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Exercise 1
1. He kept on_______
a. worked b. work c. working d. works
2. She went to market without_______ anything.
a. buy b. to buy c. bought d. buying
3. This article is worth_______ into your notebook.
a. copying b. copy c. to copy d. to be copied
4. The boy denied_______ the glass window.
a. to break b. breaking c. broke d. to break
5. These workers are accustomed to _______ at night.
a. work b. working c. works d. be working
6. The criminal admitted_______ this innocent child.
a. killed b. to kill c. killing d. had killed
7. Mrs. Ramsay was accustomed_______ in this rickety house.
a. by living b. to living c. with living d. living
8. She has avoided_______ to me so far.
a. being talked b. talk c. talking d. to talk
9. We should avoid_______ personal questions.
a. asking b. ask c. to ask d. at asking
10. It is no use_______ over spilt milk.
a. for crying b. in crying c. to cry d. crying
11. I intended to revenge him but my father prevented me_______ so.
a. from doing b. not to do c. not do d. not doing
12. You should remember_______ for me.
a. post b. posting c. to be posting d. to have posted
13. We object to_______ her like this.
a. treat b. being treated c. treating d. be treated
14. I can’t help_______ anxious about the economic situation of our country.
a. be b. feeling c. feel d. to feel
15. The nurse denied_______ the injection.
a. give b. giving c. gave d. to give
16. Don’t stay in this bush to avoid_______ by snakes.
a. bitten b. to be bitten c. being bitten d. bitting
17. I am looking forward to_______ my classmates again.
a. seeing b. to be bitten c. being bitten d. see
18. It is necessary that you avoid_______ him during the working session.
a. disturb b. to disturb c. disturbing d. disturbs
19. Are you considering_______ with us?
a. to go b. going c. to have gone d. go
20. Your hair needs_______
a. cut b. cutted c. cutting d. be cut
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Exercise 2
1. Haven't you started_______ the answer?
a. write b. writing c. how to write d. them to write
2. These shoes need_______
a. mending b. mend c. to mending d. to mend
3. Please excuse_______
a. for being late b. me for being late c. me be late d. I am late
4. It's no good_______ me about your lost cat.
a. to tell b. tell c. him tell d. telling
5. My younger brother takes pleasures in_______ his little sister.
a. tease b. to tease c. teases d. teasing
6. I remember_______ you before, but I have forgotten your name.
a. to meet b. met c. meet d. meeting
7. Choose the 2 same sentences.
a. She stops writing the letter b. She stops to write the letter
c. She ceases writing the letter d. a and c are correct
8. I often dream of_______ on a trip to Japan.
a. to go b. going c. go d. to going
9. She was soon out of breath, but she continued_______
a. run b. ran c. running d. in running
10. The strap needs mending. It_______
a. has mended b. has to be mended
c. has been mended d. has been mending
11. Workers began_______ a number of wooden boxes
a. unload b. unloading c. unloaded d. to unloading
12. It occurred to him to open it. He thought. _______
a. of opening b. to open c. to have opened d. opening
13. He answered these questions by_______ his head.
a. to nod b. nodding c. nod d. to nodding
14. I couldn't deny_______ plausible excuses.
a. him having made b. he has made c. that he has done d. his having made
15. I can't help_______ whether it should rain.
a. wonder b. to wonder c. wondering d. for wondering
16. We appreciate_______ from you.
a. hearing b. hear c. to hear d. heard
17. That young man will require_______ after.
a. look b. looking c. to look d. looked
18. _______ to friends is nice but_______ is also enjoyable
a. Talking /being alone b. To talk/ being alone
c. Talk/ to be alone d. Talking/ be alone
19. Would you mind not_______ on the bus?
a. in smoke b. to smoke c. smoke d. smoking
20. I'm opposed to_______ the money.
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a. borrow b. be borrowed c. borrowing d. be borrowing
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
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