur when ____.

A. waves created by the wind combine with the Moon's gravitational attraction

B. the Moon is full

C. the Sun counteracts the Moon's gravitational attraction

D. the Moon is farthest from the Sun

Câu 2: The word felt is closest in meaning to____.

A. dropped

B. based

C. detected

D. explored

Câu 3: It can be inferred from the passage that the most important factor in determining how much gravitational effect one object in space has on the tides is_______

A. density

B. size

C. distance

D. temperature

Câu 4: What is the cause of the spring tides?

A. The triangular arrangement of the Earth, Sun, and Moon

B. The Earth's movement around the Sun

C. Seasonal changes in the weather

D. The gravitational pull of the Sun and the Moon when nearly in line with the Earth

Câu 5: The word correspondingly is closest in meaning to____.

A. similarly

B. unpredictably

C. interestingly

D. unusually

Câu 6: What is the main point of the first paragraph?

A. Deep ocean water is seldom affected by forces that move water

B. Despite the strength of the wind, it only moves surface water

C. The waves created by ocean currents are very large

D. The tides are the most powerful force to affect the movement of ocean water

Câu 7: The words In reality are closest in meaning to____.

A. actually

B. surprisingly

C. similarly

D. characteristically

Câu 8: Where in the passage does the author mention movements of ocean water other than those caused by tides?

A. Lines 9 – 11

B. Lines 11 - 14

C. Lines 7 - 9

D. Lines 1 – 4

Câu 9: The word configuration is closest in meaning to____.

A. center

B. unit

C. arrangement

D. surface

Câu 10: According to the passage, all of the following statements about tides are true EXCEPT____.

A. The strongest tides occur at the quarters of the Moon

B. The time of high tide is later each day

C. Neap tides are more moderate than spring tides

D. Tides have a greater effect on the sea than waves do

Choose the word whose stress pattern is different from that of the others:

Câu 11: A. solitary B. security C. capacity D. employer

Câu 12: A. edition B. influence C. desperate D. definite

Câu 13: A. diploma B. educate C. vacation D. detective

Câu 14: A. practical B. chemistry C. element D. discover

Câu 15: A. accept B. extreme C. precious D. enough

Choose the sentence that best rewrites the one given:

Câu 16: You should have persuaded him to change his mind.

A. You should persuade him to change his mind.

B. You didn't persuade him to change because of his mind.

C. It was essential to persuade him to change his mind but you didn't.

D. You persuaded him to change his mind but he didn't listen.

Câu 17: We planned to walk round the lake but the heavy rain made this impossible.

A. The heavy rain nearly prevented us from walking right round the lake.

B. In spite of the heavy rain we managed to walk half way round the lake as planned.

C. If it hadn't rained so heavily, we would have walked right round the lake.

D. We would have walked round the lake even if it had rained heavily.

Câu 18: I can't remember when I last saw him, but it's certainly a long time ago.

A. I'd like to forget how many years have passed since I last saw him.

B. We've only met once and that was too long ago for me to remember him.

C. I shall never forget meeting him even though it's a long time ago.

D. I only know it is ages since I saw him and I can't remember when it was.

Câu 19: They said that Paula had quit five jobs before working for us.

A. They said that five jobs had been quit by Paula before working for us.

B. Paula worked for us then she quit five other jobs.

C. It was said that Paula had quit five jobs before working for us.

D. Paula said that she had quit five jobs before working for us.

Câu 20: "You're always making terrible mistakes", said the teacher.

A. The teacher complained about his student making terrible mistakes.

B. The teacher made his students not always make terrible mistakes

C. The teacher asked his students why they always made terrible mistakes.

D. The teacher realized that his students always made terrible mistakes.

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the underlined word:

Câu 21: He was not afraid to pet the gentle dog, even though it was very large.

A. dirty B. cold C. calm D. fierce

Câu 22: Charles W. Eliot, the president of Harvard in 1869, initiated a system under which most required courses were dropped in favor of elective courses.

A. initiated B. compulsory C. optional D. necessary

Choose the best answer to complete each of the following sentences:

Câu 23: Young ______ he was, he was equal to the task.

A. unless B. because C. as D. if

Câu 24: "Didn't you go to the party?" - " ___________"

A. No, I went there with my friends. B. I did, but I didn't stay long.

C. That sounds nice, but I can't. D. Don't worry. I'll go there.

Câu 25: Mary's father approved of________in the US for another year in order to work toward her M.A.

A. she to stay B. her to stay C. her staying D. her to stay

Câu 26: To generate income, magazine publishers must decide whether to increase the subscription price or ______.

A. sold advertising B. to sell advertising

C. if they should sell advertising D. selling advertising

Câu 27: Rarely_____remove the entire root of a dandelion because of its length and sturdiness.

A. can the casual gardener B. the casual gardener

C. the casual gardener will D. does the casual gardener's

Câu 28: Her room is very large. She is dreaming of a _________

A. round big wooden table B. wooden big round table

C. big round wooden table D. table big wooden round

Câu 29: Nothing is spoiled, ______?

A. is it B. aren't they C. isn't it D. are they

Câu 30: Trees won't grow _______ there is enough water.

A. when B. as C. if D. unless

Câu 31: Kelly wanted to have a live band _________ at her wedding.

A. to be played B. play C. played D. been playing

Câu 32: It is better to try to work ______ rather than against Nature

A. along B. with C. by D. for

Câu 33: The doctors know that it is very difficult to save the patient's life, _______they will try their best.

A. but B. although C. despite D. however

Câu 34: If my candidate had won the election, I ______ very happy now.

A. was B. can be C. would have been D. would be

Câu 35: We had a long way to go so we ______ off very early

A. had B. put C. set D. made

Câu 36: "Can you come over after the show?" - "____________"

A. That would be nice. B. Why don't we go to the show?

C. No, I didn't. D. Please, go ahead.

Câu 37: Jack is _______ about football and never misses a match,

A. interested B. keen C. fond D. crazy

Câu 38: "Here, I brought you some flowers from my garden." – "Thank you. They're ____ beautiful flowers."

A. to B. so C. such D. as

Câu 39: The only people she looks ____ to are her parents.

A. up B. for C. at D. after

Câu 40: Hurry up, or they ______ serving meals by the time we get to the restaurant.

A. would stop B. are stopping C. stopped D. will have stopped

Câu 41: - "Thanks a lot" - "____________"

A. Oh, that's too bad B. Oh, I'm sorry to hear that

C. Don't mention it D. Of course

Câu 42: I promise I will never tell him the truth about you. ________ my heart!

A. Take B. Cross C. Beat D. Hold

Câu 43: "How can this dress be so expensive?" - "___________"

A. What an expensive dress! B. You are paying for the brand.

C. Yes, it's the most expensive. D. That's a good idea

Câu 44: "___________" -"Yes, it's a good idea."

A. Why don't we have a picnic? B. We want to have a picnic, don't we?

C. Do we have a picnic? D. We haven't had a picnic for a long time

Câu 45: Her parents gave her everything she asked for. She's a completely ______ child.

A. destroyed B. damaged C. wounded D. spoilt

Câu 46: I'd _______ you didn't practice playing the trumpet while I'm trying to study.

A. rather B. prefer C. like D. better

Câu 47: ____________ you to be offered that job, would you have to move to another city?

A. Should B. Were C. Had D. Provided that


1 C 41 C

2 C 42 B

3 C 43 B

4 D 44 A

5 A 45 D

6 D 46 A

7 A 47 B

8 D 48 B

9 C 49 D

10 A 50 C

11 A 51 B

12 A 52 A

13 B 53 D

14 D 54 C

15 C 55 D

16 C 56 B

17 C 57 A

18 D 58 B

19 C 59 A

20 A 60 B

21 D 61 D

22 C 62 B

23 C 63 B

24 B 64 A

25 C 65 D

26 B 66 D

27 A 67 C

28 C 68 B

29 A 69 A

30 D 70 D

31 B 71 C

32 B 72 B

33 A 73 B

34 D 74 C

35 C 75 A

36 A 76 B

37 D 77 A

38 C 78 D

39 A 79 B

40 D 80 D

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