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Complete each adverb clause below with the correct word(s).
1. __________________ he always did well on his English tests, his parents were not surprised that he got an A.
2. You should keep the milk in the refrigerator, __________________ it doesn't go bad.
3. __________________ he thinks he's smart, he isn't.
4. You should say goodbye to your brother ________________ you leave for Europe.
5. ________________ my father has high blood pressure, he has to watch what he eats.
6. ________________ I came to this country, I didn't speak a word of English!
7. I'll let you know ________________ I come back.
8. He doesn't understand ________________ he doesn't speak French very well.
9. He spoke slowly ________________ she would understand.
10. ________________ you stop crying, I'll buy you an ice cream.
11. Because he was tired, he scored poorly on the exam, ___ into the university.
12. ___ the TOEFL with a score of 550, he will be admitted into the university.
13. Since July 4th is a holiday, ___ have to go to work.
14. Yousef went back to Saudi Arabia ___ to take care of some business in his company.
15. ___, he will return back to the United States to study English.
16. ___ have to work today, we should go to Laguna Beach.
17. Fabiana will not go to work today ___ a bit ill.
18. ___, the temperature should begin dropping.
19. ___ is important since most professional jobs require writing skills.
20. ___, the research paper is beneficial to students since it requires them to critically think, read, and write about a specific body of knowledge in which they have an interest.
21. Joo Kyung always watches TV after ___ her homework.
22. ___ his laser pointer to point to an example on the board, the teacher carefully explained the meaning of "animal" idioms.
23. ___ to buy a car, she took the bus every morning to work.
24. ___, I discovered that my stereo had been stolen.
25. ___ so dry during the summer, it is prohibited to light camp fires.
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