Đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Liễn Sơn, Vĩnh Phúc có đáp án (Đề 9)

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(Đề thi gồm: 03 trang)



Thời gian làm bài: 60 phút, không kể thời gian phát đề

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the others in the group.

Question 1: A. route B. doubt C. trout D. scout

Question 2: A. armchair B. kitchen C. catch D. anchor

Choose the word marked A, B, C, or D whichis different from the rest in the position of the main stress.

Question 3: A. maintain B. retain C. fountain D. entire

Question 4: A. competence B. compliment C. comfortable D. companion

Question 5: A. television B. information C. economic D. engineer

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is CLOSEST in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Question 6: The speaker will start his speech as soon as everyone has arrived.

A. solve B. commence C. draft D. end

Question 7: He sounded panic-stricken on the phone.

A. terrified B. troubled C. happy D. disappointed

Question 8: Few businesses are flourishingin the present economic climate.

A. taking off B. setting up C. growing well D. closing down

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word or phrase that is OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined part in each of the following questions.

Question 9: Although it's a long day for us, we feel we are contented with what we do.

A. interested B. dissatisfied C. excited D. shocked

Question 10: I can't stand people who treat animals cruelly.

A. gently B. cleverly C. reasonably D. brutally

Choose the underlined word or phrase marked A, B, C, or D in each sentence that needs correcting.

Question 11: Every country has their own traditions, some of which have existed for centuries.

A. for B. Every C.their own D. some of which

Question 12: About two-third of my students wish to get a scholarship to study abroad.

A. wish B. to get C.two-third D. of my students

Question 13: Miss Mary sang very beautiful at my birthday party last night.

A.beautiful B. sang C. at D. last night

Question 14: People tend to make a lot of shopping at Xmas time.

A. a lot of B. at C. time D. make

Question 15: Several people have apparent tried to change the man's mind, but he refuses to listen.

A. apparent B. Several C. to listen D. mind

Choose the best answer from A, B, C or D to indicate the right answer to each of the following sentences.

Question 16: By_______ thehousehold chores,hecan help his mother after going home from school.

A. ordering B. making C. having D. doing

Question 17: An endangered species is a species_______ population is so small that it is in danger of extinction.

A. who B. which C. what D. whose

Question 18: When she graduated from the university she got her____________.

A. certificate B. diploma C. bachelor D. degree

Question 19: The telephone rang and interrupted my__________ of thought.

A. train B. line C. chain D. series

Question 20: This book provides students______ useful tips that help them to pass the coming exam.

Question 21: - Kelvin: "How do you like your steak done?" - Laura: "___________________."

A. Very much B. Well-done C. Very little D. I don't like it much

Question 22: I hope this headache will____________ soon.

A. pass away B. come away C. wear off D. go out

Question 23: All his plans for his own business fell _____________.

A. off B. through C. away D. down

Question 24: Last night Jim had 2 big burgers for dinner and he felt a bit sick_____________.

A. lately B. afterwards C. backward D. before

Question 25: We bought some___________.

A. German old lovely glasses B. lovely old German glasses

C. German lovely old glasses D. old lovely German glasses

Question 26: - Mark: That play is the worst I have ever seen. - Rain: _____________________.

A. I don't agree all. B. I couldn't agree more.

C. Not completely true. D. Sorry to interrupt you.

Question 27: He has___________ money in the bank.

A. a lots of B. a large number of C. lot of D. a lot of

Question 28: She was so frightened that she was shaking like___________.

A. a flag B. a leaf C. jelly D. the wind

Question 29: __________ ten minutes earlier, you would have got a better seat.

A. Had you arrived B. If you arrived C. Were you arrived D. If you hadn't arrived

Question 30: Choose the best arrangement of the sentences marked i, ii, iii, iv to make a short dialogue.

i. What have you got? ii. And what would you like to eat?

iii. I think I'll have the pizza.

iv. Spaghetti with meat and tomato sauce is very nice, or there is tour-cheese pizza.

A. ii-iv-i-iii B. i-iii-ii-iv C. iv-i-ii-iii D. iii-i-ii-iv

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks.

Freya Stark (1893- 1993) was an extraordinary woman who ventured into (31)_______ areas where few Europeans had ever (32)_______ foot. Born in Paris, brought up in Italy, and educated in London, she was already multilingual before deciding to learn Arabic (33)_______ the end of 30. She traveled (34)_______ through Greece, Italy and Cyprus. However, her passion was for exploring ancient lands of the Middle East. She was determined to make contact with the tribes that populated the area before their traditional (35)_______ of life vanished forever. She led expeditions into the most dangerous areas and despite the risks (she was even thrown into a military prison on one occasion), she always returned safe and (36)_______ . During her travels, she completed a (37)_______ across the Valley of the Assassins, famous not only for its rough terrain but (38)_______ for its murderous inhabitants, and followed in the (39)_______ of Alexander, the Great. In her long career she produced maps, discovered lost cities, and worked as a spy and propagandist, although it is as a travel writer that she is best remembered. She died at the age of 100, (40)_______ most women of her generation in more ways than one.

Question 31: A. remote B. outward C. wide D. far

Question 32: A. placed B. got C. set D. put

Question 33: A. with B. on C. at D. in

Question 34: A. deliberately B. privately C. extensively D. broadly

Question 35: A. nature B. way C. route D. type

Question 36: A. again B. back C. round D. sound

Question 37: A. transfer B. turn C. trek D. track

Question 38: A. neither B. also C. and D. nor

Question 39: A. departure B. footsteps C. time D. trail

Question 40: A. outstaying B. outweighing C. outliving D. outnumbering

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