Đề kiểm tra giữa học kì 2 lớp 9 môn Tiếng Anh năm học 2018 - 2019 số 6

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ĐỀ THI GIỮA HỌC 2 LỚP 9 NĂM HỌC 2018 - 2019
I. LISTENING: Listen to the tape and do the two exercises below:(1,5pts)
Write True or False: (1pt)
1. Solar energy can’t be cheap and clean.
2. Pollution can come from, solar energy.
3. We can use solar energy on cloudy days.
4. Solar energy can be used to save natural resources.
Write A or B to choose the correct answer: (0,5pt)
5. A. Solar energy can be stored for a number of days. B. Solar energy can be stored for
cloudy days.
6. A. Many countries have already used solar energy, B. Only Sweden has already used
solar energy.
II. USE OF ENGLISH: Write A.B.C. or D which best completes the sentences: (1.5 pts)
1. It's raining _________ , we can’t go to the beach.
A. Because B. So C. However D. Therefore
2. _________ want more information about the food they buy.
A. Consumers B. Producers C. Sellers D. Manufacturers
3. He's having a party in _________ of his 90
A. ceremony B. celebration C. anniversary D. memory
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4. On Easter Day, people crowd the street to watch colorful _________
A. shows B. parades C. contests D. slaves
5. The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation’s energy _________
A. supplies B. sources C. savings D.production
6. I have lost my pen, I have been looking _________ it for two hours.
A. after B. up C. forward D. for
III. Supply the correct form of Words in parentheses: (1pt)
1. People often sing Happy New Year at Tet _________ (joy)
2. Many newer cars have a much lower fuel _________ (consume)
3. We want to see the _________ of environment from the local authority. (protect)
4. The schoolboys are often _________ students. (energy)
Read the passage, and decide whether the statements that follow are True or False: (1pt)
One family activity on Mother's Day is to have the children cook the early morning
meal. Then they serve the food to their mother while she is still in bed or they might
clean the house. Therefore, she does not have tó do it. Father might take care of the
children on that day so that the mothers can rest, or take a walk, or read a book. Many
mothers feel that this free time on this special day is a very good Mother's Day gift
1. The children prepare breakfast for their mother on Mother’s Day.
2. On Mother’s Day, mothers have more time off.
3. Fathers help the mothers with their childcare on Mother’s Day.
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4. Having free time on Mother’s Day means nothing to many mothers.
Choose the word or phrase that best fits the blank space in the following passage: (1,5pts)
from need house collect
lighting to provide homes
About twenty percent of the world’s present energy already comes from the sun in
one form or another. Special devices have already made available to place on the roofs of
houses and flats to (1)_________ the sun’s rays. Thousands of these devices are now
being used to (2) _________ power in homes throughout the United
States while more than a million solar water - heating units have already been built in
(3)_________ in Japan, other purposes for which solar energy is at present being used
include the separation of salt (4)_________ seawater.
For most people In developing countries, the (5) _________ is not for air
conditioners or central heating but for the cheap ways of cooking food, drying crops, and
(6)_________ homes.
V.Supply the correct Tense or Form of the Verbs in parentheses: (1pt)
1. I won’t go unless he _________ me the money back. (pay)
2. Remember _________ the faucets if you don’t use. (turn off)
3. Tet often _________ in late January or early February. (occur)
4.1 suggest Jodnna _________ to the dentist because she has got a toothache. (go)
VI. WRITING: Rewrite the second sentence so that it has a similar meaning to the first
sentence: (2.5pts)
1. A girl is now in hospital. She was injured in the accident.
The girl who.....................................................................................................................................

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