Bộ đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh CÓ ĐÁP ÁN - Số 5

Bộ đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh CÓ ĐÁP ÁN - Số 5

Giai đoạn chuẩn bị cho kỳ thi tuyển sinh TN THPT QG & ĐHCĐ là giai đoạn áp lực nhất không chỉ đối với các bạn thí sinh mà còn với cả các bậc phụ huynh. Hiểu được điều đó, VnDoc.com đã sưu tập và giới thiệu đến các thí sinh Bộ đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh CÓ ĐÁP ÁN - Số 5. Thử sức với bộ đề thi này, chúng tôi tin bạn sẽ tích lũy được kinh nghiệm để bài thi đạt kết quả tốt nhất.

28 đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia môn Tiếng Anh CÓ ĐÁP ÁN - Năm 2017

10 đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh trường THPT Nguyễn Tất Thành có đáp án

Bộ đề thi thử THPT Quốc gia năm 2017 môn Tiếng Anh CÓ ĐÁP ÁN - Số 4

Đề 1

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently form that of the rest.

1. A. advises B. raises C. devises D. goes

2. A. rose B. lose C. close D. chose

Choose the word (A, B, C or D) that has different stress from that of the rest.

3. A. express B. effort C. office D. comment

4. A. economic B. experience C. entertainment D. introduction

5. A. history B. depression C. invention D. completely

Choose the answer (A, B, C or D) that best completes each of the following sentences.

6. He has just come back from London, ________is the capital of England.

A. that B. which C. where D. in which

7. No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen _______.

A. expected B. unexpected C. expectedly D. unexpectedly

8. Ms Young, to _______ many of her students are writing, is living happily and peacefully in Canada.

A. who B. whom C. that D. whose

9. After a few decades of the economic reforms, Vietnam has increased the living _______ of people.

A. surfaces B. standards C. levels D. backgrounds

10. In five more minutes, they_______for three hours on the phone.

A. are talking B. have talked C. will have been talking D. will talk

11. Nam: What do you think about his story? - Tan: ____________, it's not true.

A. In my opinion B. I think C. According to me D. I don't think

12. If she _______ the train last night, she _________ here now.

A. took/ were B. were taking/ is

C. had taken/ would have been D. had taken/ would be

13. _______ speaking, I do not really like my present job.

A. Honest B. Honestly C. Honesty D. Dishonest

14. A letter of _______ is sometimes really necessary for you in a job interview.

A. recommend B. recommended C. recommender D. recommendation

15. _______ if he comes late?

A. What you would do B. What would you do C. What will you do D. What you will do

16. Some days of rest may help to _______ the pressure of work.

A. reduce B. lower C. chop D. increase

17. A _______ is an official document that you receive when you have completed a course of study or training.

A. vocation B. subject C. certificate D. grade

18. John: What a nice watch you are wearing, Mary! - Mary: ___________________.

A. Thank you. I hope you like it. B. I don't think it's nice

C. No, I don't think so D. Oh, that's right

19. He is very worried _______ his new job because he is not quite prepared _______ working.

A. on/ over B. to/ off C. about/ for D. in/ at

20. Mai: Can you lend me some money, Lan? - Lan: __________________.

A. I don't have any money B. Certainly. Here you are.

C. No, I can't D. Yes, I can

21. If I _______ 10 years younger, I _______ the job.

A. am/ will take B. was/ have taken

C. had been/ will have taken D. were/ would take

22. When I _______ up this morning, my roommate _______ already.

A. am waking/ leaves B. wake/ has left C. woke/ had left D. was waking/ left

23. I think we ___________ from her soon.

A. hear B. will hear C. have heard D. will have heard

24. Robert wanted to know if I would leave the _______ Friday.

A. following B. ago C. previous D. before

25. He is the man _______ car was stolen last week.

A. whom B. that C. which D. whose

26. It is of great ______ to show your interest and politeness when you are having a job interview.

A. importance B. important C. importantly D. unimportant

27. _____ instructed me how to make a good preparation for a job interview.

A. John Robbins to that I spoke by telephone B. John Robbins, that I spoke to by telephone

C. John Robbins, to who I spoke by telephone D. John Robbins, whom I spoke to by telephone

28. She is the eldest in her house, so she has to look _________her brother when her parents go out.

A. for B. at C. up D. after

29. A taxi crashed into __________ tree. _________driver was badly injured.

A. a/ a B. a/ the C. the/ a D. the/ the

30. The economic renovation in Vietnam _______in December, 1986 by the Vietnamese Communist Party.

A. initiated B. was initiating C. was initiated D. had initiated

Choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) for each of the following questions:

31. "What did you do last weekend, Tim?" Alice asked.

A. Alice asked Tim what did he do last weekend.

B. Alice asked Tim what he had done last weekend.

C. Alice asked Tim what he had done the previous weekend.

D. Alice asked Tim what had he done the previous weekend.

32. People say that Vietnamese students are not well-prepared for their future jobs.

A. Vietnamese students are said not to be well-prepared for their future jobs.

B. Vietnamese students are said to be not well-prepared for their future jobs.

C. Vietnamese students say not to be well-prepared for their future jobs.

D. Vietnamese students say to be not well-prepared for their future jobs.

33. "Why don't you ask the teacher for help?" Peter asked me.

A. Peter advised me to ask the teacher for help.

B. Peter recommended me not to ask the teacher for help.

C. Peter told me the reason why I did not ask the teacher for help.

D. Peter suggested that he should ask the teacher for help.

34. If it does not rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.

A. Unless it rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.

B. Unless it does rain tomorrow, we will water the garden.

C. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will water the garden.

D. Unless it rains tomorrow, we will not water the garden.

35. Because he came to class late, the teacher punished him.

A. The teacher punished him if he came to class late.

B. The teacher would punish him if he came to class late

C. The teacher would not punish him if he did not come to class late.

D. The teacher would not have punished him if he had not come to class late.

36. Qualifications and experience/ two elements/ help us/ get good jobs easily.

A. Qualifications and experience are two elements help us get good jobs easily.

B. Qualifications and experience are two elements helping us get good jobs easily.

C. Qualifications and experience are two elements which helps us get good jobs easily.

D. Qualifications and experience are two elements helped us get good jobs easily.

Choose the word or phrase that best fits each space in the following passage

Many people love boats. Going out on the water (41) _______ a warm summer day is a lot of fun. (42) _______ ,different people like different kinds of boats. Two of the most popular kinds of boat are sailboats and speedboats. Sailboats use the (43) _______to give them power. They only have small engines. In contrast, speedboats have large engines and go very fast. Furthermore, speedboats are usually not as (44) _______ as sailboats. Speedboats are small so that they can go fast. Sailboats, on the other hand, are big so that they are more comfortable. ( 45) _______, sailboats can travel into the ocean, but this would be very dangerous in a speedboat. You can only use speedboats on rivers or lakes.

41. A. at B. on C. in D. while

42. A. However B. Although C. Because D. Unless

43. A. water B. speed C. weather D. wind

44. A. small B. fast C. warm D. big

45. B. Unfortunately B. At first C. In addition D. Except for

Read the passage carefully and choose the correct answer A, B, C or D

Diwali is a main Hindu festival. It is known as the "Festival of Lights". It makes the victory of good over evil. In other words, lights are symbols of victory of brightness over darkness. People in India turn on lamps in every house and watch firecrackers in the night sky. These lights are a way showing honor to the gods of India for giving the people health, knowledge, riches and peace.

On the day of Diwali, children get up at 3:00 a. m and take a bath. They dress up in festival clothes, light up the candles and share sweets. There is competition among the children to light the first firecracker and to make the loudest noise. Soon, the whole sky is bright. Children seem to have the most fun during this festival.

46. What does the passage mainly discuss?

A. Unity among the people in India

B. A way that children in India have fun

C. How a festival in India is celebrated

D. The meaning of lamplighting and firecrackers in India.

47. The world honor in the first paragraph 1 is closet in meaning to

A. pride B. respect C. satisfaction D. understanding

48. All of the following are true of the festival EXCEPT_______.

A. giving thanks to Gods

B. lighting up candles

C. exploding firecrackers

D. having sports competition between children

49. The author's main purpose in paragraph 1 is

A. to show different types of lights in Diwali

B. to point out that the Diwali is an unusual holiday

C. to explain the meaning of Diwali

D. to give evidence that Diwali is celebrated at night

50. Why does the author mention children in paragraph 2?

A. To focus that Diwali is a noisy festival

B. To indicate that children enjoy the holiday of Diwali a lot

C. To explain that the Diwali is a time for competition

D. To indicate that the holiday is dangerous for children

------THE END------

Đề 2

Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that of the rest.

1. A. nursery B. work C. excursion D. certificate

2. A. application B. apply C. applicant D. applicator

Choose the word that has the main stress position differently from that of the rest.

3. A. campus B. certificate C. performance D. acceptance

4. A. impression B. existence C. compulsory D. creativity

5. A. reform B. improve C. dominate D. adopt

Choose the correct answer to each of the flollowing questions.

6. He warned her__________the wire.

A. not touching B. not touch C. touch D. not to touch

7. Hurry up! It's time we__________for next week's examination.

A. have studied B. studied C. had studied D. will study

8. When Jack __________me, I__________a letter.

A. phoned/ has been writing B. has phoned/ was writing

C. phoned/ was writing D. was phoning/ wrote

9. Be quiet! The baby__________.

A. is sleeping B. slept C. was sleeping D. sleeps

10. You should find out as much as about the job and the vacancy

A. jobs are advertised B. a job that is available.

C. a seat that is available D. an empty seat.

11. Would you mind show me __________to work the lift?

A. where B. how C. what D. why

12. The academic year in England __________into three terms.

A. has divided B. is divided C. divides D. is dividing

13. My mother tells me that she__________since she was four.

A. has been singing B. has been sung C. sang D. had sung

14. We saw many soldiers and horses __________were moving to the front line.

A. which B. whom C. who D. that

15. Try these cakes! They are __________from wheat flour.

A. done B. made C. taken D. baked

16. A surprise party __________by my students tomorrow.

A. is going to be organized B. is gone to organize

C. is going to organize D. a and b are correct

17. Schooling is__________for all English children from the age of five to sixteen.

A. compulsory B. advised C. selected D. encouraged

18. Because of the coming examination, I am under a lot of study__________.

A. responsibility B. pressure C. confidence D. activities

19. Had I known she was sick, I __________her.

A. visited B. had visited C. would have visited D. would visit

20. "__________" the doctor advised his patient.

A. You had better stop drinking B. I would like you to drink

C. You had better to drink D. Please drink some more

21. "I will do it for you, Mary", Peter said.

A. Peter advised Mary to do it B. Peter advised Mary not to do it.

C. Peter promised to do it for Mary D. Peter wanted Mary to do it.

22. Some snakes are poisonous,__________others are harmless.

A. but B. so C. for D. although

23. Please don't enter __________knocking.

A. with B. without C. except for D. by

24. "Thanks for your help!" "________________"

A. With all my heart B. Never mind me C. It's my pleasure D. All it is for you

25. " How do you get to work?" "_________________"

A. It is very far B. About two kilometers.

C. I walk, of course D. I was taken there.

26. "I have just passed my English proficiency test." "____________"

A. Congratulations! B. It's nice of you to say so!

C. That's a good idea! D. Ok! I'm enjoying in it!

27. "Happy New Year!" "______________"

A. Thank you, I am very happy to hear that.

B. Thank you, I am too.

C. Thank you, the same to you.

D. Thank you. I wish you a happy birthday.

28. "I am expecting a baby." " _______________"

A. Good luck! Boy or girl?

B. Happy to hear that.

C. When will you give birth to a baby?

D. That's wonderful news! When's it due?

Choose the sentence that is closest in the meaning to the root one.

29. I can't do the test because it is too difficult.

A. If the test weren't too difficult, I can do it.

B. If the test hadn't been too difficult, I could do it.

C. If the test weren't too difficult, I could do it.

D. If the test isn't too difficult, I can do it.

30. They are cleaning the kitchen now.

A. The kitchen is now cleaned.

B. The kitchen is cleaning now.

C. The kitchen is been cleaning now.

D. The kitchen is being cleaned now.

31. Opinion/ his performance/ good.

A. My opinion was good at his pereformance.

B. For my opinion, his performance was good.

C. In my opinion, I think his performance was good.

D. In my opinion, his performance was good.

32. He/ afraid/ sack/ lack of education.

A. He is afraid that he sacks lack of education.

B. He is afraid of sacking due to lack of education.

C. He is afraid of being sacked for lack of education.

D. He is afraid of being sacked because he lacks of education.

33. Without transportation, our modern society could not exist.

A. Our modern society could not exist if there is no transportation.

B. Our modern society will not exist without having transportation.

C. If there were no transportation, our modern society would not exist.

D. If transportation no longer exists, our modern society will not exist.

34. "You'd better think carefully before applying for that job." She said to me.

A. She said me to think carefully before applying for that job.

B. She says me to think carefully before applying for that job.

C. She advise me to think carefully before applying for that job.

D. She advised me to think carefully before applying for that job.

35. The USA is a country of high youth unemployment.

A. The USA is a country of young people.

B. It is the USA that has a great number of young people.

C. High youth unemployment is found in the USA.

D. We find high youth unemployment a problem in the USA

Choose the correct word for each of the blanks.


You should find out as much as possible about the job and the (41)__________. Before the interview, you have to send a letter of application and your resumes to the company to express your interest in the job and (42) __________that you may be the most suitable candidate for the position.

When you come to the interview, remember (43) __________with you your school certificates and letter of recommendation from your teachers or your previous employers. (44)__________you may jot down your qualifications and experience that can relate to the job and prepare for the questions that are often asked during the interview. Make sure you know where the interview is and (45)__________there. Be on time or a few minutes early. Don't forget to dress neatly and formally.

41. A. vacancy B. career C. profession D. place.

42. A. showing B. to show C. shown D. show

43. A. to bring B. bringing C. brought D. bring

44. A. Although B. In addition C. however D. And

45. A. how to get B. how getting C. way getting D. to get

Choose the correct answer to each of the questions.

If parents bring up a child with the aim of turning the child into a genius, they will cause great damage to him. According to several leading educational psychologist, this is one of the biggest mistakes which some parents make. Generally the child will understand very well the parents expect and will fail. Unrealistic parental expectations can cause great damage to their children.

However, if parents are not unrealistic about what they expect their children to do, but are hopeful in a sensible way, the child may succeed in doing very well especially if the parents are very supportive of their children.

Michael Li is very lucky. He is very fond of music, and his parents help him a lot by taking him to concerts and arranging private piano and violin lessons. Although Michael's play the trumpet in a large orchestra, he never makes Michael enter music competitions if he is unwilling.

Michael's friend, Winston Chen, however, is not so lucky. Although both his parents are successful musicians, they set too high a standard for Winston. They want their son to be as successful as they are and so they enter him in every piano competition held. They are very unhappy when he does not win. "When I was your age, I used to win every competition I enter," Winton's father tells him. Winston is always afraid that he will disappoint his parents and now he always seems quiet and unhappy.

46. The main idea of the passage is____________________.

A. how parennts should make a child a musician.

B. how parents should bring up a child.

C. what differences there are between two kinds of parents.

D. what aim of a child can be much earlier to reach.

47. Michael is lucky because____________________.

A. His parents help him in a sensible way. B. His family is rich enough to have a car.

C. His father is a musician in an orchestra. D. He is free to do anything that he likes best.

48. Winton's parents set so high a standard for him that ____________________.

A. He has to do his best to do everything.

B. He has made ggreater progress in music.

C. He is afraid that he may disappoint them

D. He often want to kill himself someday.

49. It is one of parents' mistakes if____________________.

A. they want their child to be a musician.

B. They help their child to win music competition.

C. They don't care for their child's education much.

D. They make their child try to achieve too much.

50. According to the author's opinion, ____________________.

A. It is unimportant to let the child develop in the way they want.

B. Parents should be supportive of their children.

C. All sensible parents can train their children to success in everything.

D. Unrealistic parents should arrange private lessons for their children.

------THE END------

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