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They have to do all household chores every day. ( be)


2. The man said: " Have you met your uncle recently, Hoa?" ( had)

3. When did your sister learn Maths? ( has)

4. I can't go to work because I am not fine. ( If)

5. What a pity there aren't any shops nearby. ( wish)

6. This dress is so small that I can not wear it. ( too)

7. He has not seen his aunt for two years. ( last)

8. She started to water the trees and flowers an hour ago. ( for)

9. " why don't we go out tonight? The man said. ( suggested)

10. Mai said to Nam : " if I were you, I would not smoke." ( advised)

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  • Đen2017

    1. They have to be doing all household chores every day.

    2. The man asked Hoa if she had met her uncle recently.

    3. When has your sister learned Maths?

    4. If I am not fine, I can't go to work.

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    • Tiểu Báo
      Tiểu Báo

      5. I wish there were some shops nearby.

      6. This dress is too small for me to wear.

      7. He last saw his aunt two years ago.

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      • Thùy Chi
        Thùy Chi

        8. She has been watering the trees and flowers for an hour.

        9. The man suggested going out tonight.

        10. Mai advised Nam not to smoke if she were him.

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